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Void Seeker


Shikelvel, Shikavel


Estimated 800-900 years old at SCT









Soul Phantasms

Manipulation of history


The Edge; otherwise unaffiliated



"It is never too late to take charge of one's own fate."
— A favorite saying of Careodry's

Careodry (proper Acaranian name Ceriodry, Common Fate Seeker; Drakine name Shikavel (proper spelling Shikelvel), Common Change Maker or Life Hunter if spelled correctly) is a melanistic blue Euthoran Voidwalker and a recurring supportive character in both Cult of Ustream and Euthoran Song canons. Both iterations of him, however, are one and the same; his exploits in one are canon to his exploits in the other, due to his ability to manipulate events in history and thus travel between timelines. Therefore, although he only becomes a Soul Harvester in the Alter Timeline, he keeps this role after the corresponding point in the Prime Timeline.

Because of his inquisitive nature and careless alteration of important events, especially in Euthora's history, the Euthoran pantheon has marked him as an enemy. Throughout Euthora's history, and even when Careodry becomes a Soul Harvester, this Voidwalker tends to appear during notably dangerous situations, a result of the pantheon attempting to remove the threat he poses. They did succeed at this at one point in the Prime Timeline- the Careodry in these two canons is the one native to the Alter Timeline.

The Careodry in Shiveztel (of the Drei Timeline) is however a different individual, but is aware of his Prime/Alter counterpart. His personality appears to be mostly unchanged, aside from slightly more care in what he does and a slightly stronger tendency to interact with those outside of his void. He is also more openly emotive in this timeline; rather than seeming perpetually amused, he displays annoyance or anger from time to time and is overall easier to read.

Careodry is Water-Aligned due to species.


Careodry's normal state

Careodry has a simple build and appears as most typical Voidwalkers do- with a lithe, agile build on four long legs, his hide covered in slick black scales and blue markings spread across his body. However, Careodry is subject to a rare color anomaly known as melanism, meaning that his blue markings are darker than normal and do not glow as brightly. This leads to an increased visibility of the pupils of his eyes, which appear as a lighter blue. A dorsal fin runs along the length of his spine, ending shortly before his second tail stripe, its top broken by black stripes. He also has stripes on his tail fin, which is positioned much like a dolphin's and is used to help him steer through the void.

Unlike most Voidwalkers, who normally have a tapered, elongated head, Careodry's muzzle is short, blunt, and vaguely bullet-shaped. This has no significant effect on his streamlined build, but is uncommon for his species. His mouth is situated much like a shark's, having a notable forward curve at the bottom of his muzzle.

Careodry's chief markings are the large bars on his limbs and his blue underbelly, but he also has two stripes on his back, two ring-like stripes on his tail, and one ring-like stripe on his neck. His muzzle and the sides of his head are also blue. While these are darker than normal, his Voidcore glows brightly with what should be his true color- a bright electric blue matching the pupils of his eyes. This gemstone hangs around his neck, except for the short periods of time where he does not have it. It has a pulsating violet-black core that appears to have collapsed in on itself, but the rest of the gemstone varies from clear to bright blue depending on the lighting.

The bottom of Careodry's right foreclaw is branded with a rune that marks him as a target of the pantheon. This rune appears to be the archaic Drakine symbol used to mean "war", though the meaning has been interpreted as other, similar concepts. His paws are three-toed with dewclaws, and lack true talons, instead taking on the appearance of being "sheathed" similar to most species' ability to partially retract claws. Careodry also has a total of twelve vectors- semitransparent, psychokinetic limbs- that can reach a range of about twelve meters. After becoming a Soul Harvester, Careodry tends to manifest glowing, golden runes that appear etched into the vectors, similar to the symbols on Soul Harvesters' scythes, but only does this during battle for the aesthetic effect. They bear no effect on his combat performance.

Careodry stands just over 5 feet tall at the shoulder, measuring roughly 22 feet long from muzzle to tail tip. In a resting, standing position, the top of his head increases his height to around 8 feet tall, and the top of his dorsal strut to around 9 feet 6 inches. When fully flared, Careodry's tail fin has a span of about 6 feet. His vectors are typically seen as large claws, and are either held close when at rest or not visible at all.

Burst Mode

Careodry in Burst Mode

Careodry's Burst Mode is defined by large, fan-like sails replacing his dorsal membrane, with two smaller auxiliary sets of sails replacing his tail fin and appearing above his hind legs and the base of his tail. Aside from these sails, Careodry appears roughly the same, standing at about five feet tall on four legs. He has two additional blue stripes on his back, and the points of his crown are longer and now carry blue markings as well- bars on the back of his main crest (from which trails of Mana can sometimes be seen radiating, as well as Excess immediately after his Burst Mode is triggered) and tips on the smaller spikes underneath. A thin stripe connects the top of his muzzle to the ring on his neck, arcing atop his skull to do so. His eyes are a bright electric blue and glow far more brightly than his markings. The tip of his tail, starting from where the sails end, is blue.

The two main sails make up the majority of his silhouette, and while they are capable of being used for gliding, they are primarily for show and are not strong enough nor possess the range of movement for true flight. The dorsal views of all six sails have blue flare markings from the edges, while a ventral view shows that they have the same blue with black stripes that Careodry normally has on his dorsal membrane and tail fin in his normal state. Even in this form, Careodry is highly expressive with his sails, and may in fact be easier to read because of the prominence and amount of sails with which he has to work. When fully extended, Careodry's sails strike an imposing figure and make him look much, much larger than he actually is.

In general, Careodry has the same measurements in Burst Mode as his normal state. However, the span of his sails artificially increases his size and overall surface area. His primary sails can fully extend up to a span of about 30 feet, while the auxiliary sails reach around half that.The tips of his tail fin extend his length 4 or 5 feet beyond his tail, and can fully flare to a span of about 8 feet. With his primary sails fully extended skyward, Careodry's profile can appear to have a height of nearly 20 feet.

Careodry's vectors have a range of 20 meters in Burst Mode, and are typically seen as claws.


Careodry notably seems perpetually amused, except in times where seriousness is needed for survival or an equally important goal. As he tends to say, he never does anything without having a reason for it, and only occasionally interacts personally with the world outside of his void. Careodry's morals work very differently from most, though are still understandable once his motives are clear. He seems to believe that even if he alters events in one timeline and makes someone's life miserable, he can "make up" for it in another timeline by giving that person the opportunity to live like a king.

He has a very odd, wry sense of humor, and once in a rare while he will befriend another individual (as much as it is possible for him to befriend someone whose fate he has likely changed for better or worse in several different realities). He seems to have little, if any, regard for his personal safety unless in a situation where death is an imminent possibility.

Despite his calm, collected, self-assured, and perhaps even apathetic demeanor, Careodry struggles with the idea that, as someone who can see and interact with any timeline he wants, living out these timelines is almost meaningless- "When every path you can walk has been created for you long in advance, death becomes meaningless, making life the same". He attempts to combat this by changing details in these timelines, to see if the smallest changes can surprise him. Over time, he has become able to predict the outcomes of these changes with relative accuracy, and so begins to change and adjust timelines to entertain himself.

As a creature with a potentially limitless lifespan, Careodry finds it difficult to envision himself living his entire life walking down predetermined paths. However, unwilling to die, he keeps himself almost in a self-imposed purgatory of sorts, provoking the Euthoran Pantheon for some hint of excitement but usually keeping to his void for safety.

This gives a new layer of depth to Careodry's insistence that everything he does and says has a purpose. While his actions and words are measured and more thought-out than it would seem on the surface, part of his insistence comes from his need to have his actions- his life- mean something. Despite having the ability to change others' lives for the better or worse, he takes an extremely cynical, fatalistic view on his own, finding no point in changing his own destiny.

Prime Timeline Careodry did not awaken his Domain before he died and thus never suffered these realizations or the implications of his powers.

The specific Careodry of the Alter Timeline tends to test his timeline adjustments on his counterparts of other timelines, seeing if perhaps they react differently to the same changes, or otherwise testing what certain changes will do. He has caused the death of multiple instances of himself this way, most notably his counterpart in the Prime Timeline.

The Careodry of the Drei Timeline is drawn to Shiveztel after seeing that the Darkwing Firedrake was somehow able to change his own fate, bypassing and ignoring his predestined path. The Careodry in this timeline is more than happy to tag along with Shiveztel, eventually becoming his Familiar, as the other dragon is prone to surprising him- a rare and welcome occurrence. To this end, Careodry has an extremely loose sense of morality, caring not for good or evil so long as he can derive excitement from his life.

Skills and Abilities


Careodry is known to have a working understanding and good grasp of Mana Theory and Magiology in general. As a Water-Aligned dragon, he has an innate aptitude for magic, mastering it quickly and easily, as well as using it often in combat.

  • Illusion Magic:

Inherent Abilities

  • Psychic potential: As a Voidwalker, Careodry has powerful psychic potential to the point where he is at least partially immune to powers such as dracoimpery. This is only heightened at the beginning of the Reformative Era, when all Voidwalkers are given a higher psychic capacity as part of their becoming the dominant land-based race of Euthora. This psychic capability allows Careodry to use telepathy- in person and through his Voidcore- as well as allowing him complete mastery of all twelve of his vectors. Later in the Dissonant Era, Careodry is known to use his psychic abilities to momentarily suppress the cognitive abilities of his opponents, causing confusion, incoherence, and the occasional headache. He rarely uses this aggressively, however, instead using it as a means of distraction or escape.
    • Vectors:
  • Vacuoimpery:

Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

  • Manipulation of history: The chief power that he is known for, Careodry has the ability to observe other timelines and time periods and change the outcomes of events. He does this mostly out of curiosity, to see how a single change can affect everything involved, and perhaps some things that do not outwardly seem relevant. It is this ability that marks him as an Outside Observer, and later contributes to his becoming a Soul Harvester. This power allows him to travel between timelines, though he is still tethered to the time period he resides in.


  • Change:


Careodry's Voidcore ("Careodry's Voidcore" by Keileon)
  • Voidcore: Careodry's Voidcore is a translucent, dipyramidal gemstone that hangs by a cord around the base of his neck. In certain lighting, it can appear anywhere from light blue, to black, to clear in color, but always has a deep violet core that appears to have collapsed in on itself. This is because the core of the gem is in fact a contained void, which, when breached, causes the Voidcore's most notable effect: creating a one-way portal to anywhere of the holder's choosing. Regardless of lighting, the Voidcore glows a bright electric blue when active, the same color as the pupils of Careodry's eyes.

Careodry is almost always seen with his Voidcore, despite occasionally giving one to a person he has "befriended". This is in part because Voidwalkers naturally produce these gemstone as a byproduct of using their abilities, which produce excess Mana to form into these crystals. Careodry has given only two of his Voidcores away- one to Shadow Version 27, and one to [REDACTED].


Careodry seems to dislike direct combat, and will usually attempt to flee from a genuine battle, but if cornered he has no issues with defending himself. Rarely he may challenge an individual to a battle which may seem genuine but he sees as little more than a spar; this has caused confusion on one end or another when Careodry refuses to kill his opponent or when the Voidwalker does not immediately realize his opponent is attempting to kill him.

Careodry's battle strategy is evasive and indirect, preferring to baffle his opponents and strike from unexpected angles. He will make full use of his ability to create voids and the long range of his vectors to keep a distance from his enemy, and will often use his telepathy to unnerve or demoralize his opponent. If caught in a battle he cannot run from and he is less sure he can win, he will also begin to make use of a certain knowledge of magic to strengthen or otherwise augment his attacks.


  • Burst Mode - Fate Seeker:
    • Perfect Illusion:


Cult of Ustream

Euthoran Song



Prime Timeline

Hunt of Fire

Alter Timeline

Keeper of the Castle

Seeker of Fate

Cult of Ustream

Silverclaw, Forsaken

Drei Timeline

Void's Edge


Careodry: "I think... not. If I left now, then my coming here will have accomplished nothing. My actions must always accomplish something. ... You are a fascinating group. Born of just the right choices and just the right circumstances."
--Careodry's first direct interactions with the Cult of Ustream during Cult of Ustream canon: Season One
  • "As we walk our paths in this land of great truth, we often fail to recognize the impacts of our footsteps. But, in reality, what is the correct path to take? What is the "great truth" of this land?" - Careodry in the Drei Timeline


  • Careodry's birth name (Ceriodry) is Acaranian, rather than Drakine, as he was born on the associated continent rather than Forvolrasuls, where Drakine is invariably the dragons' native language. Acaranian dragons still often speak the aforementioned language due to its status as Drakine's predecessor, and are usually bilingual by nature.
    • Careodry's preferred Drakine name (Shikavel) is a self-given pun, being wordplay on his actual Drakine name (Shikelvel).
    • If Careodry's Acaranian name were to be translated into Drakine, it would be translated as "I hunt the darkness".
    • In a meta sense, Careodry's name is often easy to form into puns depending on context, including the following:
      • Careoderp
      • CareoDrei
      • Careodry Butterfly mode (or Butterdry)
      • Careoshark (or Local Fish)
      • Care-o-Dry
      • The Careodry Effect (originally used derogatorily by another player, the character's creator has begun using it as a play on the Butterfly Effect)
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