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This article is about the character in the Prime and Alter Timelines. For the iteration of this character in the Drei Timeline, see Shiveztel (Character).

Jason Shaver
Jason with his "Flaming Burst" Composite Longbow


Jase, Kuda (Cult of Ustream (Canon) only)


16 (Current Cult of Ustream point); varies




Darkwing Firedrake-Shapeshifter hybrid




Fate (Unawakened in Prime, Passive-Awakened in Alter)

Soul Phantasms

Dracoimpery, Achlympathy


Euthoran Pantheon; Cult of Ustream (Alter Timeline)


Vol en-ait Rae (mother), Mordicai (father), Kaltai Turris (adoptive father), Ganso Turris (adoptive brother), David Shaver (adoptive brother, Cult of Ustream only), Tobias Shaver (son, Euthoran Song only), Niraya Aliira (mate, Euthoran Song only), Skyking Ausurath (Bloodline)

In any case... what I'm proposing is better for you than staying Giga's slave. What would happen if one of his orders prevented you from doing your duty as a Shadow Drake when you're needed? You are not a dog to be commanded upon a whim and punished at the slightest perceived wrong. You are a dragon. Act like one.
— Jason to Deathstorm in Cult of Ustream: Season One

Jason Shaver (proper Drakine name Shiveztel Shaiveér; also known as Jase among his close friends or Kuda to Ziolang Hirasu) is a half-Darkwing Firedrake Shapeshifter from Durasken, Euthora, specifically a city called Jierno. He is the son of Mordicai and Vol en-ait Rae, the latter of whom gave him as an infant to the Shapeshifter Kaltai Turris to raise him, so that his parents' respective struggles would not put him in danger growing up. Jason is Dark-Aligned due to his connection with Rae.

In the Prime Timeline, Jason plays a major role in the Euthoran Song canon. He is introduced during Fyreborne, where he binds Mimring and Starlight Thunderscale as his Familiars. He is revealed to be a demigod, and ascends to godhood at the end of the main canon, becoming the Euthoran god of nature's balance. He is a recurring, generally supportive character and features prominently in all main Euthoran Song plots starting at SCT.

In the Alter Timeline, Jason is involved in the Cult of Ustream canon. He is the current leader of the Cult of Ustream. Being a dracoimperist and dracomancer, he currently has three dragons- Fricai, Deathstorm, and Mimring Thunderscale- the latter two of which are bonded to him as Familiars. He was also Stormshaper's master before the Stormfire's untimely death at the hands of Lord X-Giga-X, and is the caretaker of Deathstorm's son, the Shadow Drake hatchling Zephyrus (who he has, without noticing, established a weak link with via true dracomancy).

In the Drei Timeline, Jason is a full Darkwing Firedrake by the name of Shiveztel. He is the protagonist of the canon of the same name.

In Fate/Lunaterra, Jason is summoned as the Servant Rider to the Master Kalonia Ralston after killing his original Master, Reiner Behrend.


Human Form

As a human, Jason is somewhat lanky, with a pale complexion on a somewhat wiry frame. His jet-black hair is thick, coarse, untidy, and of medium length, but doesn't get in the way of his sharp emerald-green eyes. His irises are faintly luminous in the dark, and are slightly reflective like a cat's. They carry an animalistic, almost feral light to them, as if just behind his human appearance is a predatory beast waiting to pounce. Jason is inexpressive with his eyes; they always seem to hold a cold neutrality- the neutrality of a wild animal that doesn't care if the observed lives or dies.

Jason wears light-material clothing so as to not inhibit movement. This usually consists of a somewhat loose black or dull, dark blue short-sleeved t-shirt and faded black jeans. His clothing is fairly plain, the only markings being thin navy blue rims at his collar and the ends of his sleeves. He wears black shoes with blue strips atop them; these shoes are sturdy and built to withstand strenuous activities such as hiking, running, and climbing.

On his back a quiver is strapped, along with his signature weapon- a composite, recurve longbow. An intricate pentagram pendant hangs from his neck on a black cord.

In Cult of Ustream canon, Jason has a gash-like scar on his right side from his first encounter and battle with Slash, which did not heal properly due to the relatively slow response to heal it. Attached to his waist is an ornate sheath carrying a dagger should Jason decide to get closer to his opponent, which he stole from Drake Kuro and loses at some point late in Cult of Ustream Season One. Late in Euthoran Song canon, he has a similar scar on his left shoulder and upper back from his battle with Tobias Shaver.

As Jason grows older, his human form is the only one in which he does not develop a silver arrow-like marking around his left eye.

Darkwing Firedrake Form

Jason in his Darkwing Firedrake form.

Jason's base form is that of a dragon, more specifically a Darkwing Firedrake. In this form he follows the usual size and proportions of a Darkwing of his age- at SCT, an adolescent. Despite his youth, he is still quite large for a Firedrake, a trait which has Darkwings classified as Heavy Saurians instead of Light Saurians like most other Firedrake subspecies. Though he does have the typical long, narrow wings and sinuous form of other Firedrakes, his stature is bulkier, meant for taking and dealing physical damage rather than swooping through the air to evade attacks while staying at a range. As an adolescent, Jason measures about 25 feet in length with a 60-foot wingspan.

Though primarily jet black in color, this form is the first of Jason's to develop silver markings, notably along the trailing edge of his wings and around his left eye. Additionally, the scutes on his underbelly, rings on his tail, and dorsal membrane running down his spine are also a light, metallic silver color.

Jason's head is decorated with four horns and an eight-point crown- three points on each of his eye ridges and two on the central crest. His eyes are their usual sharp, luminous green, and have narrow, almost slitted pupils.

Burst Mode

Jason's Burst Mode.

In his Darkwing Firedrake form's Burst Mode, deep red crystals grow along his body, most concentrated at his spine, and fade into black upon reaching the base of the crystals. His talons, six horns, and teeth also take on a crystalline appearance, but are instead a semitransparent white. He rises into a bipedal stance (but may still drop to all fours in combat for better footing), using his extremely long, narrow wings and tail for balance, and the glow of his emerald eyes drowns out his slitted pupils and refracts through the crystals near his eyes. Additionally, he begins to strongly resemble his mother, most notably in a red gemstone embedded in the top of his skull and five red orbs orbiting his tail. He also gains flares of color on his body similar to Rae, but a metallic silver in color.

Though still saurian in body structure, Jason is notably more serpentine in this form, and has an intricately decorated crest of red crystal on his skull. His tail is thicker, only tapering slightly before broadening into a "tuft" similar to his mother's tail.

Most of each wing is structured as one would expect, but morph somewhat into strutted sails at the base. This is purely for extended surface area to glide and maneuver more easily in the air, ending near the base of his tail.

Other Forms

All of Jason's animal forms are black with green eyes, even if this coloration is impossible in nature.

Feral State

In his Feral state, Jason keeps his black coloration and silver markings. Bioluminescent blue "veins" mingle with these two colors and create a distinctive pattern, especially on his head, back, and tail if he has one. His eyes glow amber.


Like most Shapeshifters, he has severe claustrophobia, sometimes becoming almost manic if he is confined in too small a space for too long a time. He is also reckless and impulsive, which also comes from the shapeshifter survival instinct. His greatest fear, however, is to lose his Familiar, Mimring. He will fiercely defend Mimring with his own life in order to see that no harm befalls the dragon.

No matter the canon, Jason prefers quiet surroundings with few people. He generally only tolerates his closest friends for extended periods of time, and will often excuse himself from the vicinity should it become too crowded for his liking. Jason's trust is heard to earn and easy to break, and nearly impossible to repair. Should one gain his loyalty, however, Jason will do almost anything to protect the person, even going so far as to bargain his soul away (in Cult of Ustream canon) in order to save Mimring's. To his friends, Jason is a steadfast companion and fiercely loyal protector; to his enemies, he is stubborn, difficult, and often spiteful and vindictive.

Jason is easily agitated and stressed, though rarely shows it unless it gets to be too much. Though he may appear to be human in his most recognized form, one must keep in mind that Jason is a wild animal at heart- both due to his Shapeshifter tendencies and dragon heritage.

Cult of Ustream

Jason is aloof and solitary among almost all members of the Cult, which often seems contradictory to his role as leader. He can, however, be social when needed or among friends, and will willingly step in to help. While he can be aggressive and dominant, especially among others of his own kind, he is friendly once one gains his trust and proves to have a rather quick mind. His common sense rarely rules, however, and he can be very reckless and impulsive, often needing to be reminded by Mimring to tone it down a notch. As with most Durasken-born Shapeshifters, Jason nurses a strong dislike of humans and a fierce hatred of experiments, clones, constructs, and just about any other type of artificial being. Of course, this often puts him at odds with Lord X-Giga-X...

Euthoran Song

Jason in Euthoran Song canon is more serious and less laid-back than his Cult counterpart, a result of his harsher life as a thief in the streets of Jierno. In fact, he has a far more decisive, take-charge attitude, having been forced to grow up with little to no help after his adoptive father's murder, rather than being raised by dragons. He is still solitary and aloof, and his impulsiveness is only heightened by an inherent aggression to threats and stress. While one who gains his loyalty will have a lifelong friend and fierce defender, this iteration of Jason is far less approachable than the Cultist version and tends to spend very little of his time in human form.


Fate/Lunaterra's iteration of Jason seems to combine the arrogance and aggression of Euthoran Song's with more subtle traces of the Cult of Ustream iteration's organizational skills.

Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

As a Shapeshifter, Jason's senses are incredibly acute. Particularly of note are his hearing, sense of smell, and lowlight vision. These are often twice the strength or more than what would be "average" for that particular form. Jason takes great pride in his senses. His sharp hearing gives him a love of music, as well, and he keeps a dragonbone flute to play when he wishes to occupy himself. Another thing that comes from his Shapeshifter heritage are his reflexes. A Shapeshifter's reflexes are incredible, and almost qualify as precognitive if honed. His agility comes from a special chemical created by his body, known as Asyentine. This is very similar to Adrenaline in composition and purpose, except that it gives more energy and stimulates his DNA to recode for shapeshifting.

  • Shapeshifting: His "signature" ability of sorts, due to his species. Jason's forms are invariably black with luminescent green eyes, with some of his forms adopting light silver markings, especially around the snout and eyes. In his Feral State, Jason gains dark blue vein-like markings easily visible through fur due to their bioluminescence, and these tend to accompany his silver markings, if present, rather than replace them. He primarily takes predatory forms, such as his two favorite forms- wolf and Darkwing Firedrake- and is able to partially shift and otherwise hybridize between forms. While in reality, Darkwing Firedrake is his base form, he tends to default to human for communication's sake. Both his wolf and Darkwing Firedrake forms heavily affect his personality- more so the latter, resulting in his general aloofness and a tendency towards aggression if pressed too hard.

Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

  • Dracoimpery: While he would not normally be able to have dracoimpery as a Shapeshifter, the nature of his heritage (being half dragon, and he father being the Familiar of a dracoimperist) allows him the ability to control and understand dragons. Jason tends to use dracoimpery purely in self-defense, not wishing to overpower the wills of the dragons that he considers friends.
    • Dracomancy: An offshoot of the core ability of dracoimpery, Jason more commonly uses this aspect of it: the affinity with, and ability to communicate with, dragons. It is through this aspect of the ability, rather than through actual control, that he is linked with his dragons, particularly his Familiars. Though he can still channel the ability to control dragons through the ability to communicate with them, he only rarely does this.
  • Achlympathy: Inherited from his father, Mordicai, Jason has an extremely limited variant of achlympery controlled chiefly by emotions. While in Cult of Ustream canon he is completely unskilled in this power, and can only use it when he feels threatened, angry, or otherwise stressed, he has mastered it in Euthoran Song canon, using it just as often as his fire when in Darkwing Firedrake form.


Jason's Domain is dormant in the Prime and Alter Timelines and is thus classed as Unawakened.


  • Dragonbone Longbow: This composite recurve bow is made out of dragon bone and horn, and decorated with a fine, delicate inlay of metallic gold fire, lacquered with medium-grade oil-based Fyreglaze. It is often considered Jason's signature weapon, being his method of choice when fighting in his human form. Stolen from a trader when Jason was in his teenage years, the bow carries an enchantment that causes the arrows to give off a fiery explosion on impact, without harming the arrow itself. This property can be controlled with minimal Mana input from the user, and can be either delayed or "switched off" entirely if the user wishes.
  • Pentagram Necklace: An ornate silver and gold pentagram pendant with a blue gemstone set in the center, this is Jason's oldest possession, having grown up owning it as a supposed memento from his mother when she gave him to Kaltai Turris. Jason wears it visibly in his human form, and it carries the same enchantment his clothing does to seemingly vanish when he changes form. On the back of the pendant is a string of Drakine runes, which can be transcribed to read "shika va sai ait véria shai veztaçár-ta veiçá".


Jason is a relatively cautious fighter at the beginning of a battle, preferring to stay at a distance until he learns how his opponent fights. Once this is accomplished, he adapts his strategy of combat in order to win. He is built for and fully capable of switching between ranged combat and close quarters combat.

Jason, as a shapeshifter, has extremely sharp senses, often double the strength of a normal human's (or whatever form he happens to be in), especially his hearing and night vision. His reflexes are also very good, derived from not just the animal side's survival instinct but also from living for years on the run from Death. In his Darkwing Firedrake form, he is resistant to heat and darkness-based attacks. He has a high enough metabolism that poisons and illness work through his system quickly, rendering them nearly useless, or at least mitigated. His body has a defense mechanism so that if he is badly hurt, he automatically shifts, which heals him slightly. Asyentine gives him more energy than Adrenaline would give humans.



Prime Timeline

Alter Timeline

Cult of Ustream

Jason tends to be neutral-friendly with most of the Cultists until he gets to know them further; this is easier said than done due to his aloof nature.

  • David Shaver: Jason and David had a brotherly friendship prior to David's death; while this holds true after David's inexplicable return, they seem somewhat more distant from each other.
  • Deathstorm: Jason's third dragon and second Familiar, the Shapeshifter shares a close friendship with Deathstorm to the point of freeing him from the control of Lord X-Giga-X, despite knowing the action would provoke the human's retaliation.
  • Destiny: Jason's reaper-turned-girlfriend, Destiny is one of the few individuals that has Jason's unwavering respect and loyalty.
  • Fricai: The relationship between Fricai and his master is a strange one; formerly built upon mutual fear and distrust, the two have become somewhat closer since Fricai's lucidity became prominent. Though the dragon spends more time with Shadow than with Jason, he still chimes in from time to time with advice and news for his master, and the two seem to have an unspoken understanding.
  • Judas Numidius: Jason respects Jude and considers the Lycan a distant friend.
  • Mimring Thunderscale: Jason's best friend and first Familiar- Mimring acts somewhat as his master's voice of reason, keeping Jason from getting into too much danger. The two would readily give their lives for one another, and have a sort of familial love for each other. Two halves of a whole due to their mental and spiritual bond, they are usually in sync during combat and often share thoughts and dreams.
  • Shadow Version 27: Originally regarding Shadow with the same neutrality he does most of the Cult, Jason quickly found Shadow to be a useful ally and good company- the former moreso at first, when the Diclonius was able to bring Fricai into lucidity long enough to have a true conversation with him. Over the course of Season One, Jason interacts with Shadow with growing frequency, initially to keep an eye on Fricai's mental state, though this reason became secondary to Jason forming a friendship with Shadow himself. Near the end of Season One and the beginning of Season Two, the Cult Leader grows comfortable enough with Shadow to begin confiding in the Diclonius, particularly about the "piling up" of problems that Jason feels he has to deal with alone after Giga's defection.
  • Stormshaper: Jason's now-deceased first dragon, killed by Lord X-Giga-X. While their bond was less obvious than the one between Jason and Mimring, the two were still very close friends and tightly bonded; the Stormfire can be considered to have raised the Shapeshifter, even after Jason's other dragons came into the picture, and during the years before the Cult's formation Stormshaper viewed Jason as a growing hatchling to be guided and protected.
  • Zephyrus: Deathstorm's son, this hatchling was placed in Jason's care as an egg to be raised away from Organization G-X. Though Zephyr knows who his parents are, even as young as he is, he and Jason still share a bond similar to that between a parent and child. Without realizing, Jason's untrained dracoimpery has influenced Zephyr slightly; he has an intrinsic sense for where Zephyr is, and can more easily convey what he wants the hatchling to do.

Organization G-X

  • Lord X-Giga-X: Although the two were initially friends around the point where Season One started (at least as far as Jason was aware), the Cult leader and his Second-in-Command have such differing ideals and personalities that they inevitably and repeatedly were at odds throughout the course of the first season. The friction between them gradually built up into animosity until late in Season One, when Jason broke the tension by freeing Deathstorm from Giga's control. From this point until the end of the first season, the incidents between the two escalated into multiple deaths (those of Stormshaper and Erahvs). Even after other matters arise in the second season that are more important, Jason harbors a fierce anger towards Giga. However, to say that Jason actively hates his former Second-in-Command is not entirely accurate- rather, he feels a powerful sense of betrayal and distrust, as his loyal nature does not handle well the idea that a trusted friend could turn on him.
  • Starlight Thunderscale: Jason has a surprisingly neutral, tolerant attitude towards Starlight.

Station of Seotara

Aside from Hobekitsu and Slash, Jason is neutral to the Station of Seotara.

  • Hobekitsu Gecar: Jason is easily irritated by and aggressively hostile towards Hobekitsu, due to the latter's habit of speaking against the Cult in contempt.
  • Slash: The view Jason has of the other Shapeshifter is partly clouded by instinct. Jason is not hostile towards Slash primarily due to fear and mistrust, as Slash very easily overpowered Jason in a fight when they first met. Though he will sometimes make an annoyed or sarcastic remark in response to Slash, in general Jason gives him a wide berth and tends to quietly ignore the other Shapeshifter's jabs.


  • Erahvs: Though not openly hostile, Jason is apathetic and almost contemptuous towards his clone, up until Jason kills him near the end of the first season.
  • Ziolang Hirasu: Jason regarded Ziolang with a weary, amused friendliness throughout the course of Season One and was both confused and concerned at the Demon's sudden and unexplained vanishing. However, after being attacked by Ziolang without apparent provocation in the beginning of Season Two, this concern morphed into annoyance and distrust- similar to but milder than Jason's feelings towards Giga at this point- to the point where Jason very nearly started a fight with Ziolang in the middle of an important Cult meeting. This quickly escalated into Jason openly challenging the Demon, but they were forced to put any sort of fight on hold to deal with more important matters.

Drei Timeline



Cult of Ustream

Euthoran Song


Cult of Ustream

  • Shockwing: (Upon being presented with an injured crazE and tasked to take care of him) "Seriously, he looks fine. He's not dying or missing any arms or legs so why should I help him?
Jason: (Snapping) "Because it is your job. You are Starr's assistant, thus you are trusted with the task of healing the members of the cult in her absence. Or maybe you should not be trusted with it in the first place?"
Shockwing: "Again, he looks fine. I only heal injured cultists." (Checking crazE's neck) "See? Fine? Just give him pineapples or whatever he likes and I'm sure it'll help him."
Jason: "I told you, I don't know the extent of his injuries. He may have internal injuries. Just make sure he's fine, and stop letting your dislike of him interfere with your job."
Shockwing: (Snarling) "Fine, Fine. I'll let the idiot stay here."
Jason: (Before flying off) "You'd better."
  • Jason: "... Look. About yesterday... I think we both did some things that were out of line. That's no way for the two leaders of a group to act. I don't know what's been happening lately- it's probably all the tension and conflict going on- but... I remember a time when we used to be friends. And it wasn't that long ago."
Lord X-Giga-X: "Heh, if you say so. Considering this group, there's barely anyone I can honestly call a friend. Just do me a favor and try not to get yourself killed."
  • "Giga didn't just leave. We chased him out. He was a threat, and so are you. You're no better, nor any different, from that human." - Jason to Ziolang Hirasu after the Demon unexpectedly showed up to a meeting he was not welcome at
  • Shadow: "I get the feeling this is slowly turning into something unmanageable... and I don't want that. No, we don't want that. I know everyone in the Cult has a reason to help out, but before that, we need to find out how we can fight."
Jason: "I don't have the answer to that. Every time I try to figure out how to tackle one problem, every time I think I've gotten an idea, something else gets thrown onto the fire."
  • Destiny: "Ah! They glow to attract mates? Fascinating." [This line made about as much sense in context.]
Jason: "And what was that look supposed to mean? What glows?! And ​get off of the ceiling!"

Euthoran Song



Jason as Rider in Fate/Lunaterra
  • Jason is highly skilled at playing the flute, however he usually stops when someone is listening.
  • While his acute senses are normally a good thing, Jason's incredible hearing makes him abnormally vulnerable to all sound-based attacks, while his low-light vision causes him to easily be blinded by bright flashes.
  • His metabolism is so high that he spends energy quickly, and he must eat about his weight in meat roughly every three and a half days or risk starving to death.
  • Jason is particularly susceptible to dracoimpery due to being a dragon with the ability himself. In Alter Timeline especially, he is not aware of the true extent of his heritage and thus would not know he is so vulnerable to dracoimpery, and would not have built up a reliable defense against it.
  • Jason's proper Drakine name roughly translates into Change heals and comforts those near the void's edge.
  • Jason's creator has used him in many different canons, both in and out of the Manaverse. This includes:
    • Cult of Ustream canon (native)
    • Euthoran Song canon and Euthora's main timeline
    • Shiveztel, as a dragon by the same name
    • Oblivion Phantasy ~ The Obstinate Odyssey, before said plot was scrapped by its creator
    • TheZones Duel League 2011, 2012, and 2017 along with TheZones Roleplay 2018.
    • Fate/Lunaterra, a Manaverse roleplay based loosely on the Fate/ series by TypeMoon.
    • Multiple Dungeons & Dragons campaigns
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