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The Sealbreakers are an antagonistic group in Cult of Ustream canon led by Ahriman. They seek to destroy the five seals scattered across Ustream, Euthora in an attempt to free an entity sealed away within the Chasm of the Unknown. Because of the proximity of their targets, they have become enemies of the Cult of Ustream and the Station of Seotara.

Goals and Ideals

The primary goal of The Sealbreakers is reflected in their name. They intend to destroy the five seals in Ustream in order to free the entity that had been sealed away in the Chasm of the Unknown for centuries. At the current point in the Cult of Ustream canon, they have already destroyed three of these seals, those guarded by Cassiel, Charos, and Draco Maxima Irizutákor, and have damaged the one guarded by Vergari and Volant.


  • Ahriman: The leader of the Sealbreakers, this raven is the corrupted magical Familiar of Brenna Kieran. He has not yet engaged the Cult or Station directly, instead sending his recruits off to destroy the seals and deal with their various guardians. However, he has been seen on at least one occasion to stay in the seal's general area, keeping an eye out for resistance and alerting his recruits when battle is imminent.
  • Aravera Calpurnia: An Ereva from the planet Rinul, Aravera is a Malice-user and a dangerous enemy. She appears to be working for the Soulseeker more than with the rest of the Sealbreakers, and killed Volant during a battle at the eastern seal.
  • Azænia: The primary footsoldier of the Sealbreakers. She is a determined girl who seems to have a painful past, and wields an arcane sword she calls Bradura. She arrived on Euthora with the equally enigmatic Faryn.
  • Brenna Kieran:
  • Dynos:
  • Faryn Zyhrai:
  • The Soulseeker: A Karasito with the ability to shut down the Soul Phantasms of those within his field, he also can twist and morph the souls of others into golems that fight for and defend him. He has displayed a reluctance to fight directly, but will do so mercilessly if he must.
  • Ymohmi: An enigmatic parasitic being. He wields a pair of sickles that have multiple functions, including absorbing Mana directed at him, and repurposing it for his own attacks. He is also capable of self-reproduction, resulting in a seemingly endless army of his own replications serving under this group.


The Sealbreakers have notably hostile relations with all other groups they have come into contact with in Ustream.

  • Cult of Ustream:
  • Seal Guardians: The Sealbreakers have attacked the guardians of the seals due to them being the primary defenders of their targets.
  • Station of Seotara:


While the Sealbreakers are located on Euthora, their exact location on the planet is unknown.



The Sealbreakers
Active Members Ahriman - Aravera Calpurnia - Azænia - Brenna Kieran - Dynos - Faryn Zyhrai - The Soulseeker - Ymohmi