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Scientific Name

Entis tenebrae timeo

Native Planet



Areas originally part of Heiyami (during eclipses)

Conservation Status

Data deficient

Threat Level


Common (only in specified conditions)

The Shokule is a species of reptilian beings of darkness native to the planet Rokans. They're a result of an unexpected mutation of the Hitoyugure as a result of their exposure to a solar eclipse shortly after their creation. They spawn in areas originally part of the continent Heiyami during eclipses, and vanish after their duration. Because of their overall hostile nature, they have been classified as monsters.


Shokule are extremely dark in color, being either a dark blue or violet, or completely black. A phantasmal substance seeps from their entire body. They have rather large eyes located on the sides of their heads. The color of their eyes contrast their body color, and fill up the entire eye. Like the Hitoyugure, they lack noses. However, unlike the Hitoyugure, they have a barely noticeable jawline. They also have definite, pentadactylous limbs with sharp, hooked claws. A line of sharp spines run from the back of their head to the tip of their whiplike tail. Similarly to Hitoyugure, they have body marking that are typically the same color as their eyes. While the number and shape of the markings differ between individuals, they frequently have markings running from their eyes toward their tail.


The Shokule have exceptional visual range, rivaling that of the Karasito. Heterochromia is rather common among individuals of their species. Despite having a mouth, they actually lack a digestive system. They are autotomous creatures, capable of detaching their limbs or tails as a defense mechanism and regenerating them. They are exceptionally fast creatures, rivaling the Diaya-Edge Raptor in speed.


Being a result of a mutation of the Hitoyugure, members of the Anko Faction, Shokule have a great affinity to the element of darkness. Though as a result of their manner of attacking their prey, it's difficult whether to classify them as achlymperic or achlympathic. They are also known to be resistant to the element of darkness, and are capable of absorbing it to strengthen themselves. As a result, they are stronger the darker their surroundings are, making them especially dangerous on the perpetually shaded continent of Neilo. Their vision allows them to see clearly within extremely low light. They also have the ability to hide within the shadows of other people without easily being detected, thus allowing them to waylay unsuspecting targets. It is believed that they also have the ability to hide within an individual's body, and occasionally possess them.


Shokule are incredibly hostile creatures, ranking as the most hostile species on the planet. They will attack and attempt to kill any living organism on sight, either by unleashing a deadly barrage of dark mana, or speeding toward their prey and ripping them to shreds. It is possible that they will attack members of their own species, but such attacks will have very little results. The only warning of their presence they give is a prolonged, shrill roar.


Following the creation of the first Hitoyugure, a solar eclipse occurred over the skies of Heiyami. The resulting exposure led to the mutation of the species, resulting in the creation of the Shokule. After taken notice of their existence and destructive power, Trajodeas sealed all of the Shokule on the planet on the moon. He then created new Hitoyugure that had been slightly modified to insure that sure an incident would never happen again. At some point after the creation of Elevix Magnus and Infinic Juptois, the seal had been weakened, allowing the Shokule to appear in areas on Rokans originally part of Heiyami during eclipses. It was later discovered that this was caused by Juptois, who had found a use for them in his mission to aid the Anko Faction, and later his war against the rest of Rokans.