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Armored Wyvern-Hydra hybrid





Soul Phantasms

Geoimpery, Psychokinesis


Organization G-X, Cult of Ustream (former member, Alter Timeline only)


Skyqueen Éxúzhira (bloodline), Skyqueen Nálnés (bloodline), unknown Hydra (father), unknown Armored Wyvern (mother)

Grodisflare (proper Drakine name Krotismiara, Common Roar of Ruling Flame) is an Armored Wyvern-Hydra hybrid born on Euthora. He was formerly the Familiar of a dracoimperist named Z, and after his ties with this man was severed, he was sent to Terra via unknown means. He is the Familiar of the achlymperist Lord X-Giga-X. He is a high-ranking member in Organization G-X, and was one of the original six members involved in the formation of the group.

In the Prime Timeline, Grodisflare continues his adventures with Lord X-Giga-X and the second iteration of Organization G-X during several plots of Infinitum Rokans. He eventually travels to Euthora, where he encounters his former master.

In the Alter Timeline, he was sent from Terra to Ustream, Euthora following the events of Organization G-X as the result of improbable interference during an attempted teleportation. He was a member of the Cult of Ustream and the second iteration of Organization G-X formed as a faction within the group before Lord X-Giga-X's eventual defection.



Grodisflare Normal full appearance

The crimson-scaled Grodisflare is about 42 feet long and about 14 feet tall. Despite being of a wyvern species, he actually has four feet as result of his hydra blood. He has purple eyes. His head is covered by a thick layer of Mythril plates slightly darker in color, which form a helmet-like structure on his head. His back and large wings are also covered by similar plates, acting like a layer of armor against attacks. He wears large, rock-like bracelets around his fore ankles. His feet are colored a brownish-black and have a worn-out appearance, giving the appearance that he is wearing boots. A large, black Z is present on his back, placed by his former master, known by the same letter.

Advanced Formation

In his Advanced Formation, Grodisflare continues to stand on four feet and is considerably longer, now 55 feet in length. Thick, silver-colored plates cover most of his body, providing a new layer of protection for the Armored Wyvern. A more notable feature of his form is that Grodisflare has four additional heads, showing off his hydra blood. From right to left:

  • The first head is neon yellow, having sparks of electricity occasionally coming off of it. Its eyes are colored black.
  • The second head is a dark blue with a large fin running down the back of it. While its eyes are normal shut, it has been known to have blue eyes.
  • The neck of the center head is covered by a thick layer of stone. A series of spikes of various types of gemstones runs down the back of its head and neck. Its eyes are purple, similar to those of Grodisflare in his normal form.
  • The fourth head is made of magma. It is covered by a thick layer of volcanic rock, having a few holes running along the neck, and two on the sides of the head which expose its neon green eyes.
  • The last head is light blue with thick layers of ice covering the head and bottom half of the neck.

Burst Mode


Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

  • Selective Digestion/Magic Stomach: Grodisflare has the ability to store objects in his stomach, and keep them from being digested in the stomach acids. This allows him to store various objects in his stomach. He normally stores his Stone of Advancing, weapons, and other important tools in his stomach. Most people have referred to this as his "magic stomach", while Lord X-Giga-X refers to it as Grodisflare's "selective-digestion", as Grodisflare has active control of what to digest and what not to digest.
  • Head Regeneration: Because of his hydra blood, Grodisflare is able to regenerate his head should it be cut off and the stem of the neck isn't burned.

Learned Skills

  • Low Light Vision: Strangely, Grodisflare is capable of seeing in low levels of light. It's unknown whether this is the result of his bond with Lord X-Giga-X or his time spent underground.

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

  • Geoimpery: Grodisflare has the ability to manipulate earth and Earth Mana. Using this, he has been able to produce a number of constructs such as pillars, boulders, and spikes and used them for several purposes. He is also capable of opening holes and tunnels in the ground wide enough for him to travel through.
  • Psychokinesis:
  • Elemental Breaths (Advanced Formation only): In his advanced form, three of his five heads have the ability to utilize various elements in the form of breaths instead of a standard firebreath. The water head breathes blasts of water, the electric head breathes streams of electricity, and the ice head breathes blasts of ice.


  • Fissure


  • Stone of Advancing: One of the twenty golden, stone-like scales he and Lord X-Giga-X brought back to Ustream after exploring Glixis Chasm. On command, it releases a surge of Excess that will target him, allowing him to ascend to a state known as the Advanced Formation. He frequently carries this in his stomach.



Prime Timeline

  • Lord X-Giga-X:
  • Z:

Alter Timeline

  • Lord X-Giga-X:
  • Z:


Blank Point

Much of Grodisflare's backstory is unknown as a result of him having forgotten it. What is known is that he was born on Euthora, and the familiar of a dracoimperist identified Z, their bond was somehow severed for reasons unknown, and Grodisflare somehow found his way to Terra.

Organization G-X

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Prime Timeline

Organization G-X II

Alter Timeline

Cult of Ustream

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Season One
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Season Two
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