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Klaus Nortigren








Vampire (Sigurðsson line)




Degeneration (Temporary)

Soul Phantasms

Toximpery, Hematoimpery (limited)


Sadistica Seins (formerly), Scarlet Mercenary Company (Dissonant Rhapsody), [REDACTED]


Estranged parents (unknown), [REDACTED], Nastasha Nortigren (Adopted Daughter, Alter timeline only)

"I won. You lost. Nice game! I had... fun."
— Klaus taunting Jason Shaver in Cult of Ustream: Season One, having defeated him in combat

Klaus Nortigren (also known by his codename, Codename Three) is a Syelsumoii Vampire. He is the only presently-known Vampire to be associated with the blood ability of the Sigurðsson lineage of Vampires: Degenerate Blood. Klaus is a core member of the Scarlet Mercenary Company and the third in rank within the Sadistica Seins. Although he is a Vampire, Klaus's Domain pertains more to toxins.

In the Prime Timeline, Klaus becomes involved with the events of the Dissonant Rhapsody canon. He accompanies his girlfriend Emma Isokoski and their group, the Scarlet Mercenary Company, as their official archer and toxin specialist, gaining the nickname of the "Unpredictable Archer". Other groups he joins include The Legion, where he shares the title of "Three" with a Sadistic Seven member from another planet Ferona: Mirah Numidius.

In the Alter Timeline, Klaus makes a brief appearance during the events of Cult of Ustream: Season One. He appears as a cameo during a raid on Cult of Ustream Headquarters alongside his fellow Sadistica Seins companymen. Klaus engages the Cult's leader, Jason Shaver, and emerges victorious before being decapitated by Espira Xirro.


Klaus is tall and sufficiently slender, reaching heights of 6'7". His dark brown hair reaches slightly past his ears but is slightly messy and unkempt. He is usually seen wearing a black sleeveless shirt with crimson skinny jeans.


Klaus's behavior can be summarized as childish, but also vile, reckless, and malicious. He shows an extreme desire to be entertained at all times, seeing the world as one endless thrill ride. He shows little regard for anyone surrounding him, and harbors little to no respect for any authority figure. Klaus's degree of disrespect often gets him in trouble with his superiors--particularly Zero of the Sadistica Seins, who found him to be an extreme annoyance but was forced to keep him around due to his usefulness. The disrespect shown by Klaus stems from his abandonment as a child. He is incapable of truly and deeply connecting with another individual as he feels that people are beings who come and go in a fleeting manner. Klaus is selfish, and uses emotional manipulation to force those who he genuinely cares about to stay at his side. He generally does not give respect to anyone because he is trapped in his own little world.

Klaus has a very interesting psyche that makes it extremely difficult for anyone to pin him down with absolutes. At times he can be serious and attentive, and at other times he can become wildly unpredictable and generally hard to control. His moral perversion never changes with age, and it a big part of how he manages himself. Klaus shows no particular morality, as he has zero qualms with betraying his best friend Valen Scarletburn, and no remorse shown whilst he is committing heinous acts of murder.

Skills and Abilities


  • Waywire: This branch of magic falls upon the realm of manipulating space in order to instantly travel to different points via a "wire" medium. Not only does it allow Klaus to move easily, the Waywire spells alter purposes of solids in order to allow him to station himself within them without harming himself or anything he carries. This provides the illusion of him being glitched between a wall or standing right in the middle of a rock, though not fully being able to be seen by enemies witnessing the magic. He can also use Waywire grooves etched in space in order to set points in where his arrows can converge and reappear within places no matter what.

Inherent Abilities

  • Degenerate Blood: The ability of which he assimilates deals primarily with degenerating masses in which the blood infects with biological, physiological, and other types of damage. The purpose of the ability is simplest of its counterparts and is considered to be best used as an invasive in-body type of weapon. This blood causes the user to be immune to harmful outside factors.

Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms




Choosing to show his obsession with macabre entertainment in almost every battle and situation, Klaus can be considered as an unstable and mentally broken man. During battles, Klaus derives extreme pleasure and entertainment from causing desperation and panic within his enemies. He will often dedicate his efforts to toying around with his victim, prolonging their suffering whenever possible.



Cult of Ustream

Dissonant Rhapsody


Early Life and Abandonment

In the Orphanage


Timeline Split


Bloodline Purity