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The Cult of Ustream is a prominent organized group of characters that exists within the Manaverse, specifically operating out of Ustream, Euthora. Members of the group are known as Cultists. The group was founded by Jason Shaver, who stumbled across an abandoned Seotaran military outpost and opted to use it for his own purposes; to protect people who were in need of shelter. Increasingly, the group has grown and eventually has become intertwined with events that cross planetary boundaries, as well as extremely influential events that exist within Euthora. The Cult exists only within its titular canon in the Alter Timeline, and does not exist in any other timeline.

Goals and Ideals

Largely, the Cult's primary goal as a whole is simply survival. Though its individual members and various sub-groups may have their own personal goals and ideals, the Cult itself was simply formed out of the need to survive, in the safety of numbers. Thus, members may conflict with one another when their own personal endeavors clash, and some Cultists tend to stay in their own social circles as a result.

As of Season 2, the Cult's focus shifts to be less centered on survival and more attention is given to Ustream as a whole, defending the seals and what they contain from the Sealbreakers.


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Active Members

  • Azzan Dmitryus: A Lycan-Ithzon hybrid vampire from Ferona that is attuned to the Primordial Aether, Prana. Also known by his nickname, Dark. Likes to play guitar to the point of having made it a part of his fighting style. Tends toward being laid back and sometimes goofy. Will eat most anything put in front of him.
  • Darius: A human that journeyed to Euthora from Terra. Incredibly fit and immensely powerful, is calm while at the same time incredibly intimidating. Despite this, he has a very gentle and philosophical nature. Darius is a Spirit-user with uniquely-adapted eyes that detect spiritual wavelengths along with energy vibrations, to some degree. Resides with the rest of the cultists with nothing left but to defend Valerie Knight as part of CrazE's wishes.
  • Darkside: A metaphorical manifestation of Alexander "crazE" Knight's negative thoughts and emotions, Darkside is a sentient essence of darkness energy that has taken a similar form of Alexander Knight's. This is due to Darkside having been trapped within crazE's mind whilst hiding from the greater dark essence, the core. Now free from the core's eyes and from CrazE's mind, resides on Euthora to figure out what to do with the gift of agency.
  • David Shaver: The adoptive brother of Cult leader Jason Shaver, David is a reclusive Shapeshifter with limited presence within the Cult. He seems to be aloof in nature, additionally acting as a prankster from time to time. Although, it seems that he is also researching something secretive. He died while attempting to protect one of the seals at Charos' Castle, but was somehow resurrected.
  • Deathstorm: Deathstorm is one of the three Shadow Drakes that protects Ustream, the father of the young hatchling Zephyrus, the former guardian of the seal in the Taelos Range, and one of Jason Shaver's familiars, having recently been freed of joint control with Lord X-Giga-X. He considers Jason one of his best friends, and his former second master someone not to push too often given the difference in their power. Despite his involvement in Lord X-Giga-X's group, he is on good terms with the members of the Cult, and does anything he can to help them out. Near the end of Season One, he has become a guardian of the seal in the Kakaru Range alongside Volant and Vergari.
  • Emma Isokoski: Previously a member of the Sadistica Seins under the codename of Four. Emma is a huntress of exceptional skill, and serves as the personal bodyguard of the future Empress of the Rosean Empire; a job in which she takes great pride. She is one of the very last vampires existing in Syelsumoia. Emma primarily spends her time in the Cult hunting and protecting her mistress.
  • Espira Xirro: A highly-skilled and trained assassin from Phantasia who was assigned to eliminate Shadow Version 27. She arrived with him to Euthora in critical condition before being resuscitated by Pricilla Starkey. Coldly neutral, calculating, and callous, Espira is not a force that one should take lightly.
  • Fricai: A dragon of unknown species that is permanently crippled due to abuse and neglect as a hatchling, Fricai is one of Jason's dragons and is more or less insane. He does have shining moments of lucidity in which he proves to be highly intelligent; as of late, his friendship with Shadow has made these moments more apparent.
  • Jack Evans: A cyborg Lycan samurai who many think to be from Ferona despite that not actually being the case. Usually looks at things from a practical standpoint, though can at times be more than a bit emotional. Highly skilled with computer systems and information technology, and a computer scientist associated with the Interstellar Scientific Exchange responsible for Network 72. Likes to cook.
  • Jason Shaver: The leader of the Cult, Jason is a Shapeshifter-Darkwing Firedrake hybrid with a tendency toward recklessness and impulsiveness. Generally solitary and aloof, Jason nonetheless does make the effort to involve himself with the Cult and do his job. Whether or not he is good at it may be a different story.
  • Judas Numidius: A very formal and personable Feronite demigod who fills the role of messenger among Ferona's pantheon, often called the Houses of Osyrhia collectively. Knowledge seeker and collector responsible for the Messenger's Memoirs and the maintenance of the Frost Manor's Great Library, one of the largest collections of knowledge on the Manaverse's history in the mortal plane. Has a very strong sense of justice and will often stand up for his beliefs.
  • Kayera Vriam: A Crysian that crash-landed near the Cult's Headquarters. Having been recovered by the Cult and quickly adapting to their ways of life, she now helps the group with whatever they need- with incredible talent in doing so.
  • Kyton Haryn: A Shapeshifter with iridescent lime-green hair, Kyton is more sociable than other members of the Cult and seems actively willing to listen to what its members have to say, though he rarely fights and does not seem willing to get overly involved in conflicts he may be nearby.
  • Mimring Thunderscale: A proud Plated-Stormcloud Firedrake hybrid, Mimring is one of Jason's Familiars and serves as his master's "voice of reason" when the Shapeshifter's impulsiveness puts him in danger. The dragon and Shapeshifter are as close as family, if not closer, and either will protect the other with an almost bestial ferocity.
  • Pricilla Starkey: A talented scientist, as well as the Cult's medic. Pricilla, also known as Starr, often spends her time tending to each member's mishaps; big and small. Showing exceptional skill in the sciences of creation and revival, she is often at odds with those who go against her practices, no matter how wrong they may be. She is an exchange scientist from the Interstellar Scientific Exchange and under the People's Progressive Union under Ivan Karros' command. With tension forming between her work and her friends, Starr constantly finds herself lost in the pathway of life.
  • Shadow Version 27: Formerly a "fugitive" Diclonius that was originally part of the Phantasian underground DEICLONOS Project conducted by the GARNET Research Facility, he arrived on Euthora by interplanetary travel with Espira Xirro.
  • Shockwing: A young, socially-impaired and lively Sky Serpent, currently serving under the wing of Starr as her assistant. He also goes by the alias of Steven McGrenan. This smart and naturally-talented male Sky Serpent strives to be the man Starr wants him to be. More often than not, Shockwing can be found trying his best to perfect Starr's methods, and he practices in order to become amazing. However, he is known to have bad luck with women. But he does keep an open mind, in hopes that maybe one day his successes as an assistant could reel one in. Apart from his interactions with the Cult, Shockwing is an important piece of a puzzle that is forty years in the making...
  • Stefani Roseasilmillään: A very insecure, but otherwise sweet woman who is destined to change the fate of an empire. She also goes by the pseudonym of Gaga. Having spent her first 21 years of life locked up, Stefani has a uniquely ambivalent view of the world, and sees it as a delightful yet empty reality that she was deprived of and therefore cannot fully enjoy. She is protected by Vale Scarletburn and Emma Isokoski who work as mentors for the future empress as well. Unbeknownst to most but Zero and Ivan, she is a certain asset that a man is ferociously hunting for.
  • Valen Scarletburn: A Syelsumoii man with Grenian ancestry. He is part-Angelic and fully expresses the strength and grace of his race without his knowing. Before joining the Cult he acted as the Sadistica Seins' "living shield" and gunman going by the codename Five. After his defeat at the hands of the Cult, he reluctantly joined after Stefani did to keep an eye on her which eventually developed into a small attachment for her and the group. Under recent developments it was revealed that Vale does has an underlying desire to correct all wrongs and spend his energy saving people and not shooting them point blank on the head.
  • Valerie Knight: A cousin of Alexander Knight, Valerie flew to Euthora from Terra via spaceship in order to flee from the family's bane, the Black Assassin. Being the only lineage left of CrazE (aside from his children) and now of their entire lineage, she resides in the Cult with no one else to go to and nowhere else to be.
  • Vera: A very young sky serpent girl who has been under the care of Starr ever since her birth. It has been said that Starr mysteriously found her egg in the middle of Cradle Forest and decided to take her in as yet another pupil to her cause. Vera is very condescending and smart but completely refuses to fully learn Starr's way. Rather, Vera spent her time exploring Ustream and constructing beautiful daggers for recreational use until she went missing during an excursion.
  • Zephyrus: An active, playful Shadow Drake hatchling and Deathstorm's son, Lord X-Giga-X handed off his egg to Jason so as not to keep it in the lab. So far, he has been kidnapped twice for leverage against Jason- once by Death, and once by Giga himself.

Former Members

  • Alexander Knight †: A (now deceased) genetically-enhanced human from Terra. Although being obnoxious in nature, is incredibly intelligent and greatly intuitive and inventive. With his fighting style being very aggressive in nature with the use of his bioexplosive energy that turns his body into a living, regenerating bomb, "crazE" takes the front lines of many situations to peel away enemies and their defenses. Alexander shared an intimate relationship with Pricilla Starkey, which has led to both of them conceiving of twins, before Alexander sacrificed himself to save Valerie Knight, Darius and Darkside from the clutches of "the core."
  • Grodisflare: An Armored Wyvern-Hydra hybrid, Grodisflare is the familiar of Lord X-Giga-X. Despite his rather unusual pattern of speech, he is actually somewhat intelligent.
  • Lord X-Giga-X: A human achlymperist and dracoimperist, Lord X-Giga-X is the former Second-in-Command of the Cult. Despite his former position within the Cult, he usually remained distant from them, leaving little known about him outside of his own group within the Cult. He is often found in his lab performing a variety of experiments, with varying degrees of success. His presence in the Cult has resulted in varying levels of tension between himself and the rest of the members, notably Pricilla Starkey, Alexander Knight, and the Cult's leader Jason Shaver. The increasing tension in addition to conflicts between the two high-ranking members inevitably lead to his defection from the Cult.
  • Skyshriek: A Sky Serpent of unknown origin. Found by Alexander "CrazE" Knight, Sky was taken in and nurtured to health. After growing into a young boy, Sky found Craze's void extremely fascinating. Upon inquiry, CrazE reluctantly let the boy go into it. However, After days of no reemergence, including many attempts to retrieve him, Sky had gone missing within the Void, presumed dead.
  • Stormshaper †: Killed in the escalating series of events that led to Lord X-Giga-X defecting from the Cult of Ustream. He was a Stormfire and Jason's first dragon, resulting in a powerful friendship between the two which didn't fully show itself until Stormshaper's murder. He was a quiet dragon who tended to stay uninvolved, not wishing to cause conflict.
  • Ziolang Hirasu: A Demon from the Deveron dimensions. Initially never intending to stay in Ustream, he officially became part of the Cult when the issues with Drake Kuro began. Adept with his unique blade Zhegard and empowered with thermoimpery and some geoimpery, he is a powerful warrior with a temperament to match his love for combat. After a lost battle with Espira Xirro, he went back to Deveron. He returned a few months later and attacked Jason and Shadow respectively, resulting in his banishment from the Cult.

Divided Factions

  • Organization G-X: Lord X-Giga-X lead his own faction within the Cult, with Grodisflare as a higher ranking member (because of his involvement in the original group prior to its downfall). Members of this group included his two clones, his recent experiment Hexidos Urso, and the dragons he acquired. The Shadow Drake Deathstorm was also part of this group, eventually leaving after Jason had freed him from Lord X-Giga-X's control. Ultimately, this group left the Cult during Lord X-Giga-X's defection.


  • Careodry: The Cult's relationship with this enigmatic Voidwalker is a strange one; most of them have not met him, and those that have dislike him. However, due to events in his Void, which only Shadow fully remembers, Careodry has seemed to take an interest in the Diclonius. Shadow is able to contact Careodry at almost any time for help; so far, this has been limited to delivering items.
  • Organization G-X: As a result of growing tensions between the Cult and Lord X-Giga-X's faction, as well as actions and conflicting views from Jason Shaver and Lord X-Giga-X, the latter has defected from his post at the Cult, rendering him and his entourage a neutral-hostile threat to the Cult. Currently, there has been no further escalating action between the two factions.
  • The Sealbreakers: The Cult's interactions with this group have been limited, but invariably hostile; the group is intent on destroying the seals that the Cult works to protect, for an as of yet unknown purpose. Five members are currently known to the Cult, not counting a strange spatial anomaly that appeared at Cassiel's seal. It is known that the Cult has not yet encountered this group's leader.
  • The Shadow Drakes: The Cult has historically been on good terms with Ustream's Shadow Drakes as a result of some members having come to their aid multiple times throughout its existence.
  • Station of Seotara: Though at first on hostile terms with the Cult, due to a scouting mission gone wrong and a resulting counterattack, the Station of Seotara has become an asset, if not an ally. Both the Cult and the Station are working to protect the seals scattered throughout Ustream, and the latter has even offered the former shelter during an incident in which Cult Headquarters was rendered unsafe to live in.


The Cult of Ustream is primarily based and acts centrally out of their self-named Cult Headquarters, an abandoned Seotaran military outpost left in Ustream, Euthora. Though the original purpose of the building was to spy on military rivals in Durasken, it has since been repurposed to house the members of the Cult.



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