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Kaichrona is a dimension which exists outside of any timeline. Its inhabitants, the Kaichronans, created it after achieving the technology to move between timelines. Kaichrona has a ubiquitous presence in the Manaverse due to their ability to send agents anywhere in space-time, and their mandate of collecting Faith energy by preventing random catastrophes throughout the universe.


Kaichrona's geography is almost wholly comprised of a plain of what appears to be golden grass. These plains are endless, as they are not part of any planet, but are actually the dimension itself.

Major Landmarks

Within the plains is a single city, itself called Kaichrona as well, that was founded by the Kaichronans. The city sprawls out larger than any city on a planet would be able to, with very few tall buildings. In the center of Kaichrona is the Council Hall-- the tallest building in the city.


Kaichronan society is very structured and thorough; every single citizen is accounted for, owing to their advanced technology which is capable of keeping track of everyone, and the convenience of having their world comprised of a single city. Most of their population is devoted to a specific cause the society holds: furthering their influence and dominion over time. Recognizing that they cannot attain their full potential in this regard by technology alone, they have set their collective gaze on a promising new means-- Faith energy. In order to harvest this resource, Kaichrona perceives opportunities throughout the Manaverse which would appear to be abundant in latent Faith energy. The vast majority of the time, these will be periods where disaster or strife are occurring, where imperiled lives would benefit from a savior appearing and guiding them through the tragedy. Kaichronan agents are sent to be these mysterious heroes, to appear as divine intervention within the calamity and leave the lives they save to be forever grateful to them-- and thus, granting them Faith energy. When Kaichronan agents are sent on these missions, they do not know what the danger is or how they might go about preventing it from the beginning, and throughout the course of their visit, they are always capable of adversely affecting the place they have traveled to, or proving incapable of overcoming the threatening force and fulfilling their mission.


Kaichronan technology is unbelievably advanced, allowing them to travel between Kaichrona and any point in any timeline. Weapons and armor tend to dramatically increase a Kaichronan's natural affinity to the flow of time, and are often designed for the user to take advantage of it in many ways. Despite this, much of their technology has the aesthetic of much older and less advanced technology.

Notable Residents


The dimension of Kaichrona was created when the Kaichronans advanced far enough in technology to be able to travel between the Manaverse's timelines. One notable event they influenced was the Algorithm's actions on Daeridune.


  • Kaichrona never sees night, for it does not even have a sun.