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Ziolang Hirasu
"I cannot have weak friends."


Zio, Demon


Between 50's (SCT)









Soul Phantasms

Geoimpery, Thermoimpery ​


Cult of Ustream (Alter Timeline); Dreigon Thukil, Thukil clan (Prime Timeline)


Masuke Hirasu (brother)

"No more regrets."
— Ziolang Hirasu

Ziolang Hirasu (pronounced /z̪aɪ.oʊ.leɪŋ ʔi.rɑ:.z̪u/) is a Vodera from the planet Deveron, and is the current wielder of the blade Zhegard. He is the youngest recipient of the legendary blade in its entire history, having received it at the age of 8 from his brother, Masuke Hirasu. At the age of 17, Ziolang started a journey across the dimensions of Deveron on a training assignment. Around the same time, he becomes involved with the events of the Second Clan War, ranking within the Thukil clan underneath Dreigon Thukil. At the conclusion of the war, Ziolang is discharged with honors.

In the Prime Timeline, Ziolang is a major figure within the events of Hirasu Legacy canon. After the Second Clan War, he returns home by way of Dimensional Rift; a common mode of transportation within Deveron. However, his return is not a peaceful one, as there is an invasion on the Demon World by a group of humans claiming to be "champions of time," set to "restore Deveron to its original state." This instigates the events of Infinite Cycle, spanning the events of the Deveron Time War. Towards the conclusion of Infinite Cycle, Ziolang confronts the leader of the invasion force and is bounced through dimensions as a result. He ultimately ends up in a realm of darkness, wandering the world for a way out. Eventually, he finds a Dimensional Rift to return to Murthul, Deveron.

In the Alter Timeline, the Dimensional Rift splinters, and Ziolang is sent to Ustream, Euthora instead of returning to Deveron. This brings about the events of Cult of Ustream canon. Although initially meaning for it to be a temporary stay while he prepares to return to Deveron, he takes an interest in the titular Cult and some of its members. He claims that the reason for this is due to there being strong adversaries to fight. He leaves for a period of approximately two and a half months during the events of "The Debt" story arc to fight in the Time War on Deveron, before returning to settle some unfinished business.


Ziolang stands at a height of 6'2". He has eyes which are slightly cat-like in appearance, and seem to glow faintly through hues of red, yellow, and orange, giving the impression of a roaring flame. His hair is of a midnight-black color, and is barely kept in a messy, unruly style at a medium length. His skin is a thicker, hide-like substance, not dissimilar to that of a reptile, and is of a deep crimson color. He is often (if not always) seen without a shirt due to his wings, which are of a similar color to that of his hide and span about 9 feet.


Ziolang can often be hard to describe. He often seems cheerful, happy-go-lucky even. His grasp of human culture is limited and often misunderstands terminologies and such. Despite this, however, he is a serious soul. He is not one to mince words and tells people how it is without regard to feelings. He is respectful only of those who live the honor of combat and gives no place for complaint. Ziolang's self-imposed honor code has often lead him into battles he knew he could not win. He is easily baited into confrontation when his honor is challenged. Within his honor code is the "Rite of Victory," which is that the victor of a conflict has the right to determine the fate of the opponent. Ziolang has often been found to be reckless, challenging obstacles obviously too great for him.

Although he lives among them (in Cult of Ustream canon), and even strives to learn more about them, Ziolang shows a great disdain for human kind. This is mostly due to the Demon culture he grew up in, wherein non-Demon beings are commonly viewed as inferiors. His dislike for human kind also leaves him very cocky when facing them in combat. As displayed in his battle with Espira Xirro, his severe underestimation of the prowess of non-Demon beings has almost lead to his demise on more than one occasion.

Despite Ziolang's seemingly fearless nature, he fears most the loss of his brother, Masuke.

Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

  • Demon Anatomy: Being a Demon, Ziolang has the natural enhanced healing rate of Demons, which is a little more than twice that of a human. His hide-like skin serves as a natural armor against blows, and his constant training keeps his already great physical strength and stamina at its peak.
  • Kivorde: [...]
  • Vorpal: [...]

Learned Skills

  • Swordsmanship: Ziolang is trained in the art of swordplay. He is adept in the use of nearly any weapon, but mostly uses his sword or halberd-style polearms. Above all else, Ziolang is most noted for his great skill with a blade.

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

  • Geoimpery: Although not a mastered ability, Ziolang is capable of manipulating earthen materials to his will. He mostly uses this ability to support his close-quarter combat such as strengthening his footing, creating and removing obstacles, and even creating armaments of stone.
  • Thermoimpery: Ziolang is capable of manipulating temperature. He mostly does this to create and command fire. The expanse of this ability is very broad, and he has used it in ways such as heat sensory, cryoimpery, mirage illusions and others.


  • Temperature: [...]


  • Zhegard: A blade of ancestry passed down through from Ziolang's heritage. It's appearance is strikingly plain as a straight-blade katana-like weapon with a guardless black handle. It is believed to have been made by a possibly mythological Vodera named Hirasu, who was supposed to be the most powerful Vodera to have ever lived. As such, those of the lineage who receive the sword take on the Hirasu name instead of the name of whatever clan they may align with. Hence the name Ziolang Hirasu. Zhegard never dulls and contains a presence of power many have attempted to tap into with little success.

Aside from utilizing the weapon as blade, the only other uses it's wielders have been able to pull from it is that it comes when called, simply materializing in its current owner's hand. Due to this, the inheritors of the sword often develop a unique fighting style taking advantage of this ability, such as striking with the blade one hand then calling it instantly to the other hand for a follow-up. However Ziolang feels this style of fighting cheapens the experience of combat and rarely does it himself.


Ziolang is a daring, close-quarter combatant. He melds his swordsmanship with his innate abilities to form a dangerous melee force. He is also very observant and quick to adapt to the opponent. He gives little heed to his injuries and is just as skilled when critically wounded as at full strength. Ziolang's natural senses, strength and endurance are greatly heightened due to his rigorous training and Demon anatomy. His thick hide gives him a natural defense against blows to his body, yet despite this he is very flexible and dexterous. His mastery over temperature gives him exceedingly high tolerance to hot and cold, and resistance for fire and ice. He is widely immune to many toxins and his body is naturally accustomed to fighting off intruding substances. His heat sensory capability allows him a "sixth sense" in which he can perceive the differences in temperature, such as body heat.

Signature Techniques


Cult of Ustream

Ziolang's relationship with the other Cultists is not well developed. He has no desire to get attached to people. The rule for whether Ziolang acknowledges someone or not, is often that if he condescends to respond to someone, he recognizes that that person exists; and if he will hold a conversation, he has respect for that person. The greatest sign of whether or not Ziolang respects an individual is if he issues a challenge for combat, as he feels no true respect for one he has not fought with.

  • Emma Isokoski:
  • Espira Xirro: Ziolang initially saw killing Espira as an easy means of "breaking" Shadow from his constant desire to protect others. This was turned on its head when he sorely underestimated Espira's fighting prowess, and humiliatingly lost to her in combat. This was truly a blow to the Demon's core, leading him to reevaluate everything. Ultimately this re-evaluation leads to him leaving Ustream in order to return to Deveron.
  • Jason Shaver: Throughout Season One, Ziolang held a peculiar semi-respectful friendship with Jason, likely stemming from the Shapeshifter's leadership role. As Zio never officially allied himself with the Cult, he never felt an obligation to listen to the Shapeshifter as a leader. When he returned to Ustream at the start of Season Two, Ziolang had questioned his own motives to such a degree he elected the best course of action was to sever his ties. This began with an attack Jason until the Shapeshifter renounced what friendship they had. Later on, as a threat regarding the return of Drake Kuro arose, Zio invited himself to a Cult meeting discussing the topic, which nearly ended in a battle between Jason and Zio.
  • Lord X-Giga-X:
  • Mimring Thunderscale: Ziolang's first appearance in Ustream showed that the Demon's magical abilities were severely dulled due to the difference of aethers; notably, the absence of Vorpal. However Zio soon discovered that Mimring's Mana operated in a similar manner to the aetherics he was familiar with. This discovery became the leading cause of Zio's stay among the Cult as he deciphered how to use magic without Vorpal, using Mimring as a reference. This relationship of convenience lasted until Zio met Starlight.
  • Shadow Version 27: Ziolang experiences something of an inner turmoil regarding Shadow. While he never intended to return to Ustream after leaving, the Diclonius is instrumental to his return. When Ziolang met Shadow, he saw similar elements to his brother, Masuke. That is to say, he views Shadow as a being of incredible potential, but who also "squanders" it on a strange desire to protect others. Ziolang wants to see Shadow strive to reach his potential and simultaneously break his resolve to protect others, frequently jeering at him with statements such as "You can't protect people if you're too weak."
  • Starlight Thunderscale: Ziolang befriended Starlight for the same reasons he had previously attempted to befriend Mimring; the main difference being Zio respected Starlight more for not tying himself to a master-servant relationship Zio perceived dracomancer familiars as. When Ziolang returned at the start of Season Two, he showed no signs of wanting to continue their pseudo friendship, the only interactions they had being when Zio lead Starlight to meet up with Mimring and have the dragons essentially fight to the death.

Hirasu Legacy



Ziolang was born on the Niloger dimensional plane. His upbringing with his parents was brief as they were killed in an honorable duel when Zio was but 6 years of age. The remainder of his youth he was raised by his elder brother Masuke on the main dimension, Deveron.

Receiving Zhegard

Ziolang's story begins particularly when he receives the legendary blade of Deveron, Zhegard. The translation of the name 'Zhegard,' much like the language it is written in, has been obscured by time, though it is commonly understood to mean "Dragon Blade." It is unknown how many Vodera have been in possession of the blade, but Ziolang is its youngest recipient, having received it at the age of 8. Although the blade would rightfully have been given to Masuke, it was passed simply along to Ziolang when Masuke stated that he had no interest in wielding Zhegard.

Second Clan War

At 17, Ziolang begins his journey across the Deveron dimensions on a training assignment. During this time he becomes part of the Second Clan War, ranked within the Thukil clan under the clan's leader, Dreigon Thukil. After the war, Dreigon is established as "Demon King" and Ziolang is "discharged" with honors. This leads to an increase to Ziolang's already cocky nature. At this point is where the split in timelines begins. Either Ziolang returns home via Dimensional Rift, initiating the events of the Prime Timeline; or the Rift splinters, sending him into Ustream, Euthora to follow the events of the Alter Timeline.

Prime Timeline

Time War

Main Article: Infinite Cycle

Not long after Ziolang's return home, there is an invasion on Deveron. The Second Clan War was of such a scale that it attracted attention through the Dimensional Rift it was lost in; drawing in a group of humans who claimed to be champions of time, and would restore Deveron to its original state. The Demons of Deveron immediately deemed the newcomers as mongrels that should be exterminated at once. This marked the first time within Demon history that all of the clans rally together in a joint effort to combat the invasion, with the Demon King Dreigon as the lead. Ziolang serves as a particularly high-ranking officer in Dreigon's army, having fought with him as a respected ally in the Second Clan War.


At the close of the war, Ziolang confronts the leader of the invasion force; and in the struggle, Ziolang gets bounced through dimensions. He ends up in a realm of absolute darkness, yet was able to feel the effects of light. He wanders this world seeking a way out. Eventually he encounters male being named [REDACTED], who declared himself the king of what he called the Shadow Realm. The two fought in the utter darkness, though due to Zio's ability to sense and track body heat, he was able to hold is ground as if it were midday, something [REDACTED] had never encountered before. The two became blood-pact brothers, and [REDACTED] helped Zio find a rift back to Deveron.

Birth of Shadows

Ziolang's return from the Shadow Realm sparks a revolution as Vodera begin to take expeditions into the plane. They name it Ziover, roughly translating to World of Shadows. Something about the sudden influx of life triggers something in [REDACTED] who is sent into a powerful rage, risking the slaughter of any Vodera that enter Ziover. Ziolang confronts [REDACTED] and is able to restore his coherence. Ziolang, [REDACTED], Masuke and Dreigon all look into the cause of the trigger and discover a critical aspect unique to Ziover: the aether was different.

Threads of Division

Many Voderan clans feel Ziover should remain an unclaimed public territory, while other clans feel a new claimable region would prove beneficial to Vodera society. Ziolang and [REDACTED] side with the liberation of Ziover while Masuke and Dreigon join with who head the opposition. The "debates" rapidly evolve into what is refered to as the Third Clan War. [REDACTED] kills Dreigon while Ziolang is badly injured by Masuke. Ziolang pulls out of the war to recover, and the liberation concedes defeat shortly after.

[Sections not properly explored]

Hirasu Legacy

Alter Timeline

Discovering the Cult of Ustream

After being stranded in Ustream, Euthora, Ziolang initially is simply settling in briefly with little to no interest in the Cult of Ustream's creation. However, he ultimately finds himself getting involved due to finding strong adversaries to fight, having nowhere else to stay, and a growing pseudo-friendship with the Cult's leader and its second-in-command; Jason Shaver (whom Ziolang refers to as Kuda) and Lord X-Giga-X, respectively. This leads to him lending his skill to the Cult for a time, as a distraction as he seeks a way back to Deveron

Ziolang never intended to stay in Ustream, and only continued to do so for the single fact that he has yet to discover a way back to Deveron. Ziolang eventually undertakes the responsibility of watching the dragon Starlight, and later takes in the new arrival, Shadow in a mentor-type relationship. Gradually, fears of never returning to Deveron begin to sink into Zio's and he starts losing his interests with the Cult as returning home begins to dominate his thoughts. He grows somewhat callous, starting to resent Shadow's tolerance of being stranded in a different world and acceptance of his situation; Zio realized he had begun to do the same and despised it.

[Time Away]

Zio sought a duel with Espira Xirro and was defeated by the same. He had thought that killing Espira would allow Shadow to be released from his notion that he needed to protect people. He made the mistake of underestimating the combat expertise employed by Espira, and lost. This loss was largely as a result of his underestimation of the Trained Assassin due to her race. All the same, it was still a loss, and having been humiliated, Ziolang's inner struggles with being trapped on Euthora intensified. He left the region for several months, searching across the world for any clues toward a means of returning to Deveron. The search was ultimately a failure.

Return to Ustream

Forgotten Soul

Death of Shadows

Third Clan War

Corrupted Fragments

Fourth Clan War

Hirasu Tragedy


  • "Indeed. You have the right. But how, pray tell, do you intend on keeping that right? There will always be those that wish to take it from you... always. If you don't fight, you cannot be free."
  • "Never admit weakness! Never give in! There is always hope! You have more in you than you think!"
  • Shadow Version 27: "...You don't know how many times my hope has shattered. You... have no idea..."
Jack Evans: "Zio, I think I can sympathise with him more than you."
Ziolang Hirasu: "I grew up in a world where literally everything that exists wishes to make me suffer and die. I'm probably the only one here who does understand."
  • "Vengeance. Ahah, so cliché! So overdone! Those people are likely to have only been following orders. Some may have even been forced to do it. What gives you the right to end their lives? Stop with the self pity and grow a spine!" - In a discussion with Shadow Version 27 in Cult of Ustream: Season One
  • "You are a coward! That image needs to be corrected or erased!" - Ziolang Hirasu, when asked why he attacked Jason upon his return to Euthora.


  • Ziolang's name is actually an incorrect transcription of "Zyolen", which is a compound of the Demon language of Degol meaning "blind love."
    • 'Zyo' is a compound meaning "blind." 'Le' is a root representing affection; adding the 'n' makes it a positive, or "improved" version of 'Le.' Thus, 'Len' means "love."
  • It is customary that when a Demon receives the blade Zhegard, he also takes on the name of "Hirasu," after its creator and original wielder.
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