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Valerie Knight
Valerie in Standard Canon Time




13 (in Cult of Ustream), 15 (in Fate/Lunaterra)









Soul Phantasms



Cult of Ustream


Alexander Knight (cousin), Caedes Knight (cousin), Ryan Knight (father), Sarah Knight (mother), The Knight Family (of Terra)

"Why do I fight? I fight because I have to. I fight because my cousin had to. I fight because my parents had to. I fight because if I don't, more people will die. I fight because if I don't, my world comes to an end."
— Valerie Knight to Lancer in Fate/Lunaterra

Valerie Knight is a genetically modified human from the planet Terra, born into the distinguished Knight family, otherwise known to be the chief shareholder and founding family of crazEcorp. Her parents are Ryan Knight (Brother of James Knight, father of Alexander “crazE” Knight) and Sarah Knight. Valerie’s introduction to both the Prime Timeline and Alter Timeline are due to the ever-present threat placed over the Knight family by James Malden, where she had sought protection and security with her cousins.

In both the Prime and Alter Timelines, Valerie is forced to find a way to reach Alexander Knight in an attempt to recollect and survive. With data suggesting Alexander being nowhere near Terra, she seeks to find a means to reunite with her cousin and escape the oncoming threat of the Black Assassin. Aided by Darius, she manages manages to board a space-faring craft recently invented by the crazEcorp facilities that would take her near-lightspeed toward Alexander’s location.

In the Prime Timeline, she arrives to the distant planet of Phantasia, and thus becomes involved in the Oblivion Phantasy canon. She is introduced early in Strain of Tomorrow, where she manages to rejoin with her cousin Alexander and features as one of the main characters of the storyline, and by extension, also becomes involved in the events of Forsaken Malign.

In the Alter Timeline, she is instead directed to the planet Euthora. She is introduced in Season One of the Cult of Ustream canon, joining the eponymous group not only for protection, but to support Alexander and to attempt to re-establish a life that she had lost due to James Malden’s massacre of the Knight family. She befriends many of the Cultists, namely Shadow Version 27.


A younger Valerie Knight

Valerie Knight has silky brunette-hazel hair and deep amber-brown eyes with a white-tan complexion. During the Cult of Ustream canon, she stands at a height of 1.47 m and weighs about 86 lbs (38kg). She almost always has her hair no lower than her shoulders and keeps her hair loose (does not usually tie up).

By the time Valerie Knight is in Fate/Lunaterra, she is 15 years of age and has grown to ~1.6 m and weighs ~100 lbs (45kg).


Valerie Knight has a naturally cheery disposition. She’s always been the beaming smile in the Knight family and has always found value in family closeness. Being taught from a young age to share the feeling she gets when she’s with family with all, she grew to be a selfless spirit in bringing compassion and sympathy to others and making others feel like family.

Through the Alter timeline, serious trauma had shaped Valerie to be more mature for her years. Much of her sunny disposition still remains intact, but fades when real issues arise. Although, by the time in the Cult of Ustream canon she had survived the Black Assassin assault and Deimos’ Abyss, she has become less fearful and more proactive in handling the life-threatening stress. Due to the experiences on Terra and on Euthora, Valerie suffers frequently from night terrors.

In the Fate/Lunaterra timeline, Valerie has grown to have considerable determination and leadership qualities. She tackles problems head-on and manages to improvise solutions on the spot (much like a Knight would). Using critical thinking and quick thinking skills, she can handle severely stressful situations without breaking mentally or emotionally. Her positive aura can be somewhat contagious.

Skills and Abilities


Valerie has no current knowledge of Magic as for the Alter Timeline.

In the Fate/Lunaterra timeline, the Knight family has been involved in the society of mages throughout Terra. The Knight family had been known for their excellent glyph-writing magic, capable of inscribing powerful runes that could perform complex and powerful tasks. Valerie, too, has taken up the art and has an arsenal of glyphs and marks to craft runes of all sorts.

Inherent Abilities

  • Augmented Physique: Valerie, like her cousins, had been genetically modified to be more durable than the toughest human on Terra. She is capable of withstanding and tolerating forces high above the limit of Terrans.

Learned Skills

Valerie has grown up close to the more business-side of the Knight family, and as such has been first-hand witness to many of the designs and inventions the Knight family has created as part of Terra’s leading research and invention corporation. She has also acquired hands-on experience with such projects and thus knows how to handle crazEcorp technology to some degree.


Soul Phantasms

  • Ergokinesis: Valerie is capable of controlling the amount of force and kinetic energy being applied or suppressed in physical movement, or tampering with the potential energy of such movement. Due to her Domain, this Soul Phantasm primarily manifests in the inherent capability to amplify any force that she is delivering or acting upon by great factors, but the inverse can also apply, as she is also able to repress immense forces that may be acting against or upon her.


  • Magnification: This Domain has significant implications as for the manifestation of Valerie's Soul Phantasm, allowing it to operate by means of magnifying kinetic energy output. Conceptually, this ties into the sense of her Ergokinesis behaving in its most fundamental form as an analogue to a "lensing" effect on incoming or outgoing kinetic forces, allowing them to scale as seen fit.


Valerie doesn’t have many possessions in the Alter timeline. Other than a white lotus hairpin she had received from Starr and the void from her late cousin Alexander, she only has basic possessions such as extra sets of clothing.


As of Alter Timeline’s current progression, Valerie has more or less a very basic defensive combat style. She doesn’t seek to make the first strike, but intends to retaliate fully to any that try to attack her or her friends.

In the Fate/Lunaterra timeline, Valerie has gained a very strategic fighting style in using traps and tricks to throw off opponents. Being capable of putting these traps into any material or structure she desires, she can turn any location or building into her domain.


  • Kinetic Crush: An immense amount of force applied to an opponent, object or structure with the intent to flatten them.
  • Planet Cracker: A very advanced, although later-developed technique requiring an immense amount of focus and energy on Valerie’s part. By “breaking” the limit of the potential energy carried by an object or opponent, she applies multiple layers of kinetic forces to not only transfer kinetic energy against the opponent, but for the opponent’s own forces to become drastically amplified far beyond its own limits. The resulting action is either complete obliteration due to extreme pressures per square unit of measurement or a splitting or severance of the object or opponent in question. Planet Cracker can effectively be used to split or destroy structures hundreds or thousands of times larger or otherwise more massive than Valerie.


Alter Timeline

  • Alexander "CrazE" Knight: Valerie, while living on Terra, kept good contact with her extended family, and in particular Brian, Alexander and Caedes Knight. Sharing a practically brother-sister relationship with Alexander, she regularly found protection and advice from him. Up until Alexander’s death, Alexander continued to protect her and save her from all sorts of life-threatening situations.
  • Darius: Although not given much time to interact, Darius and Valerie share a friendly acquaintance with one another. Darius’ oath to the late Brian Knight keeps him in humble servitude to the Knight family, which he does happily for Valerie. Valerie, in turn, enjoys learning about the monk-like individual.
  • Pricilla "Starr" Starkey: During time on Euthora, Valerie grew attached to Starr as a means of coping with her new surroundings. Thanks to Starr’s relationship with Alexander, the bonding became quite close as they spent more time together. After Alexander’s death, Valerie now looks to Starr as somewhat of a help to recover from the loss.
  • Shadow Version 27: Inevitably, Alexander’s acquaintances soon became Valerie’s acquaintances. In particular, Valerie quickly befriended Shadow while staying at the Cult Headquarters. With Alexander’s request for Shadow to be a guardian to Valerie while the Black Assassin roamed hidden from the group, Valerie grew close to Shadow while finding comfort during the stressful time. From there and with further interaction, Valerie grew feelings for Shadow due to his kindness and his vow to always protect her.

Prime Timeline



Valerie was born into the well-esteemed Knight family. She grew up on a private island with her parents as an only child. Her parents both worked in crazEcorp as researchers and inventors where they had met in the first place, and oftentimes would forego current project by request of James Knight to assist with personal family projects for the corporation. Valerie in this case would often show up at their research facility to watch their experiments and their inventions in testing. Soaking in the wonders of science and exploration, her mind strengthened and was nurtured.

When she was only 6, her uncle James Knight and his wife met a tragic end in an ambiguous workplace accident. A few years later, Brian Knight also passed away via mysterious circumstances. Then, out of the blue, Alexander Knight came to evacuate her and her parents from an immediate threat to the Knight family. Her parents insisted Valerie go with Alexander while they sought to find a solution to the issue. Unfortunately, Valerie’s parents met a violent end to a discovered assassin.

Fleeing with Alexander and Caedes across Terra, she managed to remain safe, although her family still remained in danger. Under the protection of those Brian had the foresight to entrust assistance for, Valerie managed to stay away from the assassin and try to recover a life now shattered.

In the Alter Timeline, the assassin manages to track her location and the pursuit continues. This time, however, Valerie seeks to get in contact with Alexander again and plead for help. Unable to get direct contact, she tracks his location via a hidden base’s supercomputer that placed him lightyears away. Endeavoring to flee the assassin, Valerie confirmed the coordinates and set off via a newly-invented space-faring craft, a place she hoped the assassin could not chase.



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