Skyking Shyr

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Skyking Shyr
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Shyr, Skyking, Shyr Tiirenkári, Jeweled King, many titles


Exact age unknown




Ancestral Dragon




Harmony (Passive-Awakened)

Soul Phantasms



Euthoran pantheon


Skyking Ausurath, Skyking Etçchakul, Skyking Krthonius, Skyking Tesakhar (sons, all deceased by standard canon time except Ausurath); Skyqueen Éxúzhira, Skyqueen Nálnés, Skyqueen Sahiri, Skyqueen Vinari (daughters, all deceased by standard canon time)

We are bound, you and I. Bound tighter than either of us could have imagined. ... It is strange, but it is not a bad feeling. It is something that instead I feel we may enjoy.
— Shyr, to Isden Aliira

Skyking Shyr (full Drakine name Shyr Tiirenkári, Common Jeweled King of the Sky) is an Ancestral Dragon and the ancestor of all Euthoran dragons. He was the first dragon to be granted the title of Skyking and is held in the highest regard- just below the Euthoran pantheon itself- by all races of Euthora. His deceased human partner was Isden Aliira.

Shyr has no Elemental Alignment, as each member of the pantheon had an equal part in creating him.

Shyr goes by many names and titles other than his proper Drakine name and its translations into various languages. These include Original One, Great King, Rainbow Dragon, The One Who Rests Atop The World's Throne, among others. Most of these are used in formal contexts only, and are often ceremonial in nature.


The first feature one usually notices about Shyr is the dazzling glimmer of his scales. While seeming to be truly white, they are iridescent and crystalline, reflecting light in every imaginable hue of color. This shimmering expanse is broken only by subtle black markings on his wings and head, as well as small black spikes along his spine, and complemented by shimmering sapphire eyes. Shyr has a primarily quadrupedal gait, with his wings held for balance when he rises onto his hind legs. Like all Ancestral Dragons, Shyr's wings are structured as forelegs and his hind legs are perfectly capable of taking a bipedal stance for a short time.

Most of Shyr's absolutely massive length- fully three hundred feet at standard canon time- is his whiplike tail, though his neck also accounts for much of it as well. His wings are narrow compared to his overall size, but are entirely capable of sustained flight and have a span long enough to block out most of the sky. Shyr's wingspan has questionable dimensions, though judging by proportions seems to be around five hundred feet long.

Shyr's head is adorned by an intricate black crown of crests, ridges, spikes, and horns.

Burst Mode


Shyr has a calm, tranquil demeanor, radiating a warmth and kindness almost unfitting for such a massive, powerful dragon. His eyes display a soft compassion for those he speaks with, his speech clearly shows his intelligence and confidence, and in times of trouble his determination and versatility shine through. He greatly values freedom, even going so far as to allow someone to insult him to his face without lifting a claw in retaliation. Shyr displays an amazing degree of patience with the races of Euthora, bearing no grudge against humans for a country's actions- such as Durasken's war on dragonkind- but still keeps a fairly low opinion on them for how racial interactions go throughout Euthora's history.

Skills and Abilities

As if to make up for his lack of notable powers, Shyr has several useful abilities and a phenomenal grasp of Magic at his disposal.


Inherent Abilities

Shyr does not need to consume food, as a creature of his size would soon overhunt the entire planet if he needed to eat. This ability was granted by the pantheon when Shyr was told of his creation.

While Euthoran dragons naturally have incredible lifespans relative to other races, Shyr's lifespan is quite literally eternal due to his connections with the pantheon. It is implied that he can still be killed in battle, but he will never die of old age.

Shyr may soar for days with barely a beat of his wings, employing a technique seen in modern Gliders known as passive flight. However, his endurance does have a limit, and he tends to rest at Aravolta Darz when the opportunity arises.

Like most dragons, Shyr has incredible senses for hunting, however his vision surpasses that of all of his descendents. He may sit atop Aravolta Darz- Euthora's highest point- and see for miles upon miles beyond what most dragons are able to. This helped him greatly in his youth when Shyr still hunted alongside Isden, but now only serves an observational purpose.

Shyr is completely immune to Euthoran dracoimpery.

Learned Skills

  • Soulspeech: As a result of the bond between Shyr and Isden which would much later develop into what is now known as dracoimpery, Shyr's voice seems to resonate with the very souls of Euthoran dragons, humans, and Shapeshifters alike. This seems to serve the primary purpose of conveying emotion, most often a tranquil peace that makes listeners feel more at ease around the dragon, or perhaps to quell a budding fight. Rarely, Shyr may convey displeasure or anger this way, warning listeners that they are testing his nearly endless patience.

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

Shyr has no true Soul Phantasms.


  • Harmony:


Shyr carries no equipment.


Shyr tends to strongly dislike fighting and will avoid killing his foe whenever it is possible- leading to Koth Grimseeker and Skyking Súndávr being sealed away rather then vanquished and slain. However, he will fight if it proves beyond a doubt that words will not solve the conflict, and he will reluctantly deliver a mortal blow if his life, or the lives of Euthorans, are at stake.




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  • Not many people seem to notice that Shyr and Rae are technically yet another case of divine incest.