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The Prologue of Cult of Ustream canon, also known as Season Zero, is the period of time that marks the beginning of the canon proper. Set in the Alter Timeline and signalling the beginning of the period known as Standard Canon Time, this segment of the canon follows the formation of the titular group, the Cult of Ustream. Formed by a collection of various individuals led by the Shapeshifter Jason Shaver and his second-in-command, achlymperist Lord X-Giga-X, the Cult settles into the country of Ustream on the planet Euthora, and find themselves met with many challenges from the local residents.


The prologue of this canon focuses on events taking place during a period prior to Season One lasting several months. This section of the canon encompasses the first encounter between Jason Shaver and Lord X-Giga-X, the formation of the Cult of Ustream, the Cult's encounters with The Shadow Drakes, both in Ustream and the Chasm of the Unknown, and the group's conflicts against the canon's first antagonists, the dracoimperist Drake Kuro and the dragons under his control. However, it is currently undetermined what exactly happened during this period.


The currently accepted timeline of events, derived loosely from the events of this period in the "oldcanon" (the colloquial name for a previous iteration of the canon), is as follows. The following summary is subject to change entirely upon being roleplayed properly.

Cult's Formation

Prior to the formation of the Cult, the achlymperist and dracoimperist Lord X-Giga-X, and the Armored Wyvern-Hydra hybrid Grodisflare were forced to Euthora from Terra by unknown means following the events of Organization G-X. After several days of exploring their new surroundings, the pair finds themselves in a forest within Ustream, where Lord X-Giga-X decides to tinker with his death ray. During the procedure, the weapon misfires, nearly hitting a passerby: the Shapeshifter Jason Shaver [why is he here?]. Startled, Jason shapeshifts instinctively, attempting to flee in his wolf form. Lord X-Giga-X gives chase after the fleeing Shapeshifter, although initially annoyed to find out he was seemingly chasing a wolf. As a result, he attempts to kill Jason. During the resulting conflict, Lord X-Giga-X discovers the Shapeshifter's abilities, and is able to defeat him. However, the Plated Firedrake Mimring Thunderscale appears, interfering in the fight and thus saving Jason's life. The human and the Shapeshifter have a brief conversation [about what?] before eventually parting ways [why? / on what terms?].

Some time later, Jason comes across an abandoned Seotaran military outpost that would later be repurposed into the Cult of Ustream Headquarters. Needing a place to stay [why?], he settles into the building. He ultimately ends up staying long-term in order to to "take in" lost or injured travelers in the region, so as to help them regain their bearings. One such traveler includes Lord X-Giga-X himself [why?]. While some of them ended up going their own way after getting a grasp of the area, most remained in the building and eventually become known as the Cult of Ustream [why?]. Jason takes on the role of the group's de facto leader, mainly due to his role in helping everyone else who comes across the building. Lord X-Giga-X is named his second-in-command [why?].

Other members that joined the Cult at this point included Azzan "Dark" Dmitryus, David Shaver, Jack Evans, Judas Numidius, Pricilla Starkey, Shockwing, Alexander "CrazE" Knight, Skyshriek, Zane Sekouta, and Ziolang Hirasu [why?].

The Original Arc

Not much time passes [in relation to?] before Jason catches word [from whom?] of the Shadow Drakes, a trio of dragons rumored to be guarding Ustream from any threat. One of the Shadow Drakes happens to be a member of the Cult himself; Deathstorm, a dragon under mutual control of Jason's and Lord X-Giga-X's dracoimpery [why?]. His curiosity [of what?] getting the better of him, Jason directs the rest of the Cult to find the other two Shadow Drakes, Cassiel and Charos [why?]. Their searches for both were unsuccessful, but they did manage to pinpoint the location of Charos's Castle [describe location], where they find signs [what signs?] of a struggle.

The next day, Deathstorm was found to be missing [by whom? / why significant?]. When the Cult searches for him, he meets them as he is coming down from the Casrshai Range in the north. He tells them of a dracoimperist named Drake Kuro in a castle in the mountains, who used his three dragons - the Pyrespine Helix, the Golden Firedrake Volant, and the Plated Firedrake Faryx - to capture Cassiel and Charos in an effort to harness their power [why?]. Jason promptly directs the Cult to storm the castle and free the two captive Shadow Drakes. The resulting struggle ends with Kuro and his dragons fleeing the scene. The Shadow Drakes then become allies of the Cult [why? / to what end? / in what capacity?].

Battle for the Chasm

Some time passed before their next encounter with Kuro; an exploration of the Chasm of the Unknown (then colloquially known to the Cult as the Hole of Ultimate Doom) gone awry led to them meeting the counterparts of the Shadow Drakes- Pyrros, Kuthian, and Ilatrya. A brief brawl between the Cult and Kuthian, born of a misunderstanding, ended with Pyrros breaking up the fight. The leader of the Chasm's Shadow Drakes promptly ordered the Cult to be on their way, and the group complied, with the dragon acknowledging that the Cult had to find one of their members; Zane, who had wandered off and gotten separated from the main group before encountering Kuthian. They eventually found out what happened to him; one of Kuro's dragons, the Pyrespine Helix, had brutally attacked, killed, and then eaten the Cultist. Understanding now that the Chasm was in danger, the Cult rushed back to the trio of Shadow Drakes, only for the Chasm to begin collapsing. With the Shadow Drakes' help in escaping, the Cult managed to find its way back to Ustream, where they encountered Kuro and his dragons. Another difficult battle ensued, during which Kuro managed to very briefly take control of Jason and Mimring, but ultimately ended in Kuro's death. Lord X-Giga-X took the corpse for whatever reason, and after a brief encounter with Zane's spirit, the Cult returned to Headquarters.

The Dark Traitor

The next day, as Lord X-Giga-X was attempting to find a way to revive Zane, Kuro's own spirit managed to find its way to his body. The resulting conflict that followed resulted in the Cult's Second-in-Command freeing Grodisflare and Deathstorm as Kuro proceeded to claim control of him. The two dragons and Xibu Uif G escaped the lab as it was then destroyed as Kuro and Lord X-Giga-X fled to Kuro's Castle When Deathstorm informed the Cult of this, they sought Lord X-Giga-X out and tried to free him from Kuro's control. Instead, they found themselves in a battle with Lord X-Giga-X and his newly acquired Stellar Wyvern, Meteor Dexus, during which the dracoimperist teleported the Cult away. However, instead of teleporting them somewhere dangerous, Lord X-Giga-X managed to regain control of himself long enough to send the Cult to the edge of the Chasm. Taking the opportunity, the Cult decided to get help from the Shadow Drakes- instead running across an enigmatic castle that served as a home to the more powerful counterparts of Grodisflare and Lord X-Giga-X, Bratos and Acento Bane. After convincing Acento to help, the Cult returned to Ustream and began a long and mostly fruitless search for their Second-in-Command, eventually finding him, Kuro, and Kuro's dragons back at the castle. Once again, they battled, only managing to prevail with Acento's help against his Ustream counterpart. With Lord X-Giga-X distracted by Acento, Jason was able to break Kuro's concentration long enough for Lord X-Giga-X to break free and throw Kuro into a black hole, effectively killing him for good. Kuro's three dragons were spared this fate and fled.


Dramatis Personae

Cult of Ustream

  • Lord X-Giga-X:
  • Grodisflare:
  • Jason Shaver:
  • Mimring Thunderscale:
  • David Shaver
  • Azzan "Dark" Dmitryus
  • Jack Evans
  • Judas Numidius:
  • Pricilla "Starr" Starkey:
  • Shockwing:
  • Alexander "CrazE" Knight:
  • Skyshriek:
  • Zane:
  • Ziolang Hirasu:
  • Xibu Uif G:
  • Giag
  • Cosmic Meteor Dexus:

The Shadow Drakes

  • Deathstorm:
  • Cassiel:
  • Charos:

Chasm of the Unknown Counterparts

  • Pyrros:
  • Kuthian:
  • Ilatrya:
  • Kiryu Teirakh
  • Acento Bane:
  • Bratos:


  • Drake Kuro:
  • Helix:
  • Faryx:
  • Volant:

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  • As this era has never been officially roleplayed in the 'reboot' of the canon, there is no "official" record of what occurred. As such, the majority of the events detailed on this page are derived from loose details from the "oldcanon" version of Cult of Ustream canon, and are subject to change.
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