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Darkside is a being purely made of darkness-elemental Mana. Darkside originated in Deimos' Abyss as a quasi-sapient form turned independently sapient [clarify]. He escaped from his creator, Deimos, by concealing himself within Alexander "CrazE" Knight's body, masking his presence and throwing Deimos off of his trail.

In the Alter Timeline, Darkside appears as a temporary antagonist in Cult of Ustream canon. He received his name for the way he interacted with the Cult while within CrazE's body. He had a demonstrable effect on the mannerisms of the human Cultist, and with increasing frequency would interrupt the otherwise cheerful CrazE with uncharacteristic outbursts of rage. Darkside was forced to remain in hiding within CrazE up until Lord X-Giga-X discovered the presence of darkness within him, expunging Darkside from CrazE's body and splitting the two into separate entities. After seeking to overthrow the Cult as a means of distraction for the Abyss, he eventually failed in the attempt and was held captive by a magic containment cell. After which, the Abyss did find him and stole him, along with Darius, Valerie Knight and CrazE. After said events with Deimos, Darkside returned to Euthora without clear purpose and as a completely free individual.


Darkside has no set physical attributes. He interacts with the world in mainly a human form and defines this form with mixed features of both Deimos and CrazE (both for what impressions have been absorbed by Darkside's fresh sapient conscience) along with a few features given him from the depths of Deimos' subconscious network. He has long hair much like Deimos, a young face with sharp features and human-like eyes with bright red corneas. He keeps the obligatory outfit that was part of his form when he was created by Deimos, which consists of: a Terra-esque trench coat spanning almost the length of his body (stopping at the ankle and a collar able to hide most of his face); undefinable abdominal wear (although akin to Terran trousers) with undefinable footwear akin to Terran boots; and an undefinable shirt or garb underneath the trench coat. All features of Darkside are black or a dark grey as viewed physically due to the composition of his elementalized mana form.


Darkside's personality initially is that of hatred, an emotion given to him by his creator as a function of Deimos' subconscious network. His existence was an extension of Deimos' need to push memories and emotions outward in an ever-expanding exile from his main conscience; as such, Darkside has acquired hatred, among other main emotions, as a foundation to his life. However, while interacting with CrazE, Darkside had had impressions of the Knight's emotions and memories absorbed that created a conflict of identity for the dark entity. This change of heart has lead him to seek out more on what he seeks to mold of himself rather than what has been impressed on him influence his existence (this decision was especially founded in him after Deimos' defeat by the late Knight).

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Soul Phantasms

  • Achlympery: Darkside's main ability surrounds his entirety- his control of the elementalized Mana he is made of. Darkside can take different shapes, sizes, forms, attributes and complexities determined by the amount and control he grasps on the energy at his command. Darkside has yet to show whether he can activate other functions of the Mana itself, such as performing magic.



Darkside has no current possessions or items of value, except for a runestone he retrieved from the site of Deimos' demise. The runestone is one of Absorption that mimics the gravitational force of a small black hole, which was used to absorb Deimos' Abyss and seal him up within. Darkside seeks to tamper with the runestone by means of accessing the power that Deimos had for his own benefit.


Darkside has not shown any set means of combat except with the battle with the Cult, by which he interacted with some energy within the Cultist Espira Xirro that caused a drastic reaction to his being. The resulting action caused him to grow and shape into an off-world, unknown creature of large size to defeat the Cult. Other than that, Darkside has yet to show any combat specific to his human form or any general strategy.





Meeting the Cult of Ustream

Darkside's method of escaping from Deimos, his creator, included hiding within the body of CrazE (Alexander) as a means of masking his own presence and preventing further chase. However, because of the looming presence of the Abyss having traveled into that part of the solar system, Darkside's means of remaining incognito had to be within CrazE's body. As such, his interaction included direct possession up until Lord X-Giga-X caught wind of the properties controlling CrazE's behavior. After eventually confronting the possessed Knight and probing the elementalized aether within, Darkside was forced out of his incognito disguise.



  • It is currently unknown what Darkside considers his own name to be. He identifies with the moniker that was bestowed upon him by the Cult, since he appeared to act as Alexander Knight's "dark side" for a time.
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