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Scientific Name


Native Planet



Heiyohga (former), Nenhygas (former), North Nehygas, South Nenhygas

Conservation Status

Near Threatened (post-Juptois' imprisonment)

The Dracius (plural Dracii) is a species of draconian, casquehead lizards native to the planet Rokans. They are one of the two races created by the Rokain God of Fire, Volks, and one of the three races that form the Flayre Faction, the other two being humans and the Rokain Liios.


Dracii are rather large, bipedal creatures that usually reaching heights of 14 feet. Their bodies are covered by thick scales of varying shades of red, orange, or brown. They have large crests shaped like casques on their heads, with males having slightly larger crests than females. Males also have additional crests running down their backs and on their tails, which females lack. They have relatively large mouths, which have saw-like teeth on their upper jaws. They have white or yellow stripes on their upper lips. They have another stripe of the same color along either side of their body, which runs from their eye to their leg. In addition to this, they also have black stripes on their flanks (and dorsal crests in the case of males). They have sharp claws on both their hands and their feet. They have tails several feet in length, which have black stripes. Their tails are capable of having blades at or near the tip of them.


Dracii exhibit caudal autotomy, being able to shed part of their tails as a defense mechanism and regenerate it over a period of time.

The structure of Dracii scales allow the species to resist temperatures of up to around 1100 °C, while the rest of their bodies are naturally capable of handling temperatures of up to around 950 °C. This allows them the rather unusual ability to swim in lava for extended periods of time.

Like most lizards, Dracii have highly acute color vision, being capable to see ultraviolet light.


As individuals of the Flayre Faction, Dracii have a strong affinity with the element of fire. As such, they are known to have abilities with some relation to the element, pyroimpery being common among the species. It is possibly because of this that they are capable of breathing fire despite not being dragons. It is rumored that their gaze is capable of turning their targets to stone, although there is no evidence to confirm this.

Following the split of the supercontinent Nenhygas, it's possible for them to have strong affinities to one of the other five prominent elements of the planet, and have corresponding abilities as a result.



Winged Dracii

The Winged Dracii subspecies arose at some point after the split of Nenhygas, and seems to only occur within Dracii classified as Plasma-Flayre. They are slightly smaller than regular Dracii, only reaching heights of 9 feet. Their scales have a slight tint of green. Their most notable feature is a pair of wings of moderate size, from which they have gotten their name. This subspecies is capable of moving considerably faster than normal Dracii, and because of their wings, they also have greater mobility.



Rokain Races
Flayre Faction Dracius - Rokain Liios
Lumios Faction Kyokuhito
Rikuos Faction Gemscale Naga - Rokain Nue
Atlacian Faction Rokain Ningyo
Anko Faction Hitoyugure - Rokain Kitsune
Squallan Faction Karasito