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Deveron is a planet-world that is splintered into seven continental dimensions, one of which being completely unknown to its inhabitants. The name is interpreted to mean "The Great, Living World" with the literal translation being "Living World High-Sentient." It is also the name of the principle dimension of this broken realm. The world lives in its own broken time-space, and any being that would attempt space exploration from within this world (or in other words, try to escape the world by leaving the atmosphere) enters into a rift that releases them into another dimension of Deveron.


The world is subdivided according to its geography due to the nature of Kivorde. It is unknown what the geography of Deveron would be were it not divided. One of the many peculiarities of the world is that the weather experienced in one dimension, the position of the sun and the time of day is the exact same in all others; leading off to the idea that the world was splintered into the same time-space but in different planes of existence. Another aspect of the Deveron dimensions is that the sky's color is altered by an over-arching hue specific to each dimension called "Radiance", which the dimension experiences all day, every day. Each dimension is "rounded" in the sense that if you continued in one direction, you can, in fact, circumference the dimension; it is not known, however, whether the dimensions are individual spheres or if one eventually sees and steps through a "loop rift."


The chief dimensional continent of Deveron. It is mostly boreal, containing plains and temperate forests. There are no bodies of water larger than small to average-sized streams. The majority of cross-dimensional rifts are found here, resulting in its being considered the central dimension of the cluster. It has an orange radiance, giving off the effect of an eternal twilight throughout the day.


Roughly meaning "The Life Hunt." Properly spelled Delvlezha, it literally translates to "Living World-Act Conflict." This dimension is found to be nearly all tropics, rainforest and jungle. Trees of every variety liberally pepper the the face of this realm. Rivers are also a prevelent feature, although the sources and ends of these rivers are not to be found as they quite literally run into themselves. Its name gives reference to the common practice of the area, in that this dimension is the main hub for the Demon Headhunt (see Culture). Demons that make this dimension their home are often very powerful, due to the fact that if they weren't, they would have been hunted out. It is tinted by a violet radiance, giving an illuminated, midnight feel that adds to the vivid beauty of the dimension.


Meaning "Place of the Living Mountain." Literal translation being "Place Life Mountain." Unless one is underground, being "below sea level" is impossible in Keldemen. Mountains, rolling hills, beautiful lakes, and a dazzling blue radiance form this dimension. The absolute beauty of Keldemen has had such a profound effect on any that enter, that it has become unwritten law among Demons to protect its beauty. Any conflicts or battles that do emerge are to be put on suspension until the participants can either find a private, secluded location, or they move to a different dimension altogether. It is the center of many spiritual beliefs among Demons. It has also become a place where Demons may perfect their artistic skills, most notably that of the MyroTi, who are the major defenders of Keldemen's sanctity.

A key location is the great mountain Zhimen, which is taken to mean "Heart of the Mountain." While not the tallest of Keldemen's mountains, it is located at what is believed to be the center of the dimensional plane and the endless mountain range. It has become a focal point for Keldemen spiritualists, and is guarded almost religiously by the MyroTi clan. In hundreds of locations along the mountain's base are natural indentations that form flat cliff faces. At these locations spiritualists pay their respects to Keldemen by embedding hand made blades, spears and so forth, never to be removed as long as the mountain lives.


Meaning "Endless Sand​s." Literal translation being "Sand Timeless." A massive desert realm that is only interrupted by the occasional drylands, canyons and barren rock plains. The yellow radiance gives the regions' name a literal feel of an endless desert in all directions. Water can be found in abundance at the bottom of canyons in massive rivers, but otherwise is non-existent. It is easily the most dangerous of the six known dimensions, and not just because of its terrain. Most of the prominent, unique creatures found in all of Deveron make this their home. Due to the extreme conditions of Murthul, it has become a training ground for Demons to practice their survival skills.


Meaning "​Division Islands​." Properly spelled Razhumeon with the literal translation being "Multiple Division Land-Sea." All of the world's great oceans, seas and salt water are found in this dimension. Innumerable volcanic islands dot the massive ocean. It is easily the largest of all dimensions and has become a prime realm for living, as Demons and clans will claim islands as their own. Due to the competitive nature of Demons, however, it has also become the prime location for clan wars and feuds. It has a green radiance which, combined with the massive blue of the seas, gives off a feel that the world is upside-down.


Meaning "Blizzard Song." Literal translation being "Sky-Cold Sound(musical)" Despite Deveron's peculiar weather, ​Niloger is always cold and most often frozen. Snow, glaciers, tundra, frozen rivers and frost-bitten forests is the standard appearance. Interestingly, it also contains volcanic attributes, such as magma beds, hot springs, barren mud fields and the like. While there are no true mountains on Niloger, the only volcanic regions throughout all of Deveron are found here. It has a red radiance that reflects off of the ice and snow, giving an almost bloody appearance.


Meaning "World of Shadow." Literal translation being "Image-Dark World." The seventh dimension that has been lost and forgotten. It is almost entirely flat save for the ancient structures of a time before Deveron's division that populate its barren landscape. It is nearly devoid of life; there is no water to sustain it. The plane is in a state of absolute darkness to such a degree that nearly all introduced light is suffocated. Despite this, the effects of light can be felt as if there were no darkness at all.

As of Standard Canon Time, the dimension is unknown. However there are myths and legends alluding to such a place, and the occasional story of Demons that found themselves "lost in a realm of black" while traveling between rifts. Interestingly, any being that has traveled between dimensions via natural rift passes through Ziover, however infinitely brief the instant is. It is a lost realm nearly every Demon has been to.



The only sentient race of Deveron are humanoid creatures self-labeled as "Demons", whereas their actual name is believed to be Vodera, roughly meaning "Living Being." Their appearance is not dissimilar with the iconic image of a demon, having reptilian hide-skins as opposed to flesh and wings with a span generally equal to half-again their height. Their hide color is greatly influenced by the radiance of the world in which they are hatched in, the normal colors being shades deeper reds, orangish brown metals such as bronze, gold, deep greens, blues, deep violets, silvers or black.

Native Species



Main Article: Degol


Demons use very little technology beyond that of what humans would consider primitive hand tools. They do almost everything by hand or by magic.


There are no true organized religions in Deveron, but there are many myths, legends and cultural beliefs that shape a lot of Demon behavior. The most prominent beliefs are that of the Six Kings, Keldemen Spiritualism and the Hirasu Legacy.

Six Kings: One of the most common beliefs in Demon culture is that of the six demon Kings of which the six known dimensions are named after. It is believed that they are the initial founders of Deveron and reigned over it as a group. The belief is that the six either began to fight over jurisdiction, rite of rule and so forth until they eventually split from eachother, taking parts of Deveron for themselves and forming the six dimensions. Many believe they still live as some form of supernatural beings that govern the workings of the dimensions, while others believe they died off; and still others believe that they were sealed away.

Keldemen Spiritualism: Demons are, on average, highly attune with nature and culturally believe that everything has a spirit or life to it. Those that adhere to Keldemen Spiritualism believe that all life originates from the Great Mountain dimension itself, with the Zhimen mountain operating as a heart that pulses Keldemen's life-giving force across all of Deveron. Many clans have taken to protecting the sanctity of Keldemen, the most prominent being the MyroTi.

Hirasu Legacy: The legend passed down through the Hirasu clan. It holds the belief that a demon called Hirasu had become the most powerful Demon of all. He had become so great that he challenged the six Demon Kings and after defeating them, sealed them away into six weapons. He hid these weapons away before simply disappearing from history. It is believed that if the six weapons were ever reunited that Hirasu would return, or that the individual who reunited the weapons would gain Hirasu's eleged matchless power. Two of these weapons have actually been found, one is had by the Hirasu clan and the other by MyroTi. No progress has been made on determining whether they do, in fact, hold sealed beings within.


Clans: A clan unit consists of two espoused individuals operating as the Clan Head. Further members of a clan are considered to be the "children" of the Clan Head, whether there is a blood relation or not. Nearly all clans utilize blood pacts to integrate new members, symbolizing their admittance into the family. Generally, a clan stakes land claims on Razhmeon islands to form their village like community hubs, effectively meaning each individual clan is its own 'country.' A Demon is free to determine is clan allegiance at any time of his life, but is usually done at the start adulthood.

Clan Relations: Clan leadership are responsible for establishing relations with other clans. This includes clan allegiances, merges, marriages, feuds, and so forth. Most clan relations are generally begun when a marriage is to take place and terms need to be set for clan accommodations. Generally the female joins with the male's clan, but this is not always the case.

Demons are free to seek out and even join other clans as a surrogate member, as long as the individual is willing to abide under the leadership of the clan and meets with all of its requirements. Surrogate clan members are never considered part of the clan family, no matter how integrated they become, unless the Demon is released of his clan family or renounces his familial connection, in which cases the Demon is free to open a new blood pact. However familial severance generally leads to utter banishment, so it is rarely done.

Trade: Demons have no coinage or any other form of currency, the closest to such being precious metals. Trade is dealt with by a free exchange system. Demons will either swap for possessions; offer time, talents and skills, or even challenge the other for the desired item. Occupations are generally determined by clan alignments, as each clan generally has a specialized trade.


Notable Characters


Most of Deveron's history is completely lost as Demons are not very keen at keeping records of historical nature. Demon knowledge aside, Deveron's history can be divided into three major categories: [One], [Two], [Three].





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