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Emma Isokoski
Emma Isokoski.jpg
Emma with Murgs Nelaime


Em (By Three), Buniq, Four, Teacup (By Hisao), Ven-Gaangalut [Nameless Four]


22 (Standard Canon Time), 42 (Night Kaleidoscope: The Enigma Girl [Mention])




Vampire (Borghild/Isokoski combined lines)





Soul Phantasms

Hematoimpery, [TBA]


Cult of Ustream, Sadistica Seins(Formerly), Scarlet Mercenary Company (Dissonant Rhapsody), [REDACTED]


Edvard Isokoski (Father, deceased), Celine Borghild-Isokoski (Mother, deceased),Tarma Borghild (Older brother, deceased) Henri Borghild (Brother)

"Demon or not, you will know the boundaries of humiliation."
— Emma to Ziolang before having A Bad Time

Emma Isokoski (also known by her codename, Codename Four Indigo or simply Four, later known as Emma Susumu)is a human vampire huntress and a notable member in groups such as the Sadistica Seins, Scarlet Mercenary Company, Cult of Ustream, and The Legion. As a direct heir to the Isokoski-line of vampires, Emma is knowledgeable in many sub-skills of blood manipulation and curses, akin to her father, Edvard Isokoski. Though her amnesia keeps most of those techniques locked away, she still remembers enough to be considered a formidable ally or enemy. [...] In both timelines, Emma often struggles with maintaining and accepting her half of "humanity", which limits her abilities considerably.

In Dissonant Rhapsody, she is one of the founding members of the Scarlet Mercenary Group but is one of the few members who rarely kill. She is a central character to the plot Bloodline Purity.

In Cult of Ustream canon, Emma is a regular member who joins the Cult of Ustream early on in Season One. She appears with her fellow companymen of the Sadistica Seins in an attempted raid on the Cult of Ustream (notably Valen Scarletburn, who later joined the Cult alongside her). She acts as a bodyguard and mentor to Stefani Roseasilmillään.


Emma is rather short with a pale complexion and a fairly healthy body frame that grants her speed and power equally during battle. Her hair is long and slightly unruly with a black coloring but can take up very pale dirty-pink highlights when she is at her full potential and when her innate ability, Infestation Blood, is active. Emma wears a thin flowing black blouse with metallic pins on the endings that is cut from her right shoulder, giving way to a white sleeveless turtleneck. Over her black blouse hangs a bit of black armor on her left shoulder. Part of the armor reveals contained streams of crimson flowing from her chest up. The same can be said with her black left-arm gauntlet and elbow piece on her right. She wears matching gloves on both hands made of a protective material purposely crafted to a certain style in order to protect herself from accidentally getting cut by her own blade, Degviela. Finally, Emma wears high top black boots with metallic circuits going down it's surface in which the material matches some decorative hairpins on her hair.


Growing up in the deepest end of the polar south, Emma has assimilated the quiet yet dangerous environment around her and shaped her own personality from it in order to survive.

Cult of Ustream

Emma initially appears to be rather afraid of assert her presence among others, preferring to keep herself "under the radar" and as far away from troubling verbal or emotional conflict as possible. She is rather focused yet at the same time that trait always works against her during battle and even during everyday interactions. The huntress often misses details outside her sphere of what she considers to be "important stimuli", therefore loses track of what goes on around her like social cues and in battle, some attacks. Emma can be considered to be a little too polite with people, most notably she would not speak her mind around her superiors out of respect or stick around with others if she was not invited. Good as she may intend to be, this leaves her out of many things a lot. She is, however, very battle-minded and will not think twice before attacking enemies.

Emma is also quite anxious and constantly uneasy. Though this are an evolutionary trait passed down by her Borghild Vampiric Line for combat purposes.

If provoked, Emma's darker side emerges. Sadism, for one, is a trait she herself cannot control when she takes down somebody she does not like. Her sadistic "other side" is almost devoid of any other feeling other than a sense of exhilaration and entertainment.

Dissonant Rhapsody

[To be played out]

Skills and Abilities


  • Curses and Hexes: The Malkar line of magic extends greatly into the realm of curses and hexes. Powerful fate-altering magic is passively used by Emma during combat as a way to slowly knock down an enemy's offensive line of attacks in order to then exploit weaknesses. Emma's hexes range from causing malfunctions in semi-autonomous weapons, such as Oikeus's metallic tendrils during the last battle of the Corrupted Edge of Justice arc, to causing more personal ranges of inflictions. Her hexes grow stronger when it is cast on a person who has caused her or anyone any harm. With Emma's latter hexes, she can impose her will on unwilling subjects, crossing to the realm of unethical magical practices.

Her curses are much more powerful, personal, and longer lasting. Seemingly used on subjects she is more familiar with and focusing on causing the most damage to their mind, body, and soul. Curses in her arsenal of techniques have had no observable limitations, therefore her potential in these types of spells are broad and dangerous.

Inherent Abilities

Normally with Syemsumoii vampires, a vampire will only inherit one innate ability from one parent, namely the father. In Emma's case she is a rare exception as she inherits from both parents the abilities of both the Isokoski and Borghild line of vampiric blood abilities.

  • "Infernal Blood": Emma's blood is characterized as incredibly hot and potent in boosting raw attack power and physical prowess. Containing bits of Mana and a higher level of epinephrine, when the subject is threatened, angered, or scared, the blood becomes overly responsive to the higher chemical releases the body has and therefore bolsters physical strength to monstrous degrees. This blood is magically set to make sure it’s host is at pique physical condition during battle and designed to be dangerous when spelt. Infernal Blood will often times be unpredictable, strong, and catastrophic. Vampires with this ability are granted a special physical trait that protects their body from the effects of this type of blood. Without that, their blood would burn through a majority of their inner being with ease. The heat of the blood when the subject is agitated or hurt can melt through materials at times. Emma’s own body has produced a sub-ability branching from this called Biochemical/Hemoexplosive Fluid. Though the name suggests it is only limited to blood, it has extended it’s explosive characteristics to all her body fluids and will only become fully active by her word of command. Because of Infernal Blood, this is why Emma has normal to high body heat unlike others of her kind and father, who emits little to no body heat.

  • Kosuosiikuoeigel: [/placeholder]

Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

  • Hematoimpery: As all her kin, she is known to be proficient in the art of manipulating blood. She works best with liquid blood but has trouble with converting it into different states at times. Her dominion over blood has an extended use thanks to her blood abilities, thus taking on a slightly different route of manipulation and use in-battle.


  • Malediction: Emma's domain relates to curses and the easy ability to extract the evil or darkness of everything. This manifests in most of her natural abilities to be skewed into what could be considered to be "cursed" versions, such as her Hemoexplosive blood or her connection with the Murgs Degviela.


Cult of Ustream

  • Murgs Degviela:

Bloodline Purity

  • Murgs Nelaime:


Combat wise Emma is considered to be very versatile and quick witted. During most of her battles in Cult of Ustream she has shown to be very flexible in both body and skill with her rapier. As an archer, Emma has shown to have near-perfect aim and all around control of her bow even when she is engaged in rapid movement. When fighting an enemy, she tends to try to keep a safe distance from them, at least a sword's length of distance. However if she needs to, Emma is fully capable of hand to hand combat if situations call for it. Her monstrous strength, boosted by her Infernal Blood ability, and agility make her a very formidable opponent.


  • Infestation Edge: The Infestation Edge technique stems from her secondary blood ability of Infestation Blood or "Conquest Blood". By taking advantage of it's nature of assimilating liquids as it's own, Emma uses it to spawn cursed blades fixed with "taint" and tracking arrows from the victim's spilled blood, wherever it may be. The technique is designed to capitalize on high damage and blood assimilation, using the immense damage made by the spawning weaponry to call upon more of the victim's blood, which in turn, will spawn more of the weaponry. Thus, if done correctly, can result in a long lasting cycle.

The only difference between this and her father's variant is that hers is only limited to spilled blood. Whereas her father's works under any liquid so long as his blood has made contact with it and can work within a victim if it has infested it's body.

  • Unpredictability: [placeholder]


Cult of Ustream

Dissonant Rhapsody


Early Life



Timeline Split

Bloodline Purity

[Night Prowler]


  • "Demon or not, you will know the boundaries of humiliation." - Emma, in a declaration of challenge to Ziolang.
  • "So...how does that feel?" "..." "...An excellent response." -Emma in her challenge to Ziolang
  • "This is what you call "weakness". Mercy? Nobody will hesitate to cut you down if they had the chance. You are only alive because of You."- E-Emma..? Thinking to herself..?
  • "...Quite the vexation. I want to show...mercy to the romantic interest that cares so little about me..?"
  • "Now...why would I want to do that?" -Emma to Dark when the latter asked her to stop.
  • "...This is the form one takes....when you realize the one you were fighting for is no longer an existing-- no longer a respectable, admirable, loved person."- Emma to Ziolang at the conclusion of their battle.
  • "Why fight? When someone wishes to survive, fighting for a chance is natural, am I right? It's the only thing I know best....the only thing I remember...the only thing that keeps me alive." - Emma during her intro, Cult of Ustream Season 1.
  • "I questioned it more than once...but they always told me I belonged there....promised a new life, an identity. Some chance, I guess, to be part of something grand. My leader was going to be the Empress of a great Imperial power. She promised me a place in the cabinet of leaders. I don't know why I wanted that.It's hard to explain it in words, but I had this burning passion to change something. After all, what did I have to lose? I didn't know what else to do...what my name truly held...and what destiny I had to fulfill..." -Emma during her intro, Cult of Ustream Season 1. [Modified to fit past retconning.]

Post SCT

  • "I know it's hard for you. You're quite frankly one of the normal ones. What the people say or accuse you of are their insecurities. I better than anyone know how it feels. I want this fiasco to end. My son cleared of wrongdoing. For the aberrations to leave this world alone, for their supposed god to die. However, it's unfair that Jasumi pushed you in a position where you weren't comfortable. A position to which the entirety of Humanity's problems were on your shoulders. If it were up to me, I'd actively hunt down that god." -Emma to her Daughter-in-Law in Night Kaleidoscope: The Enigma Girl.
  • "Being grounded does wonders to one's mind and resolve. Find something to give you strength and you'll get through this."


  • Emma is dexterous
  • Emma's love for bunnies is a heavy reference to the anime "Kantai Collection"; specifically where Secretary Ship Nagato encounters a squirrel in the baths and proceeds to cuddle it madly.
  • Her luck in inheriting two blood abilities represent her two desires. Her Infernal Blood, the main blood ability that affects her physical being the most represents her inner strength and "fire" within her heart. Whereas her Infestation Blood ability is her hidden desire to hold power.
  • Emma is proficient in weapon making.
  • According to her health records, and even hinted in Chapter 8 of Strange Chemistry [Night Kaleidoscope], Emma's full name is Emma Arilene Isokoski
    • In relation to her name, Emma is short for "Emmana", which in Laidaer means "Space" or "Cosmos". Arilene roughly means "Absent breath." Therefore, Emma's name means "To take the breath from the cosmos."