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Human/Cheetah Experiment





Soul Phantasms



Mega's Army, Organization G-X




Abatunyx is a humanoid cheetah experiment created by Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X, based on a concept conceived by a young Lord X-Giga-X. He is a member of Mega's Army, ranked within the group's Byakko Squad faction. He later becomes a member of Organization G-X under his leader's orders.

In the Prime Timeline, he joins Organization G-X under Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X's orders to assist his son during the events of Organization G-X II. He then remains with the group throughout succeeding plots in Infinitum Rokans canon.

In the Alter Timeline, he is sent to Ustream by Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X to aid his son and Organization G-X.


Abatunyx is relatively thin at a height of 5'10". While he is human-like in stature, his general appearance is similar to that of a king cheetah. Most of his body is covered by short tan fur patterned by blotched black spots, merging in various parts and forming three thick "lines" that run down his back. The back of his head is covered by thick, black fur arranged into a short ponytail. He has amber eyes, which has black marking running from their corners down to the sides of his nose and his mouth. His canines are considerable larger than the rest of his teeth. The front of his torso is covered with white fur and is not doted like the rest of his body. He has relatively thick appendages, and each of his digits has a retractable claw. He has a narrow tail 1'1" in length, with blotched spots forming 4 rings, two of which overlap each other.

In occasions of first encountering Lord X-Giga-X in both timelines, Abatunyx wore a dark brown shirt with a single, long right sleeve. Imprinted on the front of it is a black Mark of Trajodeas, with a small, curved M at the lower left corner of it, indicating his inclusion within Mega's Army. In addition to this, he wore dark brown cargo pants and a pair of black boots. He carries his Corundum Blades on his back in black sheaths. After being in Organization G-X for sometime, he adds a black windbreaker to his attire.


During the time Abatunyx has appeared in Cult of Ustream canon, he has appeared to be a rather serious individual, but somewhat arrogant at the same time.

Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

  • Aeroimpery: Abatunyx was created with the ability to manipulate the air and Wind Mana. He is able to create varying intensity of winds, from light breezes to powerful gales. He is also able to create blades of solidified air. On one occasion, he was seen attempting to alter air pressure, though the extent of this is unknown as he was interrupted.


  • Gale


  • Corundum Blades: Abatunyx wields a pair of swords with blades of differing colors, one a deep red and the other a deep blue. They get their names from their similar appearance to the ruby and sapphire variations of corundum.



Prime Timeline

Mega's Army

  • Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X:

Organization G-X

  • Lord X-Giga-X:

Alter Timeline

Mega's Army

  • Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X:

Organization G-X

  • Lord X-Giga-X:


Organization G-X

Abatunyx was created by Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X several months after the start of Organization G-X as a product of Project Abatunyx. Presumably, like other experiments created by the scientist, he went on a wild rampage before being calmed down and eventually inducted into Mega's Army.

Prime Timeline

Organization G-X II

At the beginning of Organization G-X II, Abatunyx and two other members of Mega's Army were selected by Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X to assist his elder son and Grodisflare in rescuing an old ally of Organization G-X from Cobalt Rizer's henchman and freeing the other four members of Organization G-X from his control. He later joined the rest of the newly formed Organization G-X in an assault on Cobalt's base of operations, during which he fought against the Karasito Iatagalas while Daxter Tachio deactivated a device created to detonate several bombs across the planet. Abatunyx emerged victorious from this confrontation and went to assist Lord X-Giga-X in the final battle against Cobalt, from which Organization G-X emerged victorious.

Alter Timeline

Cult of Ustream


Soon after Lord X-Giga-X and Grodisflare's disapperance, he and the members of Mega's Army stationed on Terra transferred to Euthora, relocating themselves to a station on the continent of Farixya.

Season One

At some point during Season One of Cult of Ustream canon, Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X learned of his elder son's presence in Ustream. Near the end of this timeframe, he sent Abatunyx to Ustream with the purpose of aiding him and Organization G-X.

Season Two
Main Article: Cult of Ustream (Canon)/Season Two

Abatunyx proceeded to Ustream, having a brief encounter with Kenchoi Sepain in Nienearcl along the way. He then encountered Lord X-Giga-X in southeastern Ustream, surprising the achlymperist to see his old concept having been brought into existence. He was soon after inducted into Organization G-X. During his first week in the group, he has been witness to his new leader's confrontation with Kyton Haryn, and sparred with Starlight Thunderscale and Giag.


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