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Euthoran Song canon (proper Drakine title Euthora-Roul, "Song of Euthora") is a series of plots that take place on Euthora during the Dissonant Era. This canon spans approximately a millennium and a half from start to finish, mainly due to long gaps between certain plots. It consists of seven plots, though there are a few branchoffs depicting certain events that are not considered part of the canon itself.


Euthoran Song is considered to be Euthora's primary canon, despite all but one of its plots being conceptualized after the planet's other canon was established. The primary theme of the canon is divine conflict having repercussions on the planet; being in the Dissonant Era, the plots are defined notably by conflict and destruction. The Euthoran pantheon is more involved with planetwide events during this era than any other era, partly because of the nature of said events and partially because this is when Jason Shaver begins his ascension.


Durasken Uprising

Hunt of Fire


Untamed Beast

Shards of Glass

Divine Roar

Spirit Trial

Dying God

Clash of Divinity


Euthoran Song takes place on its titular planet, Euthora, with plots tending to focus on one of two continents: Forvolrasuls and Acaran. More specifically, the first four plots primarily occur in Durasken, while the last three focus of Carisitai. The final plot (Clash of Divinity), however, has events that stray to all parts of the planet.

Euthoran Song also takes place exclusively during the Dissonant Era. It is the primary canon of this era, though some scattered minor plots and events take place during the same time frame yet are not part of the canon itself. Hunt of Fire notably begins both the canon and the era, while Clash of Divinity ends them.

Dramatis Personae

  • Careodry: An overly inquisitive, melanistic Voidwalker. Careodry appears at various points during the canon, most notably during Hunt of Fire as an obstacle, and later asset, to the party. While he takes a supportive role, he nonetheless keeps his careless personality throughout the canon.
  • Corian Fyreborne: The last true Firedrake and antagonist during Fyreborne, this dragon leads an elite group of various species of Firedrake collectively known as "The Fyrebornes". He has an arrogant, proud, and vengeful nature, leading him to instigate and prolong a war against mankind.
  • Cresius Tasque: A human dracoimperist of indeterminate age, Cresius is known to have had two Familiars at different times- the Icestorm Glider Atara and the Darkwing Firedrake Mordicai. After the events of Fyreborne he becomes a sort of mentor to Jason Shaver. He survives until well into the Divine Roar trilogy, however his striving for immortality is what ultimately causes his death.
  • Feravel Blazewing: An enigmatic true Firedrake and the main character of Hunt of Fire, he leads the party through Durasken in an effort to find out why humans are making such an effort to kill dragons.
  • Jason Shaver: A half-Darkwing Firedrake Shapeshifter and the son of Vol en-ait Rae and Mordicai. Jason is introduced during Fyreborne as a thief living in the streets of Jierno, Durasken and becomes relevant during the Fyrebornes' raid on said city, taking Starlight Thunderscale via dracoimpery out of self-defense. He remains relevant throughout the rest of the canon, his primary roles during Divine Roar being the most notable.
  • Judas Numidius:
  • Mimring Thunderscale: Jason Shaver's Familiar and a Plated-Stormcloud Firedrake hybrid. Mimring is the brother of Starlight Thunderscale, his speed in the air matching his counterpart's brute strength. He acts as a voice of reason, protector, and loyal companion to Jason. He, along with Starlight, was one of the two main characters of Fyreborne.
  • Raierei: A silent Phasma and Tobias Shaver's Familiar. He is introduced during Untamed Beast, already bound to Tobias, and stays relevant after the plot, having heavy involvement in the events of The Tolling Bell. Raierei remains by Tobias's side with a sort of protective possessiveness, though it seems drastically different from the protectiveness the Thunderscale brothers display for Jason.
  • Sagitrai Kerasado: An archmage and adviser to the Durasken High Circle. Sagitrai is introduced in Fyreborne and stays relevant through Untamed Beast; later, Euthoran history marks him (and his methods of keeping Durasken maintained) as one of the chief factors leading to the Shapeshifter Revolt. Sagitrai is an extremely skilled mage, and he has a Félrau magical Familiar to gain information and supplies with.
  • Sarcka Redmane:
  • Skyking Súndávr:
  • Starlight Thunderscale:
  • Tobias Shaver:


  • The canon and plot names are rightfully supposed to be written in Drakine; for article purposes and until the canon's author develops the language more, they are listed in Common.
  • Despite being Euthora's primary canon, it was created long after the conceptualization of Euthora and the planet's secondary canon.
    • Fyreborne was actually developed in detail long before Euthora's creation, though it has still changed drastically since then.

Euthoran Song
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