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Vorpal is an energy in the Manaverse that exists almost exclusively on the planet Deveron. It is, along with the energy Kivorde, central to the existence of Demons and all things pertaining to Deveron. The name is derived from the Degol word "Voral," which directly translates to "substance constant." Vorpal removes a Demon's Soul's need for an outside source of energy to continue existing.


Vorpal is the all-encompassing core building block to the Deveron world system. At an atomic scale, it is the particle that forms the particles, being infinitely small in size. Despite this, each individual particle of Vorpal is also linked to all other Vorpal particles to such a degree that the entirety of Vorpal could be considered a single entity. This entity is believed to be sub-sentient, making its own decisions and having its own motivations, without directly impressing them as absolute requisites in the sentience it bestows upon Demonkind. It structures objects, physics and concepts within Deveron to every absolute detail. As such, it remains a mystery how or why it grants individualistic sentience to Demons, or why this is given only to the one form of life living within Deveron.

Vorpal is a mostly passive existence, willing to cooperate. This is why Demons, despite being Vorpal phenomena themselves, can tame the flow of wild Vorpal. Vorpal would be subject to the inputs of other energies without any resistance if not for the existence of and the nature of its relationship with Kivorde.

Wild Vorpal

Wild Vorpal (also known as Existence Vorpal or by the Degol term Vyrol meaning "wild entity") is the free-flowing, intricately-linked Vorpal substance that makes up everything within and related to Deveron. This ultimate force impresses its designs on Demons and can be quickly melded with the Demon's own thoughts and emotions. While this is a constant occurrence, it is subtle to such a degree that it is rarely noticed if ever, and rather unlikely to be directly followed. It is, however, a major cause of the higher-than-normal emotional and instinctual responses Demons tend to have as opposed to most other beings in the Manaverse.

Tamed Vorpal

Tamed Vorpal (also referred to as Substance Vorpal or by the Degol word Vrokil, translated as "essence force") is the phenomena of Vorpal taking form. The act of "taming" Vorpal is what allows the energy to shape the existence of objects, structures, life, and Demons themselves. Despite Demons being made up of, and constantly stimulated by Vorpal, they share a relationship with the entity in which they can become the influence and affect it in return. The sentience within a Demon is linked with the wild Vorpal flow at a subconscious level, and all the way to a conscious awareness of such a degree that they can speak directly to its flow and suggest concepts for it to produce.

Despite the seemingly simple nature of the task of taming, it has been long forgotten of Demons that this is the process in which they perform their supernatural tasks. The reason for this is that Demons are no longer aware of their connection, as they go through the Kivorde medium to make the link; Kivorde being a non-sentient, lifeless, practically mechanical governing entity that rules the link between Vorpal and Demons.

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