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Alexander Knight
Alexander Knight as on Terra
Alexander Knight as on Terra
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18 (at time of death in Cult of Ustream canon)









Soul Phantasms

Bioexplosive Energy


CrazEcorp, Cult of Ustream


Valerie Knight (cousin), Brian Knight (older brother, deceased), Caedes Knight (younger brother, presumed deceased), Rye Knight (daughter), Ringo Knight (son)


Alexander Knight (primarily known by his pseudonym, CrazE) was a genetically modified human from the planet Terra, and one of the last surviving members of his family bloodline; the heirs of the company CrazEcorp. Prior to his death, he was a member of the Cult of Ustream after being transported to Euthora as a result of his fleeing through a prototype teleporter from the Black Assassin. He had two children with fellow Cultist Pricilla Starkey - Rye and Ringo Knight. He died after staying behind in Deimos' Abyss to save his friends, Valerie Knight, Darkside and Darius.


CrazE stood at 6'0" with thick brown hair and hazel eyes. Normally, he wore a white T-shirt with a yellow "E" insignia on the front side. He also donned dark blue jeans with black-and-white simple sneakers. In other occasions, he could be found wearing plaid shirts over his white shirts, with colors varying from a selection of red, blue, green, yellow and purple. In colder climates, his attire would reflect the change to encompass thicker pants and a green jacket or coat.


CrazE was a greatly passionate individual, which is a characteristic that he adopted from his older brother and parents. He had an intense desire to learn what he could for the sole purpose of helping others in an honest and genuine way. He sought friendship and enjoyed service to others. CrazE outwardly expressed himself like a mischievous child, consistently finding zany fun in anything he did and always striving to try to find ways to make others happy. Despite this outwardly outgoing and extroverted nature, CrazE tended to have small bouts of depression, often attributed to the losses in his family and people he knew in his past. For a Terran his age, CrazE also displayed an amount of wisdom - unlike many from his planet - tucked underneath his kooky personality that exemplified the great intellect that came from the Knight family.

CrazE would not endanger any innocent human or creature, even to the point of risking himself instead. Ultimately, this served to be his fatal flaw, as he died placing himself at risk in Deimos' Abyss in order to save the lives of Valerie Knight, Darkside and Darius. CrazE feared often for the safety of the ones he cared about, such as his cousin Valerie, his mate Pricilla Starkey, and his two children. He feared of losing those he loved - a fear which was amplified by past experiences with losing his close family members and friends.

Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

  • Extended Mortality: Because of the nature of CrazE's cells, CrazE did not age like any other human. Due to the immense durability of each cell, CrazE was not susceptible to the natural mortal aging standards of Terran humans. In short, he would have continued to be in prime condition well past the "natural" biological prime of Terran humans.
  • Genetically-Amplified Durability: CrazE's body was efficiently built to absorb immense amounts of pressure and forces. He had extra bones and muscles that normal Terran humans would not have, which served to entirely nullify the shock of or withstand the pressure of extreme forces. At the same time, his skull and brain are altered enough to withstand the same amount of forces to retain consciousness in high-pressure situations.
  • Rapid Regeneration: CrazE's cells were unique in that they were heavily fortified with special commands and capabilities. One of these was their immensely rapid regeneration capability, which could heal small cuts within seconds or large wounds within minutes. Because of this, CrazE could not only heal his wounds, but recover from releasing his explosive energy with ease.

Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

  • Bioexplosive Energy: CrazE's body created and utilized a unique form of energy as an innate defense mechanism, or, as CrazE had built upon over the years, an offensive weapon. Each cell in his body contained a small amount of the energy, which can be triggered individually to react to the point of bursting. In effect, the energy itself is released, unleashing immense amounts of heat and shredding through most materials it touches.


  • Energy: [...]


  • The Void: CrazE had in his possession a small red pouch with the mouth tied with a golden lace. This pouch is unremarkable physically, but within it existed a compressed dimension. This spatial anomaly is full of Eon energy, preserving anything that lies within its nigh-limitless space. CrazE used The Void to carry all of his possessions. The contents of The Void can be called to the grasp of anyone, provided that they reach in and think about the item that they want or need.


CrazE often would place himself into the front of all battles he engaged in, mostly as a result of his inherent bioexplosive and regenerative capabilities which were suited perfectly for direct combat. CrazE's bioexplosive energy allowed him to close distance fast and deal devastating blasts in succession. The only drawback would be the amount of destruction from his direct assault. In cases where he did not have the direct capacity to explode without causing more difficulties in the situation, he would instead utilize his powers in isolated close-quarters combat with his bioexplosive energy fueling each strike.

CrazE was an impromptu fighter. His quick wits and incredible physique allowed him to analyze and assess a situation with little need to think of his own safety. CrazE was almost entirely immune to any known Terran disease due in part to the unique structure of his cells, and also as a result of the immune system that his body had. Because of the immense amount of force he was able to withstand, CrazE would tend to take as much damage as possible in behalf of those he's supporting.

However, CrazE's body renders itself vulnerable just after explosions. Because of the function of releasing his bioexplosive energy, the only thing protecting his body would be his dermis (for his body, the dermis and more complex tissues take longer to regenerate). Although he showed impressive capability to actually survive in space for a short time, he still is required to use resources that Terran humans need to survive, such as oxygen, food, water, and other necessities.




CrazE had an older brother named Brian Knight, who he had always looked up to from a very young age. He also had a younger brother, Caedes Knight, who he looked after fiercely. As a result of unfortunate events, he lost both of them. The rest of his family and extended family are all dead except for Valerie Knight, his first cousin.

Cult of Ustream

CrazE was able to maintain a friendship with practically every member of the Cult of Ustream during his tenure, with the exception the select few that he did not make direct contact with. This came as a result of his endeavors to attempt to befriend everyone he met.

  • Darius: CrazE's relationship with Darius is due to his older brother's association with him. Darius naturally counsels and advises the Knight family with what he can deduce in behalf of their circumstances and emotions on situations. CrazE also reciprocates as much as he can with positivity towards Darius, creating a greatly positive relationship and a nourishment to Darius' spiritual health.
  • Darkside: CrazE also shared a unique bond with an equally-unique individual, Darkside. For a period of time, CrazE was experiencing chronic and increasingly-frequent headaches, something which he had rarely experienced prior to that time. As time went on, he became more and more moody and erratic, showing strange outbursts of "not being himself." As this continued, the situational tension reached its peak and CrazE changed completely. His irises changed to a bright red, and his skin paled. He no longer referred to himself as CrazE. At this time, he approached Lord X-Giga-X, and requested to be "released from this mortal body." The problem, after some experimenting by Lord X-Giga-X, turned out to be a strange mass of darkness energy existing within his mind and form. After extending his own darkness into CrazE's mind to retrieve the mass, Lord X-Giga-X inadvertently released a being from CrazE's mind - one that was made entirely of darkness. The being was labeled as "darkside" as a reference to what the being did to CrazE. Due to these events, CrazE and Darkside had a very strange relationship, since Darkside was imprinted with CrazE's memories and past experiences.
  • Jason Shaver: CrazE and Jason shared a mild relationship, but one of positive reinforcement. CrazE frequently supported and assisted in decisions Jason would make and be an active force for the good that could be done as a group. It could be said that he might have had some influence that helped spark the fire of Jason's and Giga's split, considering CrazE's position on Giga since the genesis of the Cult.
  • Lord X-Giga-X: CrazE and Giga have not gotten along since the beginning of the Cult's genesis. Their personalities and behaviors clashed when it came to most situations, and their competitive intellects demanded superior intelligent decision-making and capability. CrazE's passionate side would frequently get the better of him, giving in some cases Giga the upper hand when helping to lead the Cult before his separation from the group.
  • Pricilla Starkey: CrazE's interaction with Starr initially was rough and jagged. She disliked him for quite some time until, as time usually progresses, crazE eventually befriended her. After several experiences of interaction between the two, they found greater interest in one another further than friendship. Eventually, this lead to a serious relationship behind the Cultists' current problems and the birth of sky serpent twins. CrazE's death left Starr with their two children and a deep sorrow.
  • Shadow Version 27:
  • Valerie Knight: Valerie and CrazE shared a brother-sister connection that was very strong. In the past, having had yearly reunions, they would always find themselves bonding and having great times together. Valerie, upon regaining consciousness with Darius after the events of the Dark Zone epidemic, Valerie was in shock.


Early Life


Cult of Ustream

Intimate Affairs

Within a year of his time with the Cult of Ustream, CrazE grew especially attached to one of the Cultists, Pricilla "Starr" Starkey. CrazE found her fiercely passionate in many of the same areas that he himself showed passion, and realized that they were bonding easily and quickly. Having spent much of his time with her, after many days of assisting her with her experiments and everyday tasks, he was able to break through her 'hardened' exterior to connect on a meaningful level with her passionate, gentler side. Soon enough, they fell in love, and CrazE gave his heart completely to the only person with whom he felt a meaningful, romantic connection.

After a period of time of expressing their love toward each other, Pricilla started behaving strangely, much to CrazE's skepticism. Late in that day, Pricilla began protectively guarding a makeshift nest in her Sky Serpent form, hiding the contents of the nest. When CrazE approached, she revealed to him a large egg, which hatched soon after. CrazE and Pricilla became the parents of twins, Richard Jotham and Ryeonetta - a baby boy and girl respectively.


  • "First off, please don't surprise me like that. No matter what, the effect of surprising me always ends in a bang." - CrazE, to Espira Xirro after the latter caught him off guard in Cult of Ustream: Season One.


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