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Stefani Roseasilmillään


Gaga, Rose Monarch (By Syelsumoii dragons)


21 (in Cult of Ustream timeline), 22 (The Grenian Conspiracy)









Soul Phantasms



Cult of Ustream, Rosean Royal Prime


Catlyka Auk Croitia (ancestral aunt), 22 Brothers, Magdabrunhilda Victoria Kanna (mother, deceased), Nitolapsaa "Night" Roseasilmillään (father, deceased)

Stefani Roseasilmillään, also known under the pseudonym, Gaga, is part of the Roseasilmillään Royal Family and the named heir to the Imperial Throne by word of her late father, the infamous Nitolapsaa Roseasilmillään. Made famous by her "roaring rampage" killings in which many of a Sadistica Seins companymen died, Stefani is often pitted between her role as a future leader and the fame of a natural born killer. Having spent most of her life in a world of uncertainty, fear, domination, and mistreatment, Stefani struggles with insecurity, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, timidness, and short bouts of aggression in both the Cult of Ustream and other canons.

In Cult of Ustream canon, her power and truth behind her heritage are hidden from the rest of the group. Assuming the moniker of "Gaga" (a Croitian slang term meaning "nobody", from the root word "Gaanganlut"), she initially spends her time in the Cult hiding behind her personal guards, Valen Scarletburn and Emma Isokoski, out of fear of her siblings figuring out her whereabouts. Over time, the young soon-to-be empress began making friends and acquaintances with some Cultists and observing how the entire group is organized, slowly learning the ways of interactions and coming out of her shell at the same time.

In Bloodline Purity [. . .]


Stefani is short, only reaching the height of 5' 5" and weighing a little over 135lbs. Her face is rounded with a button nose and thin red lips which touch with the tips of her platinum blonde hair that is cut to a curved bob. Like her siblings she has pink eyes but with different and often "free flowing" blotches of rose pink to light purple hues flowing in sync within her irises, signaling that she is of Vibranant genes. Stefani is often seen wearing anything of a light pink shade or white, ranging from her light pink thermal shirt with black horizontal stripes to her much lighter arrangement of white summer dresses. Though not fully accustomed to wearing whatever she wants or anything that reflects the style of a female royal family member, Stefani does have a sense of what she can or can't wear out of social perceptions and of personal need; mostly addressing her "ample" upper body feature.


Cult of Ustream

Stefani is genuinely easygoing, soft and kind, easily extending any form of kindness or help to anyone willing to receive it. She also exhibits timidness to anything unknown or in situations where she is not sure on how to approach things. Her easygoing and timid side disguises her inner passion and "fighting spirit" which she was born with but only passively shows when situations become dire.

Her depression and trauma growing up seeps into her everyday actions in the form of fear and inability to engage in anything dangerous. Her fear is an extension of her insecurity and experiences, namely with a member of her mother's group who has instilled the fear of dragons in her, as shown with her interactions with Mimring Thunderscale. With early interactions between the two, she would often be seen cowering behind anything she could find. However, Stefani begins to break down the walls of her emotional limitations including her fears to at least be friendly to Mimring. There has been at least a few scenes where she has been seen interacting with him almost normally. One scene in particular which happened after Jason Shaver suffered injuries from Slash proves that her compassion can outweigh her fears.

Her genetic disposition of Vibranancy "expulsion" of excess stress of frequencies often times influence her behaviors by making her more rash and violent, though such events are not entirely common.

The Grenian Conspiracy


Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

  • Crebrimpery: The manipulation of all frequency vibrations known. Stefani begins refining this power by first developing the ability to reign over Radical frequency vibrations and then partially with Material, thus hinting that her overall "focal point" is that of a typical Distortion Vibranant.


  • Vibration:



At Standard Canon Time, Stefani has shown a reluctance to engage in combat, compared to her allies. However, it has been shown that she prefers to keep a long range of distance and focuses on impairing the enemy to sheer extremities with her current abilities over Radical Vibrations.






  • The surname "Roseasilmillään" is one of the very few surviving names left over from the now "dead" language of the Laidaer, which is the tongue of the native Northern Mana Worshipers. It's meaning is often the center of fierce debate since nobody truly knows what it means, but a popular theory suggests that "Roseasilmillään" is a compound word meaning "Rose that Defies Any." In the South, people translate it into "Rususiilsa" meaning "The heart of all Roses."
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