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Scientific Name

Pinnafera Magnae

Native Planet




Conservation Status

Least Concern

Threat Level

High (A)


Rare (R)

Kiccaroq (Taiin Great Quill-Beast, scientific name Pinnafera Magnae, same singular) are very large, feathered carnivores from the planet Vindrgard. Though resembling giant birds, they lack beaks and are more mammalian in physiology, though do not fit neatly into either category.

The Kiccaroq are apex predators, often preying on other predators and rivaling Vindrite dragons.


Kiccaroq are gigantic and brightly-colored creatures, measuring up to 21 feet tall with up to a 50-foot wingspan. Often blue, white, or gray with bright orange or red wingtips, they may also come in a wide variety of other colors such as jet black with yellow wingtips.

They are bipedal and lean forward when walking, using their long, flexible tails for balance. Above this tail is a fan of feathers resembling the tail of a bird, which can flare open to steer in flight or to intimidate rivals. The legs of these creatures end in taloned, anisodactylous claws.


Though resembling birds and mammals, Kiccaroq do not neatly fit into either of these classifications. Like birds, they lay hard-shelled eggs,are feathered, have lightweight bones and can fly. Like mammals, they possess teeth, produce milk for their young, and have well-developed senses of smell. Their snouts are feathered rather than beaked, and can produce almost draconic roars rather than the screeches associated with birds.

Kiccaroq are warm-blooded. Their blood is corrosive and acidic, able to melt rock in high amounts.

While Kiccaroq do produce milk to feed their young, this milk is not produced via mammary glands. Instead, the milk is secreted through the forefangs like venom, and is dripped into a shallow depression in the ground or the hatchlings' eggshells to allow them to feed.


Like many of Vindrgard's apex predators, Kiccaroq appear immune to the toxic air covering the planet. They have incredible vision and senses of smell.


Kiccaroq are intelligent but not sapient.

These creatures are monogamous and live in mated pairs. They nest in the mountains, laying two or three eggs at a time and tend to their young. The hatchlings are sent from the nest as soon as they can fly.

Kiccaroq are common prey for Vindrite dragons and prefer to avoid the creatures entirely, but may attack in groups to drive one away from a nest. They also commonly prey on humans living in the Crystal Network.