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Steve McGrenan


3 (Standard Canon Time)




Sky Serpent




Currently Unknown

Soul Phantasms

Eonbending, Aeroimpery ​


Cult of Ustream


Sceneka Del (mother, deceased), unnamed father (unknown), Scena Del (sister, deceased), Ikem Kierrmi (son), Zheya Kierrmi (mate)

"...I just can't go that far... no matter how much I'd like to hurt you by hurting your own. That's what sick people like you have taught me. I realize now... that I'm literally walking your steps, aren't I?"
— Shockwing to Zaiek, Cult of Ustream Season 2

Shockwing (Birth name Xjinsuo Del, meaning "Bright Being of the Valley" )is a Sky Serpent from Euthora. Originally born on the Euthorica Islands, Shockwing's family moved to the Euthoran country of Seotara when Shockwing was still young in order for his father, a scholar, to research the Manacle there.

In the Prime Timeline, Shockwing appears in Dissonant Rhapsody canon. It is currently undetermined what sort of a role he will play.

In the Alter Timeline, in Cult of Ustream canon, Shockwing is adopted from an early age by Pricilla Starkey. He later joins the Cult of Ustream with her, under the given moniker of Steve McGrenan. Shockwing serves as the laboratory assistant and research aide to Pricilla, to whom he also becomes mentally linked as a Familiar.


Shockwing, in his natural form, is a midnight-blue serpent with a lighter shade of Prussian-blue back plates and horns.

Human Form

Although born a Sky Serpent, Shockwing can be most frequently found in his human form. In this form, he stands at an average height of 5'11", although he tends to wear clothing that slightly exaggerates his height. Shockwing has pale blond hair of medium length. He wears his hair a bit messy, with parts of his hair on either side of his head forming distinctive 'horns.' He has sea-blue eyes, matching his Sky Serpent form's scales. Shockwing's typical wardrobe, as a human, consists of a tan coat that stretches past his waist, kept tight to his body by a dark brown belt. As an accessory, or perhaps out of convenience, he wears a pair of goggles around his neck. He wears a simple white undershirt, brown pants, and a pair of low-top boots that are also a deep brown.


Shockwing is bubbly, sociable, and friendly when he is not under any mental stress. He tries to be genuinely respectful, polite, and even playful towards everyone he meets, perhaps even to a fault. Often, this rubs others the wrong way, such as in his interactions with Lord X-Giga-X, who already holds an immense distaste for Sky Serpents.

As time has gone on, Shockwing has matured, developing a better comprehension of the overall tone of social interactions. As he grows older, he is able to change his mannerisms to reflect those that he is speaking with. This adaptation appears to be as a result of the nature of his mental link to his master, Pricilla Starkey. His bond to her as a Familiar is an overall boost to his morale.

Being faced with some sort of adversity causes Shockwing to 'harden' his personality, in a sense. Put simply, he fears failure and does not like feeling as though he has messed up. In tougher times, he is able to sense that there is something of importance on the line. Shockwing often feels pressured to avoid the sort of situation that triggers this sort of reaction.

Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

  • Serpent Speed: As with other Sky Serpents, Shockwing possesses an immense amount of speed. He has a slim and nimble body that enables him to be quite flexible. He has quick reaction times and is also able to strike swiftly.

Learned Skills

  • Medical Knowledge: As a research aide to Pricilla Starkey (in the Alter Timeline), Shockwing gains a great deal of proficiency in medical knowledge. He is particularly skilled at non-surgical fields of medicine, such as working with chemicals and plants. He is good at identifying different plants and biological matter, as well as applying them in his work. He is nearly able to match his master in terms of surgical procedures, however his nerves often get the better of him. The more nervous he is, the more prone he is to forgetting important details.
At the conclusion of the story arc pertaining to the Black Assassin in Season One of Cult of Ustream canon, Shockwing shows an aptitude in reviving others from the dead, much like his master. He later admits that he feels this was a stroke of luck, rather than his actual knowledge of how to revive his allies.


Soul Phantasms

  • Aeroimpery: Shockwing's use of his aeroimpery is dependent upon which form he is currently assuming. He is still learning to better control his use of the manipulation of wind, but his skill is growing rapidly. In both forms, he is able to move more swiftly by using the air around him to speed himself up. While in his human form, he can create a wind funnel beneath himself to float gently around, or even relocate himself out of convenience. More combat- or fighting-based applications of his aeroimpery include sucking the air out of others' lungs, effectively suffocating them. Shockwing can also displace his enemies or damage structures by blasting gale-forced winds at them.
  • Eonbending: A signature ability of Sky Serpents, Shockwing has the inherent ability to manipulate Eon and use it to execute a variety of attacks.




Simply put, Shockwing's fighting style revolves around utilizing his innate speed as a Sky Serpent. He is most comfortable when he has put distance between himself and his enemies, preferring to make use of a "zone of control" by utilizing long-ranged attacks. When around other Sky Serpents of his kind, Shockwing finds himself much more daring in combat.



Cult of Ustream

Shockwing is generally kind and friendly to anyone he meets, almost to a fault. However, he is known to harbor a grudge if someone negatively interacts with him for a prolonged period of time.

  • Alexander Knight: Shockwing perceives CrazE as a sort of "stepfather" figure. Shockwing did not immediately harbor any notable feelings for the first year or so of being around one another. After Pricilla Starkey takes an interest in CrazE, Shockwing becomes bitter and resentful towards the human. Shockwing felt as though CrazE "shoved himself" between Pricilla and Shockwing, interrupting their relationship. Seeing CrazE and Pricilla spend more time together made Shockwing insecure. He eventually warms up to CrazE after seeing how happy he made Pricilla, and after the birth of the twins, Rye and Ringo.
  • Kyton Haryn: Shockwing regards Kyton as a capable co-worker, and appreciates that the Shapeshifter has a working knowledge of plants and medicine. However, he is somewhat suspicious of Kyton due to how Kyton "keeps everything together all the time," and as a result of him often being around Pricilla.
  • Lord X-Giga-X: Prior to his defection from the Cult, Shockwing tended to clash frequently with Lord X-Giga-X and the rest of Organization G-X. This is often as a result of a lasting racial tension from Giga.
  • Pricilla Starkey: Initially, Shockwing is extremely dependent on Pricilla. Her adopting him results in Shockwing relying on Pricilla as a caregiver. As time goes on, Shockwing regards her more amicably, growing into a very close, almost sibling-like bond. As he matures further, he feels that this relationship is strengthening into a strong romantic interest. However, as Pricilla does not return these feelings for him, Shockwing better understands his feelings as strong due to her being the only family he has. Outside of this, Shockwing acts as a moral compass and conscience for Pricilla. He keeps her grounded, as she is much more easily swayed than he is. If not for Shockwing, Pricilla would be much more ruthless as a scientist.
  • Sashna Karoseike:
  • Zaiek Kierrmi:


Early Life


  • "Well I would've let you die, but surprise surprise! You're important, good for you, you fucking blue kid!!" - Shockwing to Lord X-Giga-X after the conclusion of the Black Assassin story arc in Cult of Ustream Season One
  • "You have a clean slate at this very moment... all that's needed is what you'll do with it, Zaiek Kierrmi."


  • Shockwing's real name is "Xjinsuo Del" [1]

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