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Lord X-Giga-X
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Giga, Gammas Moorn


16-20/21 (range during SCT); 18 (conclusion of Organization G-X); 19 (Current Cult of Ustream point)









Soul Phantasms

Achlympery, Dracoimpery, Psychokinesis


Organization G-X (leader), Cult of Ustream (former second-in-command, Alter Timeline only)


Mephez Moorn (grandfather), Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X (father), Separime Aelercath (mother), Gojiken Moorn (younger brother)

"I've always found the concept of peace to be nonexistent. What truly exists... is varying degrees of chaos. And there's nothing anyone can do to change it, no matter how hard we try. And whenever we do, we suffer an eventual backlash."
— Lord X-Giga-X to Shadow Version 27 during his defection from the Cult of Ustream

Lord X-Giga-X (pronounced Lord 2-X Giga; typically referred to as Giga; real name Gammas Moorn) is a Terran human, born as a son to the Rokain achlymperist Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X and Euthoran dracoimperist Separime Aelercath. He is an achlymperist and dracoimperist himself, having the Armored Wyvern Grodisflare as his Familiar. He is the leader of the group Organization G-X. He is the current along the section of his lineage known as Descent of Magnus, being a host for the Rokain demigod Elevix Magnus. He is the protagonist of Organization G-X.

In the Prime Timeline, he plays a major role to plots in the Infinitum Rokans canon succeeding Organization G-X. In Organization G-X II, he reforges Organization G-X in order to resolve his conflicts with an old enemy on Terra, freeing his captive friends in the process. He soon relocates to Euthora, where he further expands Organization G-X, resolves his conflict with his younger brother, Gojiken Moorn, and harmonizes with Magnus. He eventually learns of the true fate of Infinic Juptois, and with the allies he accumulated, opposes the Legion of Juptois in an attempt to stop them from freeing the Hitoyugure trapped within Core Crevice.

In the Alter Timeline, he is part of the Cult of Ustream canon. Following the events of Organization G-X, he and Grodisflare are sent from Terra to Ustream, Euthora as the result of improbable interference during an attempted teleportation. He became second-in-command of the Cult of Ustream while at the same time running Organization G-X as a faction within the group. He frequently assisted the Cult in their conflicts against enemies such as Drake Kuro, Black Assassin, and The Sealbreakers. After approximately a year of being on Euthora, he defected from the Cult.


Lord X-Giga-X is somewhat muscular, and is 6'2" in height at the start of Standard Canon Time. His light skin is typically covered by a layer of Dark Mana, giving it a bluish-gray color. He has spiky dark green hair that reaches the base of his neck and has three thick fringes hanging over his forehead, two next to his eyes and a third in the middle. He maintains this hairstyle until late Standard Canon Time, and allows it to eventually reach mid-back length and become unkempt by the end of the timeframe. His right eye is red and his left eye is blue, although while appearing to be the result of heterochromia, it is not actually the case. Immediately below his eyes are two dark green, triangular markings.

During most of Organization G-X, he wore a sleeveless purple shirt bearing the Mark of Trajodeas. This shirt covered up a dark gray, striped long-sleeve turtleneck. His pants were also gray and striped, and appear to be ripped at the bottom. He also wore a dark brown belt holster around his waist, which he used to carry his death ray. On both hands, he wore black, fingerless gloves with holes in the back. He wore iron boots on his feet. The most noticeable part of his outfit was his black cape. Occasionally, Lord X-Giga-X would allow his cape to fall into bad condition, usually being excessively torn or having huge holes in it. And occasionally, he wouldn't be wearing one at all. This usually occurs after he burns a cape in respect for each of his fallen team members. In Cult of Ustream canon, he wore this attire until his last encounter with Jason Shaver in the first season.

His attire changed prior to the start of Organization G-X II. He wore a black and purple coat that extends down to his knees, and had a purple Mark of Trajodeas on the back of it. Over this, he wore his black cape. His purple shirt was replaced by a black vest with a dark purple Mark of Trajodeas visible on the front of it. His gray striped turtleneck and pants were replaced with similar ones of darker shades. His gloves were replaced by a pair of black leather gauntlets. His iron boots were replaced with black leather boots. In Cult of Ustream canon, he changed to this attire at some point between his last encounter with Jason Shaver in the first season and the beginning of its second season. This is his current attire within the canon.

Shokule Take Over

As a result of a Shokule entering his body at the same time he gained the soul of Elevix Magnus, he occasionally is taken over by the creature when his anger is pushed past a certain point, forcing him to take its reptilian form. In this state, he forgoes his usual bluish-gray for pitch-black. His eyes become considerably larger, but keep their usual colors, which fill the entire eyes. He loses his nose, but gains a considerably large jaw with sharper teeth and larger canines. The triangular markings below his eyes extend further down and eventually curve toward his tail. A violet, slightly distorted version of the Mark of Trajodeas rests on his midsection.


Lord X-Giga-X is typically a serious person, tending not to take nonsense from people he associate with or focusing on a task he deems worthy of his interest. At other times however, he can be seen as rather arrogant. His arrogance can typically be seen when he is taking pride in his own successes, or when he views certain people as inferior to him. Despite this, he often admits to his own follies (albeit somewhat reluctantly). He has a sinister side to him, which is especially prominent in Cult of Ustream canon, during which he remorselessly plotted and executed Stormshaper's death, Zephyrus' kidnapping, and Mimring's injury which rendered the Plated Firedrake unable to fly. He is frequently quick to anger, typically as a result of being antagonized or dealing with idiocy of any kind. This is generally a problem when he is pushed too far, as it occasionally allows the Shokule within him to seize control of him. He also has an almost racist hatred of Sky Serpents stemming from several negative encounters with individuals of the species, including the death of his own mother by an individual of the species.

Skills and Abilities


  • Adversity Network: In Cult of Ustream canon, Lord X-Giga-X displayed use of this technique, setting it up across all of Ustream. As a result of this, he is able to locate achlymperists within Ustream. Their locations are represented by smaller Marks of Trajodeas either on the palm of his hand, or in the air above his hand. It is unknown if whether or not this is the only function of Adversity Network.
  • Healing: On few occasions, Lord X-Giga-X has shown capabilities of some form of healing magic, being able to heal his own injuries to some extent. The true extent of this is unknown.
  • Tragedy Lock: Lord X-Giga-X manifests a Mark of Trajodeas with sealing properties either on the palm of his hand or the air in front of him. He then implants the mark on a target. The purpose of this technique is to render the target unable to manipulate darkness and Dark Mana until the seal is removed by someone capable of performing this technique. In Cult of Ustream canon, this technique has been used on Darkside, Deathstorm, and Zephyrus. Darkside was freed from this through unknown means, and Deathstorm was eventually freed from it by Lord X-Giga-X himself. Zephyrus, however, currently remains under the effect of this.

Inherent Abilities

Lord X-Giga-X is capable of seeing in extremely low levels of light. It is an ability he's gained from inheritance and has constantly used to his advantage.

Learned Skills

At differing points between the Prime and Alter Timelines, Lord X-Giga-X begins to learn Drakine from his dragons. He is soon able to translate between Drakine and his own language. However, because he is a human, he typically has trouble actually speaking the language.

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

  • Achlympery: Lord X-Giga-X's primary Soul Phantasm is the ability to manipulate darkness and Dark Mana.
  • Dracoimpery: Lord X-Giga-X has had the ability to control dragons since birth, having inherited this psychic ability from his mother. Initially, he is completely unaware of this ability despite using it on Grodisflare on Terra during the events of Organization G-X. However, after becoming aware of it, he uses it primarily to seize control of dragons for the purpose of adding new members to his group. His usage of this power differs between the two timelines, although in both, Grodisflare eventually becomes his Familiar.
    • In the Prime Timeline, he is truly informed of this ability by his father during the gap between Organization G-X and Organization G-X II. In addition to Grodisflare, he uses this ability on Netá'roul, Izexn, and two other dragons.
    • In the Alter Timeline, he remains unaware of this ability until some time after he appeared in Ustream. He once again uses this ability on Netá'roul and Izexn, in addition to Deathstorm, Meteor Dexus, and Starlight Thunderscale.
  • Psychokinesis: In both timelines, Lord X-Giga-X seemingly gains this ability through his link with Grodisflare.


  • Darkness


  • Gamma-X Ray: Tucked away within the belt holder is Lord X-Giga-X's most prized weapon, a black, metallic gun capable of firing off compact bursts of gamma radiation. Because of this, the Gamma-X Ray is a potentially lethal weapon, but if the victim survives an attack from this, they usually end up suffering from radiation sickness.


Signature Techniques

  • Pernicious Yamis:
    • Dark Supernova: Lord X-Giga-X uses Dark Mana to replicate the explosive force of a supernova. He initiates this technique by creating a gigantic sphere of Dark Mana in an adjacent point, either by firing a barrage of Dark Mana small bursts into a single point where they combine into a single sphere or by creating one single sphere and expanding it. Either process continues until the sphere explodes either on its own or in response to him triggering it. This results in an explosion of Dark Mana, typically simultaneous to a rain of Dark Mana bursts.
    • Dark Frame
    • Apocalysm


Prime Timeline

Organization G-X

Mega's Army


Alter Timeline

Organization G-X

Cult of Ustream

  • Alexander "CrazE" Knight: Lord X-Giga-X typically saw CrazE as an overall nuisance as a result of the childish personality the Terran consistently displayed. Although typically wanting little to do with him, he occasionally found himself aiding CrazE in instances such as removing Darkside from his mind and the final battle against the Black Assassin. He found the news of CrazE's death humorous, and did not make an appearance at his funeral the following day.
  • Deathstorm: After having accidentally bonded with the Shadow Drake, Lord X-Giga-X brought Deathstorm into Organization G-X based off of his potential. Out of all the members of the group, Deathstorm the one he has treated the most harshly. He attempted to keep his grip on Deathstorm a bit longer after learning of Jason's plans to take the Shadow Drake, but ultimately failed. Despite this, he acknowledges the Shadow Drake's role in the ongoing attempt to protect the remaining seals of Ustream.
  • Jason Shaver: The Shapeshifter Jason Shaver was one of the first people Lord X-Giga-X met after being Euthora. After a mildly violent first meeting, the two seemed to have eventually developed a friendship of sorts. However, as time passed, the two had frequent arguments, either over Lord X-Giga-X's scientific methods or his treatment of Deathstorm. Their friendship deteriorated over the latter issue, and was eventually terminated after Lord X-Giga-X had killed Stormshaper, leading to his defection from the Cult. Lord X-Giga-X is now seen as an enemy of Jason Shaver.
  • Pricilla Starkey:
  • Shadow Version 27:

Mega's Army

Station of Seotara

The Sealbreakers



Pre-Organization G-X

The human originally known as Gammas Moorn was born on Terra, being the first son to the achlymperist Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X and dracoimperist Separime Aelercath. His younger brother, Gojiken Moorn, was born ten months later. The two were raised within a remote valley on Terra.

Days after the two brothers had reached the age of five, Gammas followed his younger brother on an investigation regarding the disappearance of much of their father's supply of Gyakunite. Their investigation soon lead them to an abandoned warehouse, which had become the base of a group of smugglers. Following his brother into the warehouse, the two proceeded to fight off the smugglers. They soon discovered the smugglers were actually Sky Serpents, the leader of the group identifying himself as Larzmey. Gammas and Gojiken proved to be no match for the Sky Serpent. Gammas soon witnessed his younger brother become severely wounded and incapacitated by Larzmey, becoming horrified at the thought of being killed by the Sky Serpent. This fear soon vanished upon Separime's arrival to the scene. However, this fear soon reappeared as his mother had then offered her own life in exchange for her sons' safety. Unable to move from the injuries he had sustained, he could only watch as Larzmey then impaled Separime, killing her in the process. Gammas was then left to mourn the loss of his mother.

Two years following this, Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X forcibly trained Gammas and Gojiken for the next seven years to hone their achlympery. Upon reaching the age of ten, Gammas and Gojiken were informed that their training would eventually lead to them fighting each other to see who would become the Lord X-Giga-X. The two brothers attempted to persuade their father against the idea, not wanting to fight each other. However, when provided the option of fighting their own father instead, they reluctantly agreed to fight each other upon both reaching the age of fourteen. Soon after Gammas had reached the age of fourteen, Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X had taught both brothers how to use Tragedy Lock. Both of them were then ordered not to use Tragedy Lock against each other in their eventual fight.

Ten days after Gojiken had reached age fourteen, Gammas faced his younger brother in combat. A long and difficult battle ensued from which Gammas emerged the victor, earning him the title Lord X-Giga-X. Two days later, Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X passed onto Lord X-Giga-X the core of Elevix Magnus' soul. However, unbeknownst to the two at the time, a Shokule had latched on Magnus' soul. As a result, the Shokule has transferred from Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X to Lord X-Giga-X.

Organization G-X

Main Article: Organization G-X (Plot)

Prime Timeline

Organization G-X II

Alter Timeline

Cult of Ustream

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Season One
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Season Two
Main Article: Cult of Ustream (Canon)/Season Two


  • "Why, you ask? It's quite simple, kid. I do what it takes to ensure the survival of my interests. Because I can." - Lord X-Giga-X to Shadow Version 27 during his defection from the Cult of Ustream
  • "Me? I am Lord X-Giga-X. I'm a guy that does whatever the hell he wants... I'm also a guy you don't want to push. And by targeting one of the members of Organization G-X, and potentially targeting another, you've already succeeded at that. And I have no intention of allowing you to use my best friend's powers for your own plans. So yeah, not only will I stop the two of you... I'm going to make sure there's nothing left of the two of you to take to your graves." - Lord X-Giga-X, threatening a mystery "Knight" who defeated Starlight Thunderscale in Cult of Ustream's second season


  • Lord X-Giga-X is one of few characters who were born on a planet from which neither of their parents originated. In his case, he was born on Terra, but his father originated from Rokans, while his mother originated from Euthora.
  • Lord X-Giga-X would be classified as Pure-Anko by Rokans' Dual-Elemental Classification System had he been born on Rokans. This would be unchanged by a power he would eventually gain through his link with Grodisflare.

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