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Scientific Name

Squalus Rapax

Native Planet



Worldwide oceans

Conservation Status

Data Deficient

Threat Level

B (Moderate)


U (Uncommon)

Sélrakh ("River Beast" in Drakine; scientific name Squalus Rapax; same singular) are pack-based, aquatic Euthoran Malomorphs. Though sapient, they are vicious predators which will attack any creature not of their own species.

Sélrakh are strongly Water-Aligned. A group of Sélrakh is known as a hive.


About 18 meters or 60 feet long.

Resemble eel-shark hybrids, though are plated in Tephralite and sport long, sharp fins. Have small, sharp scales aside from the Tephralite plates, similar to a dragon's scales without the metal.

Tend to be varying shades of blue, gray, and white in color. Countershaded.


Cold-blooded. Blood contains antifreeze proteins, allowing the Sélrakh to live in frigid waters.





Sélrakh are obligate carnivores and voracious predators. Typically hunt sharks and other large aquatic life, but are often found near the surface of the ocean to catch dragons passing overhead off-guard, and may even feign injury to draw said dragons into a trap set by the hive.

Sapient, social amongst their own kind.

Live in deep oceans. Prefer trenches, but may come into shallow waters to hunt.


Have an actual society not well-known to other creatures.



About 30 meters or 100 feet long. Ancestor to the Sélrakh.

Juvenile Zulrakh were a common "sport prey" for Skyking Shyr's offspring as they were growing up, and adults became a target when the dragons grew large enough to combat them. While an Ancestral Dragon could easily overpower a single Zulrakh of equal length, they were exponentially more dangerous in groups and it was a hive of these creatures that dragged a hunting Skyqueen Sahiri into the ocean, killing her. Her siblings quickly drove the Zulrakh to extinction, though occasional rumors and sightings of them still rarely surface.