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Armonian Human





Soul Phantasms

Prana Hyperaffinity


Knight Family, Cult of Ustream




Darius is an Armonian human that lived the majority of his life on Terra. He possesses an extraordinary affinity with the Primordial Energy, Prana.

In the Alter Timeline, Darius travels from Terra to Euthora in order to protect Valerie Knight from the threat of the Black Assassin while on their way to find Alexander "CrazE" Knight. By a chance encounter, he meets several members of the Cult of Ustream who were vacationing on the Euthorica Islands, bumping into a drunken CrazE. After Alexander perished in Deimos' Abyss, Darius chose to remain with the Cult to uphold a debt to the late Knight.

In the Prime Timeline [...].


Darius stands at 6' with short, yet slightly-unkempt platinum-blond hair. His skin is lightly tanned, and of a fair complexion. Darius has a young but strong jaw, with a boyish nose and small lips. His eyes can be described as 'crystalline' in appearance -- they are clear in color, with silver-white sclera and a lighter-tinted iris. They seem to almost glimmer in multiple colors when reflecting visible light. He has a limited visual range, as his eyes perceive Prana rather than light of the visible spectrum (see also: Inherent Abilities). Darius will typically wrap a thin white cloth about his head, covering his eyes as a means of testing his senses.

As an Armonian human, Darius' genetic makeup is significantly different from that of a Terra-grown human. As such, the different components grown in his structure provide durability against significantly stronger forces, including increased gravitational force. He isn't bulky in muscle, but his body is very toned from frequent training. Darius typically wears a white, shirt-like garb that is similar to a gi;It has loose sleeves that end a few inches short of the elbows. He also wears a thin, wide wrap over the left shoulder, looping around Darius' midsection, and then tucked into itself (sometimes hastily so, leaving a small 'tail'). He wears loose, oriental trousers rolled up to the upper part of his calves. Around his arms and legs, he wraps white training tape and cloth. These wraps extend from Darius' elbows to his palms, and likewise from his knees, along his calves to his feet.


Darius is unusually calm and composed in demeanor for someone of his age. Unlike most Terran humans at the same stage of life, he seems to be much more comparable in nature to an elderly scholar, or a monk. Darius possesses what some might refer to as "wisdom beyond his years," and is deeply insightful regarding spiritual or moral matters. He is extremely sharp of mind, and his retention of information, deductive skills, and studiousness have honed him into a skilled tracker.

In general, Darius attempts to maintain a light-hearted disposition. He is not entirely sage-like, as he also seeks fun and enjoyment like a 'normal' human teenager. He is conflict-avoidant as often as possible, seeking as few quarrels as possible and inciting minimal contention. When there is a conflict, however, Darius will not hesitate to take any required action.

His most basic principle is to maintain spiritual equilibrium and growth; both of which can only come by positive interaction, teamwork, and peace-seeking. Maintaining such an equilibrium not only helps him maintain complete focus, but allows him to utilize Prana with greater precision.

Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

Darius' eyes are exceptionally unique among Terrans, or even Armonians. They receive "spiritual light" rather than physical (photonic) light, allowing him to view the world in function of the presence of Prana. By receiving the distinct wavelengths of Prana, he can visualize the surrounding environment with surprising precision due to the presence of Residual and Universal Prana (forms of Prana which are normally invisible to the naked eye), which give depth to the world he sees. However, specific detail is not as easily discerned, and can be compared to observing something through murky water.

By nature, Darius surrounds himself with a sphere of Prana from within his ports (see Soul Components), "illuminating" his surroundings with Prana to compensate for the lack of distinct detail that Residual and Universal Prana cannot give. As a result, this also provides him with a "sixth sense" of sorts that stems from the synchrony between Prana and the Soul: Darius can nigh-immediately gain insight from anything within his vicinity (or rather, the boundaries of the Prana sphere) without having to rely on visual contact.

Darius manipulates Prana, and has in fact mastered Pranabending. The command he displays over the energy is extremely extensive as a result of his Soul Phantasm, despite the fact that he spent the majority of his life isolated in the mountains of Terra.

Notably, Darius' Prana Circuits within his Spiritual Body are greatly enhanced. Each individual circuit of the network, along with their Ports, is readily accessible and redirectable for efficiency in ease of access to Prana. They are also capable of sustaining more than fourfold the pressure of normal Prana Circuits. As such, his Prana Pool has an unusually high capacity. This occasionally leads to a process known as Ethereal Mitosis in which his Spiritual Body partitions his existing Prana Pool to create a completely new one, by means of forming additional Nodes (or "focus points" for Prana) on his Circuits.

Over time, and with extensive meditation and concentration, Darius is capable of flooding a certain portion of his Circuits, expanding and stretching them until they bloat to resemble his original Prana Pool. This allows him to internally sustain a large concentration of Prana throughout different portions of his body, by redirecting the aether towards specific Meshes. Although these "Pseudo-Pools" cannot gather Prana, they can hold Prana at different points of his Spiritual Body to provide instant accessibility to Ports.

Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

  • Prana Hyperaffinity: Darius has an extremely high affinity with Prana. Aside from being one of the rare individuals who have the inherent potential to interact with Prana, this specific affinity allows him to have a near-absolute dominion over his own Prana, and a vast degree of control over Prana in general. Additionally, his almagenetic makeup favors the usage and production of excess Prana, to the extent that he exclusively favors utilizing it over the more-common Mana to an incredible extent of control.


  • Nirvana: The Domain of spiritual completeness and absoluteness of the highest degree. It is the source of his Prana Hyperaffinity and overall heightened capabilities of his soul.


  • Sun Pendant: Darius wears a small pendant of a sun around his neck. Not much is known of the significance of the pendant, nor when or how he acquired it. It is crafted from a metal that is foreign to Terra.
  • Zeraphium Weights: Darius wears strapped to him a series of plates and bars made of the condensed hypermetal, Zeraphium. The weights are designed to simulate the gravitational force of Armonia on Darius’ body -- one bar is equivalent to 18kg, and one plate is equivalent to 20kg. He received these weights during his travels with Alexander Knight. Darius regularly makes use of these weights in order to train and maintain a peak physical condition. The dangerous practice of wearing the weights under almost all conditions has drastically enhanced his already-fit frame. Darius currently wears three bars on each arm and leg and eight plates on his torso.


Darius excels at close-quarters combat. While on the offensive, Darius will almost invariably attempt to close the distance between him and his opponent, as melee range is where he is the most comfortable. His training and his lean physique both favor his preferred method of combat, enabling him to rush down his opponents with multiple powerful strikes before it even becomes possible for an opponent to respond. By putting the opponent on the defensive immediately, Darius gains a favorable position in combat.

If the rushdown gambit does not work for the circumstance, Darius needs simply to remain in his stance. When on the defensive, Darius focuses on his extrasensory capabilities with Prana in order to outmaneuver any attacks or counterattacks.

Darius is not only strengthened physically, but also spiritually--this gives him extraordinary endurance. He overwhelms ranged or less mobile opponents, and is capable of outlasting physically strong melee opponents (even those stronger than him) just as easily. His durability extends to mental fortitude, as well. With great attention to detail and perceptive talent, he is an exceptional analyst and strategist. Although he can extend his Prana for miles while in a meditative state, in battle he has a limited capacity of extension to conserve his Prana. Beyond his area of influence he can be vulnerable to extremely-high-velocity projectiles.


Alter Timeline

Cult of Ustream

Darius is exceedingly loyal to the Knight family. His fidelity to the name and his friendships with both Alexander and Valerie stem from the great kindness shown to him by Alexander's older brother when he was first found in the mountains. Outside of the Knight family, Darius has befriended much of the Cult on the world of Euthora. He expresses a general friendliness to all who he meets, believing it important and constructive to foster positive relationships wherever possible.

  • Alexander Knight: Darius was extremely close to Alexander Knight as good friends. They easily created a bond together, just as Darius had with Alexander's older brother, Brian. He felt a sense of duty and indebtedness to the Knight family after Alexander's death, prompting him to stay with the Cult.
  • Azzan Dmitryus:
  • Brian Knight: Up until Brian's death, Darius had been in nearly constant contact with him. They had formed a powerful friendship.
  • Espira Xirro: The surface-value friendliness between Espira and Darius is invariably coupled with the electrifying conflict between the anti-hero attitude of Espira and the peace-seeking protectiveness of Darius. With Espira, Darius experiences an underlying tension of challenge and begrudging respect. Espira's actions threaten to undermine Darius' otherwise tranquil demeanor.
  • Shadow Version 27:
  • Valerie Knight: He has always been closely tied with the Knight family, as he is also close to Valerie Knight.


Darius comes from the world of Armonia, although he has no recollection of his coming about to Terra. Darius' past is little spoken of, although by word of his own mouth he lived much of his life high in the mountains, surviving on the land and seeking solace in an ancient, abandoned sanctuary. He grew to realize capabilities that are extremely unique -- his Pranabending capabilities.



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