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A dragon (among many, many local names depending on the location) is a member of any species of carnivorous reptilian paraorganism or Malomorph that is called a "dragon" in its native area, often of the genus Draco, though not in all cases. A group of dragons can be known as a flight, nest, flock, or other words depending on the species and planet. They are found on most worlds in the Manaverse, and are one of the dominant races of Euthora.


Dragon appearances can vary dramatically, even among different species on the same planet. They can range in size from about that of a man to absolutely colossal beasts; they can have as many as six legs, or none at all, with or without wings; while often depicted with scales, they can also have fur, feathers, hide, or any other similar external coverings in addition to or instead of scales. Some may have horns; others may have fins. If a dragon has claws, they tend to have three to five toes with talons.

In the Manaverse, dragons tend to- but do not always- follow one of three body types based on standards in Terran mythology. Western dragons, or Saurian on Euthora, are the "typical" image of a dragon- four legs, large wings, usually quadrupedal and with scales. Eastern dragons (Serpentine on Euthora) are long, snakelike dragons with four legs, usually a furred mane, and often the ability to levitate. Wyverns are bipedal, usually scaled dragons with two legs and two wings.



Dragon abilities vary wildly between both planets and individual species. Some common abilities include fire-breathing, flight (both levitation and via wings), powerful senses, immense physical strength, and an affinity with magic. They also tend to be very long-lived and many are sapient (with some exceptions). Dragons on some planets may have the capability to develop Soul Phantasms through a primary Domain, while others may be restricted to physical inherent abilities or weaker Soul Phantasms derived from a Subdomain.





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Vindrite Dragon
Vindrite Dragon.jpg
Vindrite Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco Contriventus

Native Planet



Crystal Network

Conservation Status

Least Concern

Threat Level

D (Low) (SS [Extreme])


R (Rare)

The dragons of Vindrgard are large, powerful eastern dragons that can fly with their innate mastery over Mana. They are said to be the servants of the god Saaldyr, made in his image to cull humanity every millennium so that only the most cunning and resourceful humans will pass on their genes. These massive creatures generally leave humans alone, instead opting to settle on one of the giant floating crystals in Vindrite skies.

Though appearing to be predators, Vindrite dragons only attack other creatures in self-defense, driving off or killing large predators attempting to encroach upon the dragon's space. They consume raw Mana and crystal rather than organic matter, because these dragons are not organic themselves.

Draco Contriventus is not a living species. The dragons are more akin to golems, made out of aether and crystal under the appearance of a dragon. They claim floating crystals as their homes because this is a source of food: as they consume the crystal, they add it to their bodies, assimilating the aetheric Mana into themselves as energy. Occasionally a chunk of crystal may be split off by a grown dragon, which will eventually shape itself into what amounts to a Vindrite dragon "hatchling". This hatchling will them undergo the same growth process as the adults. When a Vindrite dragon is somehow killed, it reforms into a new crystal, ready to continue the cycle of destruction and reformation.

The natural life cycle of Vindrite Dragons is believed to have been started by the death of Kienaii, the Nidhoggr of the First Era.

The Nidhoggr