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Euthoran Song ~ Hunt of Fire (proper Drakine title Euthora-Roul ~ Kel en Miir and abbreviated as KeM regardless of what title is used) is an ongoing statistical roleplay of the Euthoran Song canon in the Prime Timeline. It features nonstandard mechanics unique to either the canon or the roleplay itself, most notably replacing the Excess-driven processes of the "E-Trigger" and "X-Ability" with the dragons' equivalent, Burst Mode.


Hunt of Fire is the first plot of the Dissonant Era, its premise being what causes the transition between the Radiant and Dissonant Eras. The main characters (henceforth referred to as the "party") initially consist of a quartet of various dragons and quickly include an old True Firedrake.


The roleplay opens with four members of the party confronting one another for claim over a valley- Stiria, Akensken, Chaneak, and Ireísed. After a short standoff, a fight begins to break out, but is interrupted as a small group of humans arrive with the intention of killing the dragons. The party at this point is forced to work together to emerge victorious, after which they witness a dragon in the distance get shot down with Magic. The four reluctantly agree to group together to investigate.

With one brief fight against more humans being the only interruption on their flight, they soon come across a True Firedrake attempting to defend himself from eight attackers. He calls for the party's aid, and after a long struggle (and Chaneak sparing a few remaining humans out of mercy), the Firedrake introduces himself as Feravel Blazewing, and asks for the party's aid on a sort of personal quest that affects all of dragonkind- a brother of Feravel's is apparently actively provoking and prolonging the war that has erupted between dragons and humans, and so must be stopped. It is at this point that Stiria, disgusted at what she thinks Feravel is suggesting- that five dragons team together to kill one for the same of humans- leaves on her own rather than accompany Feravel. The other three, however, agree with some reservations.

The party rests for the night, and the next morning continue on their way. Stiria is pulled into combat with several humans, and being outnumbered, is forced to flee. Feravel and the others are shot at while flying over a blacksmith's forge in the forest, and so land in order to deal with. With the help of a nearby Shapeshifter named Valence Silverglow, they eventually triumph.

Roleplay Introduction

The following is the introduction of the roleplay, posted on the profile thread:

Their perfect beast must overcome

Challenges to they named "dragon"
The gods wait for the path to go wrong
And so they sing Euthora's song.


Euthora's Radiant Era was a time of relative peace. Humans worked to build their sprawling cities across the landscape, under the watchful eyes of the most powerful mortal beasts on the planet: those dragons granted the title of Tiirenkári, Skykings. Rightful rulers of the sky, these dragons lorded over large areas of land called protectorates, protecting and guiding the humans inhabiting the area in exchange for the population's loyalty. Though many Skykings did not require it, offerings were common, groups of humans coming up to the Skyking's altar with gifts of meat, metal, and wine. With dragonkind protecting their thralls with claw and fire, the Radiant Era was arguably the peak of Euthora's peace, the pinnacle of harmony despite only being the first era.

But absolute power corrupts, and not all Skykings were peaceful guardians. Through an ability-like affinity with dragons known as dracomancy, some humans were able to communicate with or even control their rulers. Known as masters to their dragons, these humans could even form a bond as powerful as the one Skyking Shyr himself had as the first dragon- binding the dragon as a Familiar, the master and the dragon equals and ever loyal to one another. Familiar to one of these dracomancers, Stormcloud Firedrake Súndávr, ruler of the Teílos Range in southwestern Forvolrasuls, aided his master in a daring crusade.

The takeover of Euthora via the control of all of the planet's dragons.

Ultimately thwarted by Shyr himself and sealed away after an intense battle, Sundávr and his master still left quite a mark on the planet. Dragons were feared for their raw power, dracomancers distrusted for the havoc they could wreak. The creatures that once ruled with peace soon were mutinied against, facing minor rebellions that their arrogance could not understand the cause of. A few individual Skykings were able to quell the uprisings and once again make peace with their thralls, but many more were forced to enforce their rule with fire and brutality, or were simply killed in the struggle.

But now the Skykings that could not resolve the rebellions peacefully are all gone, and with them the Radiant Era comes to a close. With only two known living Skykings remaining- Skyking Shyr and his son Ausurath- the Dissonant Era comes with the persecution of the lesser dragons. And because of the species' inherent aggression and affinity with destruction, the True and Stormcloud Firedrakes have been driven to the brink of extinction. As if in response, the True Firedrake has given rise to several subspecies via interspecies breeding, but their volatile cousins of lightning have not properly been seen in years.

A small group of lesser dragons in southern Durasken finds themselves in the middle of the conflict; dragonslaying is an increasingly common profession, and the mountains and forests in which many dragons nest are no longer safe refuges. Attempting to move to more remote, inhospitable locations, they find that they are drawn to the Southern Range, towards a deep canyon-like valley. Instinctive territoriality would drive them to fight for this spot of land, but a battle will not even break out before they find that they are not alone. A voice seems to tell them "Rala kelai, ria rah-kiiru" before their adversaries reveal themselves.

They can puzzle the Drakine words out later. For now, they must survive.


Hunt of Fire primarily takes place in northwestern Forvolrasuls, in the country of Durasken. The roleplay starts in the Southern Range, a mountain range near the Durasken-Ustream border, and remains there for much of the beginning of the roleplay.

The roleplay takes place in the early Dissonant Era, the Radiant Era having ended less than a century prior after the battle between Skyking Shyr and Skyking Súndávr and his master Koth Grimseeker, and the subsequent assassination of all Skykings aside from Shyr and Ausurath. This time period is approximately 500 years prior to Fyreborne, Euthoran Song's main plot which takes place at Standard Canon Time.

Dramatis Personae


  • Akensken: An Armored Wyvern of massive size and an affinity for geoimpery. Like many dragons, he has a proud bearing, but is otherwise respectful and aware of his place on a grand scale.
  • Chaneak: A sickly Golden Firedrake with notably human-derived equipment, he is crafty and resourceful, preferring to use Magic and strategy rather than brute force and fire.
  • Feravel Blazewing: A True Firedrake [...]
  • Ireísed: A Coralwing Glider [...]
  • Stiria: A Stellar Wyvern who commands ethereal energy to smite her foes. Vicious and self-serving, she's reluctant if not totally unwilling to set aside her differences for the greater good.

Supporting Characters


No noteworthy antagonists have been introduced at this time.


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