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Zaiek Kierrmi
Zaiek during Coalescence


Zai, Zayeku Ta'na


23, 45 (Noncanon CoU Gen2)









Soul Phantasms



Black Talon (Formerly), Station of Seotara


Li-Ten Ta'na (Father, deceased), Yasuko Kiyerumi (Mother, deceased), Su-Kel Ta'na (Uncle), Zheya Kiyerumi (Sister), Xue Zhan-Li (Cousin, once-removed)

"I'm not good, not bad, and I sure as hell ain't ugly."
— Zaiek being himself as always

Zaiek-Ri Kierrmi (Iyoza: キイェルミ ザイェクーリ, Kiyerumi Zaiekuri) is a Mantuanese Nekuna specializing in espionage, intelligence, thievery, and scouting.

In the Alter Timeline, he is aligned with the Station of Seotara organization, acting as their chief scout and gatherer of intelligence. Zaiek was also being tasked with relaying information of the Station's activities to his superiors at Black Talon. He first appears in Cult of Ustream canon along with his teammates during a raid on Lord X-Giga-X's lab in Season One.

He is the son of the legendary Strike Commander Li-Ten Kiyerumi (née Ta'na), who led the original Zhennka Shi Unit.


Zaiek is fairly tall and lean, reaching heights up to 6'1" and weighing about 163 lbs. His skin is fairly light for his kind and carries some scars on his fingers and chest, signalling that he may have had rough fights in the past. Typically, Zaiek's dark brown hair is styled from the front to the back slightly and upwards as to not obstruct his jade green eye(s). As a Nekuna, Zaiek has a tail he keeps wrapped around his waist and under his shirt.

For wardrobe, he is seen wearing a gray shirt held by two straps on his shoulders, connecting to dark gray pants. He wears specialized boots that reduce noise, making it easier to sneak up on anyone and go undetected.

Cult of Ustream

During the events of Cult of Ustream canon's second season, Zaiek is depicted as having a beard.

Kirenyun's Imprinted


Cult of Ustream

Zaiek can be seen as lighthearted, charismatic, intelligent, prideful, stubborn, and observant. It seems like it's incredibly easy for him to form friendships because of his easygoing personality, as he outwardly does not have a threatening demeanor. Though behind closed doors, Zaiek doesn't really hold much attachment to friends he makes and has been shown to be easily capable of turning on them once they cross any lines or prove to be useless, as shown with Starr. Zaiek is also exceedingly charming and tends to have the ability to use his actions to lower the guards of others - particularly women. This sense of charm has had a significant impact on his reputation as a Charmer and his role as a sleeper agent over the course of many years. And it is this trait in particular that has allowed him to escape many situations in the past and present.

Zaiek is also seen as a highly-opinionated individual. In a fight over one of the Seals of Ustream, Zaiek expressed his displeasure for the "generic theatrics" [direct quotation] displayed by the Sealbreaker, Ymohmi [more detail / justification needed]. Zaiek does not hesitate to speak out, particularly if there is something that he disagrees with.

Though he may seem well beyond charming and centered, Zaiek has expressed otherwise on rare occasions. He seems to "lose his cool" when he is incredibly pressured, mainly upon moments where his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is triggered by some form of stimuli. According to his case files, Zaiek is described as a man who is "out of it", empty, and constantly held back by fear. Whether the fear is of conflict or of himself, nobody has so far figured it out. It seems like Zaiek has many problems with opening up and does his best to deter anyone's efforts in trying to understand him, no matter how close they are, as Zheya would describe in the files.

Sometimes Zaiek can come off as condescending and eager to bug. However, this side of him is generally only seen with his enemies or people he simply cannot respect. In the words of Shockwing, Zaiek is a "King Mixer", or someone who absolutely thrives in trouble and drama he personally causes. An example of this is his interactions with Shockwing. In every encounter between the two, Zaiek has always attempted to provoke Shockwing into violence. To him, pitting people against each other is something that he simply cannot help. It could be a method of distracting himself or venting.

Like most Nekuna, he is highly aggressive and animal-like, though Zaiek is very experienced in controlling those aspects of his persona. He betrays the normal trait of the Nekuna on being emotionally driven creatures. However, he does choose to keep his Nekuna predatory instinct. Zaiek has a very questionable morality at best, due to not showing much remorse in hurting others or betraying. Since he is fiercely loyal and hard to trust other people, anyone who crosses a line that messes with those two traits typically incur Zaiek's unforgiving vengeful anger, which has shown to be something that could never subside. Just like his anger towards Starr.

In case file 009, it is hinted that Zaiek was once considerate, good-hearted, and sensitive. But those qualities have since been destroyed.

Kirenyun's Imprinted

Skills and Abilities


  • Elemental [Command]: Darkness: Zaiek's notable magic is one that allows him to become one with the shadows and command darkness for his needs. There are several spells in his arsenal that allow Elemental [Command] to be very versatile, easily allowing it to either become a main mode of attack, defense, or evasion. Typically, this spelltype is tied with his Spatioimpery in order to allow Zaiek to interact with the outside world through the shadows and darkness cast around.
  • Animation: Possibly the most defining magic Zaiek has, animation is a spelltype that Zaiek had personally modified in order to fit his power. Zaiek uses his potent and abnormal ink and blood to supply each drawing's "substance", then willing it alive. There are various commands he knows that stem from this, most notably an animate command and edit command.

Inherent Abilities

  • Camouflage: In his Nekuna form, Zaiek is able to instantly blend into any setting at will.
  • Regrowth and Self Heal: Also a Nekuna trait, his kind are able to regrow most parts of their body (minus their head) and heal minor to moderate wounds by coming into contact with water.
  • Ink: This magically infused ink is produced by an Atra Gland, which completely converts blood into it. There are bits and pieces of eon, mana, and other unidentifiable things.
  • Photographic Memory: Zaiek has an impressive ability to remember every second of life in amazing detail, remember conversations to the word, and can retain years of data effortlessly.

Learned Skills

  • Sneaking: It had taken him years to learn how to approach things undetected.
  • Drawing: Outside of battle, Zaiek is pretty good at drawing. He, however, is not proud of making one particular drawing nicknamed "Bowlman".
  • Being Sexy as Hell: You don't get on this level by genetics alone.


Soul Phantasms

  • Spatioimpery: Zaiek's hallmark ability lies within his mastery over space. Steering away from the norm, Zaiek is able to create portable dimensions, or planes, to which he imprints the characteristics of the world around his range. In combat, this allows him to cross great distances in a timely manner, unleash attacks from a safe distance, animate remotely, and aid him with scouting. Zaiek can also observe phenomena happening around space, such as magic or aetheric manipulation, from his plane in high detail. This is mostly done by use of spacial threads.




  • Old Styled Revolver: As Zaiek's "last resort" weapon, this antiquated colt action revolver is kept with Zaiek at all times.


It seems like Zaiek is used to holding out support from a distance and is usually not physically seen on the battlefield himself, much preferring to stay in his own plane.



Prior to Cult of Ustream

Zaiek was pretty hesitant in forming any relationships prior to Cult of Ustream. The only people he was willing to trust and interact with were mainly Pricilla Starkey, Zheya Kierrmi, and Lucea Varikoi. The latter's friendship with Zaiek was lost shortly after he and his family fled to Euthora during the ends of the Genome War. He is the closest to his little sister Zheya whom he fiercely protected and cared for. As for Starr, they held a romantic relationship.

Cult of Ustream

After a horrible betrayal by Starr to Zaiek, he enlisted in the Seotara military and eventually joined the Station of Seotara. Under their leadership, Zaiek's bitter attitude was being eroded away with his newfound friendships.

  • Mya Vertgrand: Currently as his "master", Zaiek has respect for Mya. It has been shown that he values her as a good teammate and has even flirted with her once in a casual manner. Though it isn't shown that he crosses any lines with her.
  • Slash: Zaiek considers Slash as someone who could somewhat understand him in an unspoken way, mainly because both share very questionable manners of behavior. He does not see Slash as mean or disgusting, but accepts him as the wild animal that he is. Instead of being offended by his often blunt comments, he listens to them and is not one to spare him from his own.
  • Reika Aerixai: Initially when the Station appeared in Cult of Ustream, the two didn't have many interactions with each other. Though, in every interaction, Zaiek had always been seen either protecting Reika or gifting her with something. It is later known that Zaiek has always had an interest in Reika ever since the formation of their Unit, which is very uncharacteristic of him, if not rare. Due to unknown reasons, he develops a trust in her and finds her very amusing. Though after being booted by The Station and humiliated by Shockwing and Skyshriek, it seemed like the time between that event and his return to The Station had caused him to begin growing attached to her, despite originally approaching her in hopes of having someone from his old group convince Bophez to let him back in.
His seemingly random relationship with Reika could be attributed to multiple things, though Zaiek has so far not explained how or why he favors her above the other women of SoS. One reason could be that Zaiek has begun to "crack" out of the thought that he is no longer obligated by multiple agencies to relay information from The Station to them, therefore messing with his psychologically conditioned identity and throwing him into a chaotic mess of emotions and confusion. Another could have been physical attraction that manifested into something deeper once Reika corresponded him in a deeper way. The exact reason is yet to be revealed.
  • Shockwing: Due to him being both a Sky Serpent, the natural prey and enemy of the Nekuna, and a male, Zaiek is often seen acting aggressive and territorial towards Shockwing. He holds a grand distaste towards the sky serpent boy and does not hesitate in provoking him into arguments or battles. During his time captured by Shockwing, Zaiek reveals that he holds no respect for Shockwing and can't take him seriously. To him, Shockwing is entirely a very easy target and an absolute joke of a sky serpent.

Dissonant Rhapsody


Early Life

"Zaiek, lets talk about your traumatic childhood."


  • "He is better off never fighting and never seeing the battlefield. But after today...I have better plans for him."- Charm School Recruiter in Zaiek's Case Files (002).
  • "I'll find out eventually."
  • "“HEH. Sir—aw, how tender..Can we borrow him?"
  • "Took us a while to find a good Nocturne in your base to help resolve this without making so much of a fuss, but I guess with my finesse in finding competent people....................."
  • "When the gods give you a mark, it paints a new picture....and then you remember; There are no gods."


  • According to records, Zaiek was born on the 7th of Iyen, 1706 .
  • His birthplace is what is now known as Kirenyun, Mantua.
  • If the Genome War had ended better and therefore not displaced him and his family out world, Zaiek would have eventually became the third Strike Commander of the Zhennka Shi Unit. However, such merit would not have been reached because of his father's nepotism, but thanks to Zaiek having a very similar ideological and strategical style as his father. Having been raised at his side more, he would be chosen easily.
  • He is allergic to pomegranate.
  • Zaiek is left handed
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