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  • Each timeline's iteration of Jason is summarized by particular ways of dealing with his fate; this also reflects the state of his Domain of the same name.
    • Prime!Jason accepts his fate, making no effort to change it. He takes things as they come, even accepting that he has to kill his own son to protect the world at large, as well as being the one to pose the idea of ending the Harmonic Era due to the state of Euthora. He never awakens his Domain, nor does his pendant affect his destiny for him.
    • Alter!Jason denies his fate, treating it as if it is not taking the path it obviously is. He refuses to acknowledge the problem when he knows his days are numbered due to his soul-debt; he disregards the fact that he will break if he continues doing things alone. His Domain awakens without manifesting a Soul Phantasm, but the fragment of his soul inside his pendant is aware enough to subtly change minor aspects of his fate in order to protect him.
    • Shiveztel (Drei) actively rebels against his fate, acknowledging it but refusing to accept it. He challenges the very chains of fate themselves when it initially appears that he is going to die, and the pendant aiding him almost immediately awakens his Domain and manifests his Soul Phantasm when Shiveztel first does this. Evading cause and effect entirely captures the interest of Careodry, who encourages Shiveztel to take charge of his own fate and shape his story however he sees fit.
  • Mordicai backstory:
    • [04:50:51] Keileon Well shit. I think I accidentally Mordicai's backstory.
    • [04:51:32] Keileon See, his given name translates to "Sorrow in Storm-Light's Memory"
    • [04:51:45] Keileon And Storm-Light is obviously a person or another dragon
    • [04:52:04] Keileon So I randomly decided to translate it
    • [04:52:14] Keileon And this was my train of thought:
    • [04:52:55] Zio Inb4 Mimring connection
    • [04:53:59] Keileon "The roots are diá and ir... And the structure of the name means it has to be in that order... Diávir? No, that's Thunderstorm... Then again, we have Starlight so... Irendiá? And that's a female name. Mother? Sister? Former mate? Someone in your family died, Mordicai, and whoever it was was female..."
    • [04:54:40] Keileon And then this as I was typing:
    • [04:55:46] Keileon "Wait no it can't be a mate, that's his given name, so it would have to be before he was named. Which means it can't be his sister either, unless she was a previous nest. ... Irendiá was his mother, and his father must have named him. Welp."
  • Euthora and its plots can be defined by two concepts that relate to most of Euthora's story, often causing said plots in the first place:
    • Humanity's search for immortality
    • The desire of dragons to dominate the planet
      • These two ideas are absolutely instrumental to Euthora's story and how the races interact. With dragons and humans prone to conflicting, even disregarding the Dissonant Era, and Shapeshifters often being caught in the crossfire, most Euthoran wars are caused by one or the other. Each side also holds the key to the other's desires, causing its own sort of unwitting war to claim said keys.
      • This gets thrown even more out of balance in the Drei Timeline, due to the interactions between humans and dragons becoming tinted by the Voderan empire and invasion.
        • Humans generally dislike the Voderan invasion. While they play at being compliant, they also start taking the dragons' desire to dominate and turning it on the Vodera, hoping that the two wipe each other out, or weaken each other enough to let humanity pick up the pieces
        • Dragons are split, though generally side with the Vodera. A few Skykings- Sundavr in particular- rebel at the thought of anyone else being equal to a king (as most dragons view the Vodera as being allies of value equal to dragons, rather than a forced occupation).
      • Of note, Shiveztel himself holds the key to humanity's acquisition of immortality, due to his domain of Fate and the ability to completely remove the inevitability of death.
  • Euthoran Constellations
    • Dragon: Pyrros. The dragon is sometimes seen "breathing fire" when the galaxy is visible. The north star is the dragon's eye.
    • Wolf: Kuthian
    • Phoenix: ???
    • Eagle: Ilatrya
    • Raven: Amceir
    • Lupynn: ???
    • Serpent: ???
    • Horse: ???
    • Stag: ???
    • Felrau: ???
    • Feniul: ???
  • Ereva vs Almathea race:
    • Ereva lost most of the traits needed for survival in wild conditions when they formed human-like civilization. While they may still have some of the sharp senses, survival instinct, and physical traits that helped them in less friendly environments, evolution has removed most of it through lack of need.
    • The Almathea race has kept these traits. They have much larger ears to catch sound more easily, longer tails with longer fur to keep warm at night, clawed toes and digitigrade feet to move easily and silently over loose soil and plant matter, and likely sharper eyesight and sense of smell than the Ereva.
    • Potential names for Almathea race: Rhivica, Auriva

Stuff found digging through logs

  • Jason: Quick example(remember this): when ground up, mixed with water, and heated to extreme temperatures, dragon scales make something called Fyreglaze, which is a coating to make weapons and armor harder to break and more resistant to heat
  • Vindrgard stuff:
    • Keileon: This brings up an... interesting point though
    • Keileon: If Vindrite dragons created and are created from the Crystal Network
    • Keileon: Which is known to create a hivemind in its human inhabitants (a weak one, but one nonetheless- humans are dependent on the crystals)

Questions for myself

  • Seotaran Manacle. What do the Seotarans think of it?

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