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Scientific Name

Native Planet



Sokohgen, Neosokohgen

Conservation Status

Least Concern

The Karasito, also known as the Rokain Tengu, is a sapient species of corvine humanoids native to Rokans created by the Rokain Goddess of the Sky, Sokohga. They are one of the two races that form the Squallan Faction, the other race being humans.


Karasito tend to be around the size of average humans, although it is common for males to be larger than females. They are extremely dark in color. Similarly to humans, the Karasito stand erect upon two feet and have hands with opposable thumbs. Beyond this however, they have an alarmingly avian appearance. A vast majority of their body is coated in an array of feathers. The presence or absence of a crest, in addition to the shape of said crest, varies from individual to individual. Unlike humans, their eyes are located on the sides of their heads to allow for a wider visual field. Their beaks tend to range in length from 3-10 inches. They have large wings with flexible skeletal structures, allowing them be pressed to the backs of their torsos. Their wingspans stretch out several feet, in some cases reaching twice the length of the individual. Their feathered reach around 2-3 feet in length. They also have anisodactyl feet, with three of their toes pointed forward and a fourth pointed back.



Because Karasito are individuals of the Squallan Faction, they have a strong affinity toward the Wind element. As such, they are commonly known to be aeroimperists. Following the split of the supercontinent Nenhygas, it's possible for them to have strong affinities to one of the other five prominent elements of the planet (Fire, Earth, Water, Light, or Darkness), and have the corresponding ability as a result. Any other abilities they may have vary from individual to individual.


For the most part, Karasito are relatively social beings, usually preferring to live among others of their species or faction in civilizations mostly on Sokohgen and Neosokohgen, although individuals of the race have been found on the continents of North and South Nenhygas. It's rare to encounter one living in solitary. They are recognized as one of the most intelligent races on the planet. It this intelligence that has lead their civilizations to become widely-known centers of education, and has kept them out of much of the Quad War. However, it is this intelligence that often leads to them being seen by other races as rather arrogant, placing them as the second-most arrogant among the Rokain races. Despite this, they are rather friendly toward individuals of other races, acting as mentors or even guides through the grasslands of their homeland. However, some have proven to be mischievous and, in rare cases, malicious beings, especially among individuals classified as Plasma- or Crow-Squallan.



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