Starlight Thunderscale

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Starlight Thunderscale
Glowing Night.png
"I'll see you dead."




24 (at SCT); varies




Plated-Stormcloud Firedrake hybrid





Soul Phantasms

Toximpery; Electroimpery


Organization G-X (Alter Timeline only); Euthoran Pantheon


Mimring and Icelake Thunderscale (brothers); Irisidion (father); Shyrden (mother); Kurai Hirasu Thunderscale (son, Alter Timeline only); Alethios (paternal grandsire); Skyking Súndávr (paternal great-grandsire); Skyking Ausurath (bloodline)

"I have no desire to be associated with a bloodline that abandoned me and turned me away. My brother can have the name and all the baggage that comes with it. If I am to make a name for myself, I will do so on my own terms. I will forge my own identity- I refuse to borrow my father's."
— Starlight renouncing his surname in Cult of Ustream: Season Two

Starlight Thunderscale (often referred to as Starly by Ziolang Hirasu; proper Common name Starlit Scales of Lightning (direct translation Light of Star Lightning-Scale; root meaning Luminous Night of Electric Armor); proper Drakine name Irienereí Atirifámi) is a Plated-Stormcloud Firedrake hybrid and the brother of Mimring and Icelake Thunderscale, and the son of Irisidion. Starlight is Fire-Aligned due to species. At Standard Canon Time, he appears in his adolescence.

In the Prime Timeline, Starlight appears in Fyreborne as a deuteragonist. Initially, he appears as a rival to his brother Mimring, as it is common of Stormcloud Firedrakes to fight to the death upon hatching. Although both of the two survive, the resulting death of a mediating Icelake causes Mimring to drive Starlight out of the territory. Later on, the brothers join The Fyrebornes and are forced by Corian Fyreborne to make amends. In the middle of Fyreborne, he is adopted by Jason Shaver through dracoimpery in self-defense. By the epilogue of that plot, he allows himself to become one of Jason's two Familiars. In later Euthoran Song canon plots, he - along with Mimring - has become one of Jason's proxies when the Shapeshifter ascends to godhood.

In the Alter Timeline, Cult of Ustream canon, a starving Starlight is driven to join Organization G-X out of necessity at the end of Season One. As he does not have a hunting partner of his own, he struggles to maintain a sufficient diet. When Lord X-Giga-X offers him assistance in the form of food, he has no choice but to accept the offer, and binds himself to Giga through dracoimpery out of desperation and spite towards his brother. As of the middle of the second season, he has formally renounced and discarded his surname, separating him completely from the Thunderscale lineage.


Bulkier and larger than his brother by nature, Starlight is a dazzling blue-tinged silver color with a rich metallic sheen. He measures slightly longer than Mimring- about 38 feet at Standard Canon Time- with a wingspan to match, though in Cult of Ustream canon he can at times appear smaller due to his near-starvation during the first season. Like others of his species, Starlight's limbs, back, and wings are adorned with thick plates- ten on his back, which end just before the first of his two tail rings. His legs all carry exactly five plates each, while his wings carry five on the arms, four on the outer edge, and three on the next two fingers. The plates on his back and wing fingers display faint blue bands across the vertical middle, as do the tips of the six-point crown that makes up his crest (two points on each eye ridge and two on the central crest).

Starlight's eyes are a piercing, slit-pupiled vermilion. The armored fans on each side of his head flare open when Starlight is angry, displaying lime-green membranes with orange-red splotches on them. His leathery scutes and wing membranes are an icy blue that is almost white, and his hide (including the inside of his mouth) is a pale, red-tinged gray. He has a single chin spike made of bone, although his nostril ridges are also spiked. Uniquely among his species, Starlight's four primary fangs are long, hollow, and able to fold back when his mouth is closed. These fangs fill with venom when Starlight is angry or defensive, and may drip venom without him actually biting anything.

Starlight is able to rise onto his hind legs for short periods of time by using his wings and tail for balance, but has a primarily quadrupedal gait. His hind legs are digitigrade; all four of his paws are three-toed with a dewclaw, but the dewclaw on his forepaws is opposable and can function as a thumb. His forelegs are also armed with long, vaguely lightning-shaped blades for physical combat. His tail's length (over half of his total length) allows it to act as a counterweight in flight, and it is tipped with a smooth, light, and razor-sharp blade. Starlight's head is sleek and aerodynamic, with a beak-like snout and two long, smooth ivory horns.

Advanced Form (Cult of Ustream only)

Burst Mode (Hypos Form)


Cult of Ustream

Starlight is outwardly aggressive and guarded in his appearance in Cult of Ustream canon, but this is perceived to be a result of self-defense. In response to Mimring's efforts to keep him away from Cult of Ustream Headquarters, Starlight has adopted a vaguely apathetic, combative personality to keep himself from even wanting to approach the Cult's headquarters. Starlight is quick to be on the defensive. If one were to make him feel threatened, then it is very likely that he will respond by lashing out at that individual. He is also not one to back down from a challenge, but also does understand when he is outmatched. When Valen Scarletburn and Espira Xirro confronted him in an isolated instance in Season One, he spoke boastfully of his own skills, but ultimately did not engage the two Cultists, knowing that he would be easily outmatched in combat.

In addition, Starlight can be considered prideful. This pride was what drove him to starvation, unable to hunt in the forests of Ustream. He was aware that he would not survive if he continued in this way, and consequently was quick to accept Lord X-Giga-X's offer of food in exchange for him joining Organization G-X. Therefore, Starlight's pride has its limits -- particularly, when his own life is on the line.

Euthoran Song

Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Enhanced Senses:
  • Resistance to Heat:

Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

  • Electroimpery:
  • Toximpery: Starlight's toximpery grants him a high level of resilience towards poisons, toxins, and illnesses, as he is able to take anything he is afflicted or injected with and utilize it in his own venom. In this sense, 'toxins' can be defined as "any substance that would have a toxic effect on his own body." He does not have any venom sacs, as he can simply manipulate the poison inside of himself as opposed to requiring a particular 'storage area' within his anatomy. His anatomy does grant him hollow fangs, with which he can release the toxins. At Standard Canon Time, his power over toxins is limited to an extremely venomous bite and secretions from his claws and tail blade. The poisons he excretes are a potent neurotoxin, able to fry the nerves of its victim. It would be able to send a Terran horse into seizure-like convulsions that would ultimately snap its neck.
Eventually, Starlights toximpery allows him to 'truly' manipulate toxins. He develops a technique to spit poison in a similar manner to a cobra, but mostly it is utilized as a supplement to physical attacks. His "true manipulation" would allow him to essentially hold the life of an envenomed target in his claws; speed up the spread of the toxins, painfully prolong it, or stop it entirely.


  • Current: Starlight's Domain is Current, which is intended to be the more passive mirror to his brother Mimring's Domain of Charge.


Currently, Starlight carries no equipment in either canon.


Starlight shows the same "standoffish" behavior that wild dragons display in order to make himself appear more intimidating, such as flaring his wings and unsheathing his talons. In combat, he launches himself into the fray with his best and most proven tactics at the forefront to immediately try to overcome his adversary. Starlight may attempt to use his fire breath first, but typically he will simply lunge in with his teeth and claws dripping venom. This forces his opponent to react first, which tends to catch them off-guard. Failing this, he grows impatient or agitated, leaving him rather prone to a counterattack from a particularly skilled opponent.

In the event that Starlight begins to lose his ground in combat, he will typically either back down or attempt to escape. If neither is possible, he grows increasingly frantic while looking for an escape route, and fights more recklessly in hopes that he will injure his opponent enough to get away or eventually emerge victorious.

Ultimately his intentions in combat are dependent on who he is fighting, and what exactly prompted the fight. If he was attacked first, Starlight is most likely fighting to survive. If agitated enough or if he is fighting Mimring before they come to an understanding, he will almost certainly be fighting with the intention of killing his opponent. Otherwise, he usually just fights until the enemy concedes defeat.


  • Artificial Solar Wind:
  • Electrolysis:
  • Light Form, Plasma Dragon:
  • Thunder Cage:


Cult of Ustream

Starlight particularly does not keep many, if any, positive relationships. He holds to the idea that, if he works alone, then he will not be affected by anything in the same way he was affected by the death of Icelake. He sets up a facade of indifference towards the Cult of Ustream, so that he is not tempted to venture towards the building. He aligns himself with Lord X-Giga-X and Organization G-X for this same reason. He acts significantly kinder and more cooperative with those he likes, or at least feels those he feels are not hostile towards him. Examples would be Ziolang Hirasu, and more recently, Giga. Although there have been moments and exchanges with some Cultists (such as Valen Scarletburn) with whom he has not been angry or hostile himself.

  • Jason Shaver: Despite the fact that Jason is Mimring's master, Starlight has had relatively few direct run-ins with the Cult of Ustream's leader himself. In fact, as opposed to promoting the rift that has developed between the brothers, Jason typically attempts to have Mimring calm down when the two brothers are fighting. Jason tolerates Starlight's presence, and also tolerated the fact that Starlight was stealing food from the Cult's Headquarters while he was starving. Starlight recognizes Jason's tolerance, and has a vague respect for him as a result. He would never openly express this respect, however, and if asked Starlight would express a degree of vague contempt instead.
  • Lord X-Giga-X: Starlight holds a respectful loyalty to Giga, a result of Giga offering the dragon a way to survive. To this end, Starlight is good-natured towards the man and usually eager to aid where he can, whether by pointing something out, relaying information, or entering combat. Starlight's respect for Giga is such that he is often obedient without dracoimpery forcing it upon him.
  • Mimring Thunderscale: In Cult of Ustream canon, Starlight is entirely antagonistic towards Mimring thus far. Starlight may approach the general vicinity of Cult of Ustream Headquarters only to have Mimring drive him away shortly after. Starlight knows of his brother's territorial nature and is more than willing to toe the line as closely as possible. Starlight regards Mimring with deep contempt for his willingness to be "nothing more than a pet", with jealousy for his more advantageous situation, and with a lingering hatred stemming from their hatchling days. Of particular note, Mimring has always blamed Starlight for Icelake's death. Starlight has heard this so many times over the course of his life that he himself believes it, although neither of the two know for certain which brother dealt the fatal strike.
  • Ziolang Hirasu: Starlight is somewhat good-natured when it comes to the Demon, relative to how he treats other people (and especially members of the Cult). He barely acknowledges this fact, and even though he could be considered 'close' with Ziolang, Starlight quite enjoys irritating and tormenting him. This irritation is not done in a particularly malignant or antagonistic manner, however. Prior to Ziolang leaving Euthora to return to Deveron, he had been training Starlight as part of a deal. During this "training," Starlight had been wondering why he even bothered staying in Ustream. Regardless, he managed to stick around.

Euthoran Song


Early Life

Starlight was born to Irisidion and his mate, Shyrden.


Timeline Split

Cult of Ustream

Euthoran Song



  • Outside of very specific species like Adamantine Firedrakes and Ancestral Dragons, predominantly silver dragons are extremely rare. Dragons like Starlight get their color because they do not produce the pigments that would dye their scales- what one sees is the color of the Mythril itself.
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