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Prana (also known informally as Spirit Energy) is one of the Primordial Aethers of the Manaverse.

Prana is passively generated by souls, and is also a building block of a soul's structure. Thus, it is considered to be essentially a "life force" in the Manaverse. Prana is closely associated with the spiritual body, particularly the Soul Component. It can be used similarly to Mana in magic, but this practice is far less common.


Prana occurs naturally as an aether and is elementally-neutral in its normal state. Much like the properties of Mana, Prana can be in a plasma state and also be elementally charged to harmonize with parts of the Elemental Spectrum.

Prana itself, because it is Primordial Energy of life, shows unique properties when it interacts with a functioning soul. Prana can harmonize with the emotions of a soul and alter its state into different properties depending on that certain emotion. The capability of its use is also expanded or inhibited by this form of emotional manipulation (See: Willpower).

Residual Form

Prana, as an aether, is not entirely exclusive to a life form. Whenever a life form interacts with the world around it, it leaves something known as Residual Prana.

Residual Prana, by definition, is Prana that is imprinted onto objects, locations or even other beings via interaction with the soul. The vast majority of Residual Prana that is passed between beings is less than significant as it is very simple emotional information that can be overwritten or erased as it is absorbed by other beings. This type of Residual Prana does not cling to anything and is either absorbed or dissipated.

The stronger form of Residual Prana, which one can be more consciously aware of, is the type of Prana that is strongly imprinted via strong emotions or emotional states. Residual Prana in this state can be strongly linked subconsciously by individuals as they experience strong emotions/emotional states with objects, places or other individuals. This type of Prana imprints an individual’s soul with the emotional information it carries and cannot be easily overwritten because of it. Prana in this state can be felt in large locations such as shrines, hallowed battlegrounds or in smaller areas like a room or within objects. In that sense, it is often referred to as being the “atmosphere” of the area.

Universal Form

Universal Prana is the term for the vast amount of Prana that has neither been completely absorbed or strongly imprinted by living beings. This vast system of Residual Prana is irrevocably connected subconsciously by all beings' souls as each being goes through a residual spiritual cycling of imprinting and being imprinted upon. Because of this, Universal Prana takes on a more web-like structuring which each "thread" or "channel" of Prana being tethered to individuals, planets, or planetary systems.

Despite being not strongly imprinted Prana, Universal Prana possesses small traces of emotional information that can conglomerate in locations or within individuals that harmonize with that same emotional state. Emotionally-altered Prana can also travel through the Universal threads that tether all beings when said individuals attract it with emotional harmonization. This can be referred to as "emotional communication."



Prana is created by the soul and serves as a self-sustaining aether to its own existence; this means that in many cases, an excess buildup of Prana can accumulate within one's soul and create a workable pool of Prana in the same vein Mana collects in a given organism.


Despite there being techniques or methods that could be used to trigger Prana as an energy, much like Magic, ultimately the capability entirely relies on the subject’s soul, or more accurately, its inherent quality to use Prana.

Prana Usage, unlike Mana Usage, is completely dependent on the soul. Unlike Mana, Prana is entirely subjective, and only a limited number of individuals can use it efficiently despite all beings possessing it. Thus said, Prana both relies on the soul’s compatibility to actively use it outside of subconscious interaction and the amount of residual Prana that the soul can pool together.

Despite there being two separate prerequisites a being must have in order to use Prana as a resource for interacting consciously and more meaningfully with the world around it, many individuals can possess one and automatically obtain the other. An individual’s soul may pool large amounts of residual Prana within oneself but never have the potential to access it; however, the potential to access one’s Prana can naturally increase one’s Prana reserves as the soul feels to replenish it further.


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