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Pink Death


Unknown (appears to be in her late teens)






Euthora (?)


Soul Phantasms


Cult of Ustream



"Oh nothing special. Nearly died and did some light reading."
— Destiny, when asked about her day

Destiny (also known to the Cult of Ustream as Pink Death) was a Shinigami assigned to a case involving the collection of a soul-debt owed by the Cult of Ustream's leader, Jason Shaver.


As a Shinigami, her most defining visual characteristic is the full-body robe she wears, or perhaps is. It is colored an absolute black, while the ends and trimming of both the robe and its always worn hood are dyed a darker hot pink color. Within the hood is an absence of figure that projects visual concepts on the observer. While effectively there is no physical form, these projections build on the viewer's imaginations to produce the semblance of a nigh-featureless humanoid face with faded deep-pink eyes.

After she returns to the Cult as a mortal, Destiny changes her attire. She chooses to wear blue jeans and a pink t-shirt that seems slightly too big for her. Her lengthy blonde hair is lined with pink highlights, and falls down to the center of her back. Her eyes are a radiant light-pink color.


Destiny is analytical of everything. She has to find the most logical course of execution for all of her actions. She is somewhat suggestive and flirtatious, and is slightly morbid with her attraction to death and pain. This is displayed by her tendency to injure herself on occasion simply for the experience of pain after becoming a mortal once again. As a Shinigami, she was trained to ignore her emotions to focus them on the task at hand. Once she returned to mortality, Destiny allows her emotions to run wild and becomes rather impulsive, acting on many emotional impulses for the sake of experience.

Skills and Abilities


  • Blood Magic: [...]

Inherent Abilities

Learned Skills


Soul Phantasms

  • Destiny has no Soul Phantasms.






Cult of Ustream



Cult of Ustream

The Debt

Lasting Tenure


"Oh? But isn't doing regrettable things how we learn not to do them? I mean, whatever it is you won't know you'll even regret it until you try. It's like biting your arm for the first time. You'll never know what it tastes like if you don't try. Then once its over you can decide if its something to regret. It hurts, but at least you get your answer." - Destiny, when asked to stop Emma Isokoski from confronting Ziolang Hirasu


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