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Forvolrasuls (Full Drakine Forovolrasuls, translated Fortunate Song, Beast God of Nature (lit. Chance Voice God Beast Nature)) is a Euthoran continent situated in the northeastern hemispheres of the planet. It is commonly known for being largely untamed or uninhabitable wilderness, with dragons and Shapeshifters being common.

Forvulrasuls uses the term Sulsian as a demonym.


Primarily forested and mountainous, Forvolrasuls has jagged coastlines that often form distinct shapes, such as Kelvelas, an island in Durasken, and Dragon's Head Peninsula, an appropriately-shaped strip of land in Ustream. The central areas of the continent (Ustream and Arseyeln, and to an extent Roatachai) contain flat plainland, as well as a desert in the south taking up much of Nienearcl. Marshes and quarries dominate the south and north respectively of Seotara.

The mountains on the continent are steep, high, and harsh; Kelvelas boasts the second-highest point on Euthora in its Plateau Range. Additionally, the peaks of the Kásrshai Range and Teílos Range on the northern and southern borders of Ustream reach high enough themselves that only a dragon would be able to breathe properly close to their peaks.


Arseyeln (proper Drakine Arseíeln, translated Nowhere) is a territory situated in the central east of the continent. It is primarily uninhabited, with only a small settement near the center of the country. While it has forested regions and shares a mountain range with Ustream, it is almost entirely composed of rolling plains.

The small town built here was placed for the purpose of guarding the site of Koth Grimseeker's imprisonment.

The demonym for this territory is Arseyai.


Durasken (translated Enduring Mountain) is a country in the northwestern corner of the continent. Is is one of the most inhabited, and boasts the strongest land-based military on the planet. True to its name, the country is riddled with steep mountain ranges and canyons, but also includes plenty of forests and rivers. There is very little flat land; much of the terrain is uneven, craggy, or steep.

The mainland is surrounded by three primary islands, the largest of which is Kelvelas (translated Hunter's Nest). It has the general yet distinct shape of a dragon, and is named accordingly. It carries the Plateau Range, home to the second highest mountain peak on Euthora.

The other islands are smaller, but of a large enough size to be noteworthy. The first is an unnamed and uninhabited island to the east of Kelvelas, and is generally avoided due to being the "base" of The Fyrebornes. In the southwest is Dreímir, a mostly flat land dominated by forest. Additionally, there are two islands near the center of the country known as the Flock Islands; the one to the west houses Durasken's capital, Tarik.

The demonym for this country is [...]. Its national heraldic symbol is the Phoenix, which is shown on its flag between Cor and Rae.


Nienearcl (proper Drakine Nienearkl, translated Bright Desert)

The demonym for this country is Nienearclian. Its national heraldic symbol is the serpent, shown on its flag.


Roatachai (proper Drakine Roátáchai, translated To Call a Medium for Magic)

The demonym for this country is Roatian.


Seotara (translated Piercing Call)

The demonym for this country is Seotaran. Its national heraldic symbol is the eagle, shown on its flag.


Ustream (proper Drakine Iustriim; translated Wild Cradle) is a territory-like area situated in the midwest of Forvolrasuls. It comprises mostly wilderness, and aside from some attempts in the Radiant Era, Ustream remains largely unsettled throughout all major timelines excluding the Alter Timeline.

In the Alter Timeline, Ustream has settlements from three fairly small groups: the Cult of Ustream, the Station of Seotara, and a Grenian outpost.

The demonym for this territory is [...]

Notable Settlements


The close proximity of Shapeshifters, dragons, and humans has caused the lattermost to develop relatively poor relations with the other two races. While Shapeshifters and dragons historically get along well, the proud and often intolerant natures of humans does not mix well with either of the "wilder" races.

Stemming from the late Radiant Era when Skyking Súndávr and Koth Grimseeker attempted to dominate the planet, Durasken in particular has developed a heavy mistrust of dragonkind, to the point of attempting to hunt them to extinction in the early Dissonant Era. This itself has sparked a war between Durasken and a True Firedrake by the name of Corian Fyreborne, the latter of whom leads a small group of powerful Firedrakes known as the Fyrebornes. While Durasken is the most notable of examples, dragons are generally distrusted elsewhere on the continent, and Ustream is avoided altogether for rumors of Skykings remaining there, in hiding.

Shapeshifters are typically treated as lesser beings, even those fully sapient, in cities. While Durasken is again the most notable case of this- where Shapeshifters may be treated as slaves or beasts- it is still present, though more subtle, in Seotara and Nienearcl- where Shapeshifters are often "domesticated" and kept as pets. Shapeshifters brought into this kind of life at an early age often do not realize what they are to humans, and regard wild or otherwise non-domesticated Shapeshifters with mild confusion. It is usually easy to tell the high-strung, nearly feral demeanor of a Shapeshifter that has not been domesticated from the milder, calmer attitude of one who has.


Sulsian humans as a whole are very warlike, seeking claim over nearby territories or vengeance against their former Skykings. On a continent where the most basic law is to defend oneself, the more inhabited countries have developed powerful land-based militaries, with Durasken being at the forefront of this. Nienearcl and Seotara are close behind, though the rest of the continent is too underdeveloped or uninhabited for them to be of much concern. Durasken and Seotara go to war with alarming frequency over the natural resources that can be found on Seotara's side of the border, and Nienearcl has noticed this and taken the opportunity to make an alliance of trade with Durasken before attention is turned to them.

All three of these countries employ Shapeshifters in their ranks, though treatment varies by country. Durasken uses them as footsoldiers, harshly disciplining them for any perceived transgression or even playing favorites with one Shapeshifter to push the others. Nienearcl and Seotara use them rarely as couriers- most notably Nienearcl, for their sheer endurance becomes useful in the harsh terrain of the desert. All three may use Shapeshifters as scouts, but this practice is not common except for in Seotara.




Forvolrasuls, being largely wilderness and scarce cities, is primarily inhabited by Shapeshifters, dragons, and humans. All three of these are (generally) sapient creatures, due to the relative ease of surviving (compared to Ethanol or Farixya) and the close proximity in which these races live. The Lupynn and the Phoenix are not native to this continent and are rarely sighted.

The dragons living here are typically forest and mountain species, composed of mainly Lesser Wyverns and both Light and Heavy Saurians. Firedrakes and their subspecies are common here in their respective habitats, notably True, Plated, Stormcloud, and Golden, although most of these are hunted to extinction during the Dissonant Era.

Notable Residents