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Biologically 16 (Current Cult of Ustream point)




Euthoran Shapeshifter, Clone




Soul Phantasms



Aegis Ruska (creator)


Erahvs is a clone of the Shapeshifter Jason Shaver, created by the Durasken scientist Aegis Ruska. He was a recurring character in the Cult of Ustream canon's first season until he was killed by his original near the end of the season. He was resurrected in the following season in an amnesiac state, allowing him to be manipulated by the Pyrespine Helix.

Because Aegis lacks access to Jason's DNA in the Prime Timeline, Erahvs is a character exclusive to the Alter Timeline.


Human Form

Initially, Erahvs was similar in appearance to Jason. He was somewhat lanky, with a pale complexion. He had fairly long, unkempt jet black hair, and a pair of emerald eyes. He initially wore the same clothes as Jason: a black T-shirt and black jeans. By the time he reappeared at Cult Headquarters, his attire changed to a white T-shirt and green jeans. He lacked the pentagram necklace Jason is typically seen with.

After being resurrected by Helix, his appearance drastically changed. His jet black became pure white, and his emerald eyes became red. This change resulted in him gaining a coloration similar to that of Zane Sekouta. While working under Helix following his resurrection, he wore gold-colored armor, covering most of his body to conceal his identity.

Other Forms

All of Erahvs' animal forms were black with green eyes. After his resurrection, the coloration of these forms changed to white with red eyes. In both cases, the coloration would occur even if it would typically be impossible in nature for a particular form.


Erahvs is considerably more relaxed than Jason, and a bit more social. Unlike most Durasken Shapeshifters, he lacks a hatred toward humans and artificial beings, the latter being a result of him being one. In addition, he is not as claustrophobic as Jason, although it still can be a problem for him, which is likely one of the reasons why he attempts to flee from Aegis' lab.

While in his amnesiac state, he became more persistent as he went through with his tasks given to him by Helix. He also displayed his rather unjustified loyalty for his "master", having been told that he was alive thanks to him.

Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

Despite being a Shapeshifter like Jason, he is not as skilled in this ability as Jason is. He shares some of Jason's forms, including his Darkwing Firedrake form. However, he has yet to display the potential to enter any feral forms. But as a Shapeshifter, Erahvs's senses are incredibly acute, especially his hearing, sense of smell, and low-light vision. These are often twice the strength or more than is normal for the particular form he is in. He also has augmented reflexes and agility, the latter being the result of adrenaline-like chemical Asyentine produced by his body.

Learned Skills


Soul Phantasms

  • Achlmpathy
  • Phantasmal Duplication: An ability gained from Helix, Erahvs is seemingly able to copy the powers of his target and add them to his own. This ability seems to penetrate the target's body and come in direct contact with their soul in order to accomplish this, and seems to knock out the target as a result. Whether not this works on targets other than dragons- whom he was instructed to use this on- or whether or not this or any powers gained through this are permanent are unknown. The following powers were gained through usage of this:
    • Achlympery
    • Aeroimpery
    • Photoimpery
    • Pyroimpery
    • Toximpery



  • Collapsible Longbow: A metallic, collapsible longbow created by Lord X-Giga-X's clone, Xibu Uif G.



Cult of Ustream

  • Jason Shaver:

Organization G-X