Aravera Calpurnia

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Aravera Calpurnia
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Soul Phantasms



The Sealbreakers; The Soulseeker


Presumed dead.

"I believe humans have a saying-- a deal with the devil?"
— Aravera, on her relationship with the Soulseeker.

Aravera Calpurnia is a Malice-using Ereva originally from Rinul, having hidden away during the world's destruction. She was later found by a Karasito calling himself the Soulseeker. The Soulseeker assisted Aravera's escape from Rinul and promised her vengeance in exchange for her aid in his own mission and her soul.


Standing at about six feet tall, Aravera is of relatively typical build for an Ereva. She possesses naturally white hair decorated with either green, blue, or red beads depending on her mood. While her cold yellow eyes do not usually betray emotion, her ears and tail are fairly expressive. Her features are predominately vulpine, her tail being almost as long as she is tall.

Aravera has a slender, athletic build with long limbs, making her a decent runner.

In Soulless Mode, her eyes turn red with black sclera and her clothing seems to take on a slightly more macabre appearance. She and her weapons both give off a glinting red aura of Malice.


Aravera has a serious, reticent personality and can be easy to annoy. While she shows genuine affection for those close to her, these people are dead or imprisoned and thus Aravera's only real company is her employer and the Sealbreakers most of the time.

Though it is not often displayed, she harbors a deep-rooted guilt for not attempting to aid her friends and family during Rinul's destruction, and sees herself as a coward because of it. It is this guilt that allowed the Soulseeker to gain her cooperation, by offering redemption rather than simply vengeance. In a similar vein, Aravera has grown convinced that Mana is too weak of an Aether to be of use to her in her goal, and has turned to the Soulseeker's aid in converting herself into a Malice-user.

In battle, Aravera is cold and ruthless, killing quickly and without mercy unless told by the Soulseeker to retreat. Waiting on his orders to both engage and leave a target, she can often appear to have the air of a soldier when she is at the most basic of explanations a mercenary.

Skills and Abilities


Aravera's magic is entirely Malice-based, rather than Mana.

Inherent Abilities

Learned Skills


Soul Phantasms

Aravera has no active Soul Phantasms.


Aravera's Domain is currently dormant.



Aravera is proficient in most types of light weaponry, but tends to prefer using kunai and a kusarigama. While she can use heavier weapons such as halberds and broadswords, she does not enjoy wielding them, finding such weapons to be cumbersome and more difficult to maneuver with. As she magically creates her own weaponry, this results in it being extremely rare to see her fighting with large weapons.

Kunai are used to intercept or surprise opponents from afar, though she may use a longbow or crossbow if the nature of her opponent forces her into ranged combat. In general, she prefers to fight her enemy in close quarters, often dual-wielding her kusarigama and a saber in the off hand. Aravera prefers interception over evasion, and is skilled at parrying and deflecting blows or using the chain of her kusarigama to catch the opponent's weapon arm.


  • Soulless Mode: Should Aravera not kill for the Soulseeker after a certain period of time, she goes through a dramatic change in appearance and augmentation of combat-relevant capabilities. Unofficially dubbed her Soulless Mode, this state involves an aura of Malice surrounding her as well as creation of weaponry by pulling them from within her own body. Aravera is notably more direct and aggressive when fighting in this state- it marks her as being on a timer; she is forced to kill something or someone and allow Soulseeker to retrieve the soul or else she will die.





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