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The Station of Seotara is a specialized branch of the Seotaran military assembled in order to keep watch on the activities of their rivals in Durasken, Euthora. Though they are initially seen as something of a rival group to the Cult of Ustream, eventually the two groups have found themselves working towards the common goal of defending and protecting the seals in Ustream.

Goals and Ideals

The Station of Seotara was formed as a group with the intent of keeping an eye on Seotara's rival country of Durasken. After intelligence reported that Durasken was concerned about the goings-on of the Cult of Ustream, the Station of Seotara also began to turn an eye to watch the Cult. For the most part, the Station watches Ustream's border with Durasken from a base that had been established in the north, as the old military base had fallen under occupation by the Cult.


  • Ayana: A rather vulgar, sometimes downright crude electricity-using girl of unknown origin. Often gets far too involved in plots with Reika Aerixai, such as the infamous raid on Lord X-Giga-X's lab. Abuses her power in the form of "electric shock therapy" to wake Terrence up.
  • Bophez Igneite: The leader of the Station of Seotara. He is an unusually well-mannered geoimperist, and dresses rather accordingly to his disposition. Despite usually being seeing walking with a cane, he is capable of walking without it.
  • Hobekitsu Gecar: A black-haired smoker from Seotara. He previously served the Station as a spy infiltrating Durasken on multiple occasions alongside Kenchoi. He recently became an official member of the Station.
  • Kenchoi Sepain: A young boy from Seotara. He previously served the Station as a spy infiltrating Durasken on multiple occasions alongside Hobekitsu. He recently became an official member of the Station.
  • Mya Vertgrand:
  • Reika Aerixai: A Nienearclian defector. Without any notable Soul Phantasms, she has an affinity for technology due to her place of birth and generally fights using her rifle. Reika has a coarse personality and often either argues with Ayana or conspires with her.
  • Saieru Orath:
  • Slash:
  • Terrence Jameson: The Station's swordsman. Brown-skinned and full of attitude, Terrence uses manipulation of blades themselves to his advantage. Often found sleeping through meetings.
  • Zaiek Kierrmi: A scout, blood scripter, and a sleeper agent of an unknown coalition. Having been previously trained in a "Charm School" located somewhere around the Euthorica Islands, Zaiek spends a good amount of time gathering high-value intelligence on top of helping the station carry out their assignment.


  • Cult of Ustream: Initially, the Station of Seotara began to keep their eyes on the Cult of Ustream when they had received word of Durasken being concerned about the group, who had taken shelter in one of their outposts. However, a scouting mission to their location by Slash, Reika, Ayana, and Zaiek led to both groups being on hostile terms, and prompting an eventual counterattack. However, they soon became allies of the Cult after learning of the seals of Ustream from Kyton Haryn and Grodisflare following their capturing during the counterattack on their own base, and eventually fighting the Sealbreakers after they had destroyed the seal at Kuro's Castle. And recently, they have allowed the Cult to take refuge at their headquarters in response to Oikeus occupying their own headquarters.
  • Durasken: Having originated from a country at war with the neighboring Durasken, the Station are cautious around those from the country. It's definitely no exception knowing that three people in particular living in Ustream are from Durasken: Aegis Ruska, Smeremus Elephas, and the Shapeshifter Kyton. However, they have begun to keep a closer eye on the Shapeshifter after having captured him, under suspicion that he was a Durasken spy.
  • The Sealbreakers:


The Station of Seotara is from Seotara, and stations in the northeastern area of Ustream.



Station of Seotara
Active Members Ayana - Bophez Igneite - Hobekitsu Gecar - Kenchoi Sepain - Mya Vertgrand - Reika Aerixai - Saieru Orath - Slash - Terrence Jameson - Zaiek Kierrmi