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This article is about the race from the Deveron world system also known as Demons. For the similarly-named race from Vansyr, see Demonkin.


Scientific Name


Native Planet



Conservation Status

Vodera (same singular; also referred to as Demons) are members of the dominant sapient race of the Deveron world system. [input important/distinguishing characteristics here]. The classification of "Demon" was appropriated by the race themselves using human languages, as their "true name" has been lost to history. The original name of the race is believed by members of the Thukil clan to have been Vodera, which translates from Degol to "Sentient Life."


General Appearance

Vodera are a humanoid species. The mature Vodera stands at an average height of 8 feet tall, although there is a deviation ranging generally between heights of 6'6" to 10+ feet. The skin is a thicker, hide-like substance not dissimilar to that of a reptile's skin. Skin color can vary to most scaly-metallic colors, but generally a Vodera's skin takes a reddish, greenish or bronze-ish hue. The skin's coloration is primarily affected by the radiance of the Deveron sub-dimension the Vodera was born in. However, other colors can inexplicably also be found, such as steel-silver or bronze. Vodera sport large, leathery wings than have an average span of the Vodera's height and half-again. The wings collapse into the back, leaving a somewhat noticeable hump.


Vodera have an unknown natural lifespan due to the sustaining power of Vorpal. However, life expectancy generally ranges in the 100-200 category due to the culture of the race.

Newborn Stage

A Vodera is born after a pregnancy term of approximately 6 months. The child is then carried by the father quite literally under his wing, in that one of the wings is used as a pouch-like carrier where the child will remain for approximately another 6 months, being removed exclusively for nursing by the mother. The parents remain generally secluded during this time, and always together.


When the child's teeth appear and wings begin to grow, it is taken out of the nurturing care of the wing and a period of more "classical" child-training begins. Solid foods are gradually introduced as well as standing/walking practice, speech, motor skills, etc.


The adolescence stage generally begins around 12 and continues until the parents designate the child an adult. This is generally done through some kind of trial or test (often a period of time spent in Murthul) designated by the parents. However, bodily maturity arrives around 20-25 and is recognized mostly by the fully-developed wings.