Ancestral Dragon

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Ancestral Dragon
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Scientific Name

Draco Primaethereus

Native Planet



Worldwide, prefer mountains

Conservation Status

Unique; only 9. Critically Endangered at SCT.

The Ancestral Dragon (scientific name Draco Primaethereus; varying Drakine names, including Aravol-Dráki "Divine Dragon" and Káférang-Dráki "High-Creation Dragon") is a species of Greater Wyvern Euthoran dragon. There are a total of nine Ancestral Dragons, including those deceased. This number is composed of Skyking Shyr and his eight offspring.

Genetically, Ancestral Dragons are said to be the most pure-blooded dragons on Euthora, as all other species resulted from their breeding with Shapeshifters. They are the most commonly depicted dragon in Euthoran heraldry and symbolism, followed closely by the True Firedrake.

Ancestral Dragons lack an Elemental Alignment, as each member of the pantheon had an equal part in creating Shyr, and despite mothering the rest of the species, they have no other inherent ties to Vol en-ait Rae.


Ancestral dragons are massive creatures, reaching hundreds of feet long with longer wingspans. As Greater Wyverns, they possess a total of four limbs- two wings and two hind legs. Wings are used as forelegs when on the ground, and are structured slightly differently from the wings of other Euthoran dragons. While most Euthoran dragons have three "wing fingers" and a clawed thumb at the "wrist" of the wing, Greater Wyverns possess a single wing finger and a tridactylous claw at the wrist. Ancestral Dragons are tetradactylous (counting the single wing finger as a digit).

Ancestrals have notably lustrous, crystalline scales with a high metal content. The crystal-like sheen of their scales is compounded with the metallic appearance, earning them a local name of Crystal Dragons in Acaran, though this term becomes less common as the Radiant Era ends.

Possessing ornate decoration about the head and tail, Ancestrals are known for having many-pointed, intricate crowns with points numbering in the double digits. Their spines carry conical, curved spikes, widely spaced along their backs and tails and primarily serving a decorative purpose.






Status at SCT

  • Skyking Shyr the Jeweled: Alive. Rests atop Aravolta Darz.
  • Skyking Ausurath the Red: Alive. Skyking of the Farixyan Protectorate.
  • Skyking Etçchakul the Gold: Deceased. Assassinated at the end of the Radiant Era. His skull adorns the seat of the High Circle in Tarik, Durasken.
  • Skyking Krthonius the Black: Exiled and deceased. Killed by the Chamemiri Tairo and his companion.
  • Skyking Tesakhar the Bronze: Animate and alive, but mindcrushed. Assimilated into the crystalline defenses of the Seotaran Manacle.
  • Skyqueen Éxúzhira the Copper: Unknown. Missing, presumed deceased.
  • Skyqueen Nálnés the Green: Deceased. Killed in battle fighting against multiple dragons under the control of Koth Grimseeker and Skyking Súndávr.
  • Skyqueen Sahiri the Blue: Deceased. Dragged to a watery death by a hive of Zulrakh.
  • Skyqueen Vinari the Silver: Deceased. Assassinated at the end of the Radiant Era.