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David Shaver
David Shaver




14 at time of death. Still 14 at current CoU time.




Euthoran Shapeshifter





Soul Phantasms



Cult of Ustream (Group)


Jason Shaver (adoptive brother)

David Shaver is a young, pure-blooded Euthoran Shapeshifter and a member of the Cult of Ustream. He is rarely seen among the Cult, but when he is, he is generally friendly (if slightly reclusive) and a bit of a delinquent. While not related by blood, he considers Jason Shaver his older brother after the other Shapeshifter took him in and gave him a place to stay when he needed it most. The feeling is definitely mutual; Jason was greatly affected upon hearing of the boy's death, as much as he tried to hide it. That being said, when David returned without explanation, the two became distant for no definable reason.


David is a thin, somewhat short boy with a wiry frame, at least in his human form. With pale blue eyes and light brown hair that could almost be considered a dirty blond, he is visibly younger than most members of the Cult, though he makes it clear that he is more than experienced with being on his own in the way he carries himself. He usually wears a long-sleeved, collared white shirt and dark gray or green pants, with dull green, handless arm warmers. He rarely wears shoes, though when he does they are a light gray color and not accompanied by socks. A more interesting part of his attire is a small, black leather collar around his neck with a silver ring attached to the front. He has never explained this; nobody ever really asks him about it. Though easily removable, it remains around his neck in his animal forms, which are light brown with bright blue eyes.


David was best known for being an aloof, yet friendly, prankster. The most common targets of his antics were the two highest-ranking members of the Cult when he was still alive: Jason himself and Lord X-Giga-X. While he could be annoying at times, he was tolerated, possibly due to his young age, his ties with Jason, and the fact that he was almost never around to begin with. This last fact never stopped him from leaving for long periods of time, just to return for a few days and be exasperated at the trouble the Cult managed to get into when he was away.

This changes completely after his return. Now more quiet and reserved, David is rarely at the Cult's headquarters- and when he is, he usually holes himself up in the library, or brings a book or two to meetings Jason won't let him skip. If asked, he simply explains that he's looking for something; however, he doesn't elaborate, and his tone makes it seem like he doesn't want to.

David is highly curious by nature, and quite clever in areas that count. While it was usually hidden by his childish actions, David is an intelligent boy, with a strong sense of justice that ultimately led to his death at the hands of The Sealbreakers. When he isn't busy bothering somebody, he is surprisingly quiet and distant, and can often be seen poring through some of the older or more obscure books in the Cult Headquarters' library.

Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

  • Enhanced Senses and Reflexes:
  • Shapeshifting: David's forms are generally small, quick animals, though he possesses certain larger forms which he has not displayed to the Cult. His favorite shapes include those of a bat, a sand fox, and a falcon. They are all light brown with blue eyes; this eye color is usually impossible in nature, though his primary color tends to fit the animal form he took. David is currently unable to access his Feral state and is not known to have a secondary color. His base form is not human- it is instead a small, domesticated Euthoran creature called a félrau. The most prominent of his larger, undisplayed forms is that of the Chii-Ranu of Durasken, which he has primarily not displayed because it would upset Jason, but also because it brings bad memories for David himself.

Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms



  • Rainstick: An enchanted quarterstaff David is never seen without, this weapon appears to be an unremarkable, poorly carved stick resembling a tree branch or antler. It is held by the thinner end, with the points of the "antler" directed to the target. When used, light blue runes on the side are suddenly made visible, and the points of the antler glow a watery blue. The only apparent effect of the enchantment is to make it "rain" large quantities of a random object, whether it be stones or water or mice. David has learned to control it enough to use certain techniques at will, but has not fully mastered the weapon.


The Cult itself has never actually seen David fight, though it is known that he is fully capable of defending himself, at least in the wild. As a Shapeshifter, he tends to prefer melee-style combat in his animal forms, although his enchanted staff (detailed below) is used more often, for ranged combat. David considers himself an inexperienced mage, though he is unable to use magic, having never trained in it.



Cult of Ustream

David is neutral-friendly (leaning towards neutral) with almost all members of the Cult, with the following exceptions:

  • Jason Shaver: Treating each other like family, the two Shapeshifters were attached to one another despite Jason often being the target of David's antics. Jason considered himself a protector of the boy; David considered himself a friendly presence when Jason needed one most. After his return, David and Jason have grown more distant from each other.
  • Lord X-Giga-X: While he seemed to tolerate David, this human obviously didn't like him much (perhaps being a little too similar to Alexander Knight in personality and habits) and treated the young Shapeshifter with annoyance. Despite this, though, Lord X-Giga-X never actually attempted to hurt him, only teleporting him away when David got particularly annoying. They have not interacted since David's return.


David was born in the northern reaches of Seotara, in a region of the country known as the Dragon's Claw. How he found his way to Ustream is unknown, though Jason was told that the young Shapeshifter left home in search of a few particular enchanted staves- the most notable being the one he found, the Rainstick. After a couple of run-ins and a hunting run, Jason offered to let David stay at Cult Headquarters; David initially refused, but was injured a couple of days later and was more or less forced to HQ to get his wounds healed. After this, David allowed that he would treat HQ as a home base of sorts and stay there every so often to regain his bearings, but otherwise would continue to wander.

Early Life

David was "domesticated" at an early age and kept as a pet by a woman named Aeilis Haven. He normally would remain in his félrau form, but would occasionally turn into one of his other forms as needed- a falcon for hunting, human for conversing, and Chii-Ranu for riding. His distinct light brown color instead of the typical black and maroon of most Chii-Ranu prevented him from being mistaken for a rogue member of the species that had wandered into Seotara from Durasken.

David developed an interest in magic- more specifically, enchanting- during his early teens. While Aeilis would indulge him with books on the subject- which David went through very quickly- she expressed disagreement with him attempting to practice it, to the point where she forbade it entirely when he was found trying to steal an enchanted piece of a merchant's stock. This resulted in occasional arguments on the subject for a couple of years, as Aeilis grew older and less able to keep up with her overeager pet. David would occasionally wander out at night to sneak into the enchantment merchant's shop, looking at and testing the items until he was about to be discovered and would run out again.

One night he was caught, and delivered to Aeilis's home by the merchant in the morning. When David was in the house and the merchant had left, the two held a fierce argument that ultimately ended in David losing his temper, transforming into his Chii-Ranu form, and pinning Aeilis under his back claw so that he could make himself heard without being interrupted. This was done without thinking and in the heat of the moment, and the second David registered his action he removed his paw, turned back into his human form, and tried to make sure Aeilis was alright. The weight and momentum of his Chii-Ranu form, combined with the unexpectedness of the transformation, had caused Aeilis to impact her head on the edge of the fireplace, ultimately knocking her out and causing internal damage.

Sensing that there was little more he could do on his own and that Aeilis would likely die without care, David ran back to the enchantment merchant, who refused to let him in. After several minutes of arguing, it was only after David repeated "Aeilis is hurt!" several times in a row so the merchant would listen to him that David was allowed inside to grab a staff he'd learned the function of quickly- the ability to make it rain certain things, and he had found that it could create a healing rain. Running back home, he reached Aeilis's side to find that it was too late to do anything for her.

He stayed by her side for an hour, repeating that he was sorry, that he didn't mean to. It was only when he heard the telltale footsteps of the merchant approaching the home that he panicked, bolting out the door with only the staff, leaving the door to the home open for the authorities to find as he ran outside the city bounds.


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