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The Manaverse is the name given to a universe that is shared by several canons, all of which operating under the same fundamental rules. It is primarily characterized by the existence of a harmonizing energy eponymously known as Mana. The continued existence of the Manaverse and all that it encompasses is made possible by "reality," which is comparable to a metaphysical membrane that occupies the Manaverse known as the Fabric.

Primordial Aethers

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One of the most basic characterizing features of the Manaverse is the existence of several unique aetheric energies, each with their own purposes in the grand scheme of the universe's makeup. Certain aethers that exist throughout the Manaverse are given the distinction of being one of four Primordial Aethers. A Primordial Aether is defined as an aether that plays an important function to maintaining the universe, or otherwise exists a "building block." In particular, Mana is considered the highest-tiered Primordial Aether due to its fundamental importance to the continued existence of the Manaverse. Prana, meanwhile, falls into the category of being a "building block" of the universe, whereas Eon and Excess exist as regulators of sorts.

There are also other energies in the Manaverse, notably Vykra and Vorpal. There are no particular categorical descriptions for these energies (as with the Primordial Aethers), as they tend to be fairly local in nature.


Main Article: Mana

As stated above, Mana is the eponymous aether of the Manaverse, and is considered to be the most important of the Primordial Energies. It is the predominant source of Magic, and is a vital component to the continued function of souls and, thus, life. Souls cannot function properly without the existence of Mana. Its nature is that of "harmonization"; Mana seeks equilibrium with the media with which it interacts, leading to planetary and environmental Mana Cycles. It attunes itself with the environment and as it flows, Mana allows this equilibrium to exist everywhere in nature. For example, the aether might elementally-shift into Nature Mana and allow plant life to spread, or establish a Water-elemental cycle with rivers and oceans.

Although it is not a Primordial Energy, Mana has a direct opposite in the form of the energy known as Malice. At the most basic level, the functions of the two energies are essentially the same; Malice is a primary source of Magic, and is also a perfectly viable component for souls. But rather than harmonizing with its surroundings, Malice instead has a nature of "consumption." It seeks to consume and assimilate everything with which it interacts into itself.


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Eon is the aether responsible for spatial and temporal segregation in the grand scheme of the Manaverse. Eon resists change and commands. It exists primarily outside of "conventional" reality, where it condenses into membranes known as Eonbranes. These Eonbranes act as an otherworldly equivalent of gravity for the purposes of "anchoring" dimensions and even timelines. It leaks into the material world rather frequently, allowing for its usage by certain species -- notably, Sky Serpents. Eon also is responsible for the upkeep of interplanetary nodes that transfer Mana throughout the universe, known as Manacles. Its nature is that of "eternity"; it is an energy that cannot be altered by principle; thus, it cannot be used to fuel Magic.


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Excess is the restorative force in the fabric of reality. It is chaotic and orderless, and is spontaneously generated by stimulation of the Fabric, most commonly in trace amounts in the execution of Magic. It decays extremely rapidly after coming into existence, and is the primary force which drives the Fabric to normality after it has been altered.


Main Article: Prana

Prana is the aether associated with spiritual energy. Strictly speaking, Prana can be considered a "life force" in the Manaverse. It is closely tied with the spiritual body -- particularly the Soul Component. It exists in a cyclical nature with the soul's structure; Prana functions as a building block of the soul's structure, and is also passively generated by souls. It is also a secondary, much less commonly-used source of Magic.

The Fabric





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