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Kyton Haryn








Euthoran Shapeshifter





Soul Phantasms

Control of emotions


Cult of Ustream; Durasken military



"Not all truths are sweet, sir. Some are bitter. But we must take them all the same."
— Kyton to Karaki

Kyton Haryn is a Euthoran Shapeshifter hailing from the town of Rverai, in the Sulsian country of Durasken.

In the Alter Timeline, Kyton joins forces with the Cult of Ustream during the events of the titular canon's first season. He claimed to be a renegade soldier that was seeking asylum in the wake of his defection from the Durasken military.


Kyton's military brand

Kyton is of a rather willowy build. He is quite lean in terms of muscle mass, with an athletic build due to years of his military training. He is not particularly bulky, but is not malnourished either. He has a head of iridescent green hair and vibrant, piercing yellow eyes. While Euthorans are generally relatively pale, it is clear that Kyton has spent his fair share of time out in the sun as he sports a comparatively rich tan. A tribal phoenix tattoo is branded into his left arm, with the serial SHF-4-1549-7623 along it, marking him as a (former) soldier in Durasken's military. The tattoo extends from the back of his left shoulder, its tail wrapping around his arm to end at the wrist.

His clothing, while bloodstained when he first arrived at Cult of Ustream Headquarters, is now as clean as those of any other member, if a bit ragged and worn. His preferred outfit is quite laid-back; unusually casual considering his military history. He prefers neutral colors, such as a white or gray tee-shirt, and wears denim bottoms. A sheath rests at his waist, housing a splendid silver-bladed sword much like a straight katana. The sword's metal gleams almost with a bluish tint.


Unlike most Shapeshifters native to Durasken, Kyton is amicable, sociable, and charming. He is oddly charismatic and diplomatic for a Shapeshifter, and is notably much less hostile than most others of his kind. Rather than engaging in direct conflict when confronted, Kyton displays a strong ability to defuse tense situations through discussion and peaceful resolution. He is generally polite and positive, and shows genuine interest in what others have to say.

Occasionally, Kyton will come across as abrasive or arrogant, but generally maintains a pleasurable demeanor. Kyton is also a very good listener, actively asking questions to his equals. As a member of the Cult of Ustream, he treats his fellow members with respect, regardless of whether they are human, a member of his own species, or an off-world alien. He initially showed a degree of wariness, or even fear when interacting with the dragons of the Cult of Ustream, but has since gotten over his fears. This could have been attributed to his experiences in Durasken, due to lingering racial tensions.

He is fiercely loyal to certain individuals. Although he served in the Durasken military as a scout, he was more directly loyal to a certain member of the Durasken High Circle rather than to the military itself. His actions stem from orders directly from the High Circle member, rather than from carrying out orders from a petty officer.

Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

  • Enhanced Senses: As a Shapeshifter, Kyton's senses are incredibly acute, especially his hearing, sense of smell, and lowlight vision. These are often twice the strength or more than is normal for that particular form. Kyton's acute senses give him the same drawback as any Shapeshifter: he cannot stand bright light or loud noise.
  • Enhanced Reflexes and Agility: A Shapeshifter's reflexes are incredible and almost qualify as precognitive if honed. His agility comes from a special chemical created by his body, known as Asyentine. This is very similar to adrenaline in composition and purpose, except that it gives more energy and stimulates his DNA to recode for shapeshifting. He has the same metabolism that works out illness and poison quickly enough to render them harmless. However, Kyton also seems better able to resist impulses created by instinct than most Shapeshifters.
  • Shapeshifting: Kyton's skill in this ability is unknown as he spends the majority of his idle time in human form. However, it is known that his base form is that of a vine snake, giving him his coloration. All of his forms are lime-green with venomous yellow eyes, even if this coloration is impossible in nature. What can be inferred is that Kyton has a large range of forms at his disposal due to his age, but the "theme" among his form gain is unknown. Kyton is not known to have access to his Feral State.

Learned Skills

  • Herbalism:
  • Medical Proficiency:

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

Kyton has not outwardly displayed any notable Soul Phantasms so far.



  • Electrum Blade: Kyton carries a beautiful silver-blue straight katana in a sheath at his waist. The blade is made from the metal electrum. As he was a soldier, it can be inferred this was his weapon of choice. The sword is not known to have any special properties, although it glows a dim, faintly blue shimmer when he engages in combat.
  • Journal: Kyton is known to keep (or have kept) a leather-bound, russet-red journal at some point in time. The contents of this journal are kept personal to exclusively himself.


In combat, Kyton prefers swordplay over utilizing his natural abilities as a Shapeshifter, but he is willing to shift into his other forms if their usage becomes practical. His preferred style of swordsmanship is at once aggressive, but evasive. Fitting to his nature as a Shapeshifter, he leans towards circling tactics in order to stay out of the immediate range of his opponent. Kyton has a tendency to be opportunistic, if not downright vicious when he spots an opening in an opponent's defenses. For example, during a practice spar with Espira Xirro, Kyton momentarily forgot that the match was just for practice and swiped his sword at Espira's arm with the intention of crippling it.

His skill in his various forms is currently unknown, as he has not fought enough in them to be certain. What is known is that his vine snake form is poisonous, and his Bat-Winged Lupynn form grants him that species' ability to project his howling to a sonic intensity -- an ability that, while typically used as a communicative function, has the capacity to be weaponized. An example of Kyton utilizing his skills as a Shapeshifter is when Slash pinned him against a wall during a Cult of Ustream raid on the Station of Seotara's headquarters led by Lord X-Giga-X. Kyton attempted to respond by shifting his legs into wicked claws in order to rake down Slash's abdomen. Although the attack ultimately failed, it is clear that Kyton is reactionary and quite resourceful in the heat of the moment.

He has a sufficient grasp of magic to augment his fighting, utilizing it for such purposes as making his strikes stronger or faster, or improving his perception in the heat of combat. During the aforementioned spar with Espira, he used magic to protect his sword until he was certain that she would not destroy the blade.


Cult of Ustream

Cult of Ustream

Kyton has been making clear efforts to be friendly with all members of the Cult. He seemed afraid of the resident dragons when first integrating himself into the Cult of Ustream, however he has gradually become more comfortable around them. He seems to be directing the majority of his "friendly efforts" towards specific members of the Cult.

  • Jason Shaver: Kyton tends to stick close by the Cult's leader, and tends to stay close by when tensions begin to flare up.
  • Mimring Thunderscale: Mimring and Kyton share a mutual distrust. Mimring regards Kyton with hostility due to him being from Durasken. Kyton is cautious, though not fearful, of the dragon.
  • Pricilla Starkey:

Organization G-X

Station of Seotara

Kyton seems to come off as coy and condescending when interacting with the Station of Seotara. It would appear that, on the surface, this is as a result of nationalist tensions between Durasken and Seotara. Having stuck around the Station's headquarters after a Cult raid to gather intelligence, Kyton was caught by Slash (who caught his scent while Kyton tried to make his escape) and was subjected to questioning. At this time, after being questioned by the Station, Kyton responded that he was a renegade soldier seeking asylum with the Cult of Ustream. Unlike the Cult, however, the Station was much less eager to trust his word.


Kyton's history is unknown. All that has been revealed is that he was a soldier in Durasken's military, but reneged due to his treatment and ended up finding the Cult of Ustream Headquarters seemingly by accident.

Early Life


  • "-- Ah. We're in the same boat, aren't we? [...] I understand, Starr. I understand. And I know you probably can't talk about it. I'm in the same boat. I cant tell you what's going on. But I can try to keep you safe. There are some things that need taken care of. But I refuse to abandon you. Don't judge me too harshly for it."
  • "I pose no threat to the Cult as a whole; I don't want the seals destroyed any more than you do. But if it becomes difficult to do my job, I may have to resort to more... direct methods."


  • Kyton is left-handed.
  • Kyton has a noticeable Durasken accent, which is comparable to Earth's Irish. It is not so prominent as to be difficult to understand.
  • Due to his knowledge of wild plants, Kyton seems to have a notable fondness for certain berries and mint leaves which grow in northern Forvolrasuls, namely both Durasken and Ustream.
    • Also due to his knowledge of plants, Kyton is a fairly good cook, using these plants as herbs and spices where applicable.
  • Kyton is an amateur sketch artist, using his skill to accompany his notes, but dislikes showing his work to others.
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