Skyking Súndávr

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Skyking Súndávr
Approaching Thunderstorm.png
"There are some things you can only learn in a storm."




1000+ years old at SCT




Stormcloud Firedrake





Soul Phantasms



Koth Grimseeker


Alethios, Thermador (sons); Irisidion (grandson); Mimring Thunderscale, Starlight Thunderscale, and Icelake Thunderscale (great-grandsons); Skyking Ausurath (bloodline)

"You are outmatched, Jeweled King. The storm has been called, and it comes for those who bow to false kings!"
— Súndávr taunting Skyking Shyr prior to their battle.

Skyking Súndávr (Proper Common name Thunderstorm Approaching the King of the Sky (direct translation Approaching Thunderstorm, King of the Sky); proper Drakine name Súndávr-Tiirenkári) is an ancient Stormcloud Firedrake and the Familiar of Koth Grimseeker. Súndávr is the father of Alethios and Thermador, and is Fire-Aligned due to species.

In both Cult of Ustream and Euthoran Song canons, he assisted Koth in the attempted takeover of Euthora by taking control of all of its dragons through dracoimpery. The two were stopped by Skyking Shyr and sealed in separate locations; in Cult of Ustream canon, Súndávr is released during SCT and frees his master, while this happens over a century later in Euthoran Song canon.

Before being sealed, Súndávr was the Skyking of the Teílos Range on the border of Ustream and Nienearcl. In Cult of Ustream canon, he is the temporary guardian of the southern seal.


Súndávr is a massive and imposing dragon, with a 500-foot wingspan supporting a nose-to-tail length of just under 300 feet. While quadrupedal by nature, he can rise onto his hind legs for long periods of time, using his wings and tail for balance so that he can manipulate objects with his foreclaws. His forelegs carry small spikes at the elbows, while his hind legs carry them at the ankles. Like other Euthoran dragons, Súndávr's hind legs are digitigrade and all six of his limbs are tetradactylous.

Súndávr's head sports a nine-point crown and four large, smoothly up-curved horns, the larger pair of which is beginning to develop a branching spike near the base. In addition to this, his nostril ridges are spiked and accompanied by a small spike on the bridge, and his lower jaw carries three spikes on each side. While Súndávr lacks decoration on his spine, he does carry leathery ventral scutes to protect his abdomen and throat, as well as the signature tail rings of Firedrakes. His tail is tipped with a spade, the base of which sports two forward-curving branches on each side. His primary canines poke out from his spiked upper jaw.

Though covered in metallic black scales, Súndávr is highly reflective and may appear lighter under certain lighting. His crown and spine are marked with an unbroken, dark blue strip which can be hidden under strong light and which is much brighter and more distinct on his head.. Súndávr often appears blue or even golden or red depending on the lighting around him, but under normal conditions is unmistakably black in color. His eyes are a glowing, amber sort of gold, with vertical pupils and a light of amused contempt. His horns are a very dark gray, and his ventral scutes are a light, almost silvery blue. The undersides of his wings as well as the tip of each wing "finger" are dark blue, similar to but darker than the strip on his back.

Burst Mode


Súndávr's personality is fitting for a dragon of his age and title: proud, arrogant, and aggressive. He believes- as most Radiant Era Skykings do- the dragons to be the perfect race, without flaw and superior to other beings. The one exception he shows to this belief is his master, Koth Grimseeker, who he views as an equal, comrade, ally, and companion. Being a creature of power and pride, Súndávr will never turn down a challenge, though may give an enemy he sees as a waste of time the opportunity to flee after ample warning. If this warning is ignored however, he will attack and kill without mercy. He will not attack an individual attempting to parley with him unless Koth requests it or if his pride is sufficiently wounded.

Súndávr sees backing down as a sign of weakness, and will continue to fight even if it seems his life is in danger. He may be called off by Koth himself or made to pause if the human is endangered, but more often this causes Súndávr's attacks to increase in ferocity.

Súndávr is completely loyal to Koth, referring to him as Thuri almost as often as by name. To this end, he will defend Koth with his life if the situation calls for it, and will bring his unbridled wrath upon whoever dares to endanger the dracoimperist. If the human is injured, the dragon will express genuine concern for Koth's wellbeing, and will often choose to stay close to his ally when idle or in combat.

A master strategist by nature, Súndávr is very analytical and tactically-driven when not in direct combat, but will usually begin a conflict with the simple strategy of intimidation and brute force. He will not discard a combat plan without good reason, but often does not create said plan in the first place. If idle, however, he will typically spend some time preparing for future battles, and perfect these plans until he has the chance to use them.

Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

  • Conductivity:
  • Distance Vision:
  • Resistance to Heat:

Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

  • Electroimpery:

Familiar Soul Phantasms

  • Dracoimpery:
  • Oleoimpery:


  • Destruction:


  • Lightning:


Súndávr carries no equipment.



  • Dire Storm, Twisting Crescendo:
  • Tempest Lock:


Cult of Ustream

Euthoran Song



  • "Do you have a deathwish, insects?"
  • "It is not often that creatures as pathetic as yourselves would dare to even try to fight a Skyking, and then proceed to ask a favor. I commend your reckless bravery." -- Súndávr, upon conversing with the Cult in Cult of Ustream: Season One.