Myrahj Ekquinomezu

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Myrahj Ekquinomezu
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18-22 (range during SCT)




Human, Chaos Eye Bearer





Soul Phantasms



Legion of Juptois (Second-in-Command)


Infinic Juptois (ancestor), Geldance (ancestor), unknown (father, deceased), unknown Chaos Eye Bearer (mother, deceased), Obiru Ekquinomezu (brother)

Myrahj Ekquinomezu is a Rokain achlymperist, classified as Pure-Anko by Rokans' Dual-Elemental Classification System. She is a descendant of the Hitoyugure Infinic Juptois and the Chaos Eye Bearer Geldance of the Warriors of the Eye. As such, like her brother, Obiru Ekquinomezu, she is a Chaos Eye Bearer, armed with the Deceiving Eye. She is a high-ranking member of the Legion of Juptois, in which she leads her own division, and is outranked only by her brother.

She serves as an antagonist in plots of both the Infinitum Rokans and Eyes of the Zodia canons. She works to free Juptois from his prison within Core Crevice while dealing with enemies of the Legion of Juptois, both on Rokans and Ocera. When alerted to the activities of the other four Chaos Eye Bearers on Ocera, she sends her henchmen to deal with them. She eventually deals with them directly in Rokans. Soon after, she is sent to fight against Lord X-Giga-X.


Myrahj has a pale complexion, and is relatively tall, having a height of 6'. She has long, dark green hair flowing down to her lower back. She has dark violet eyes, and typically applies black eye liner around them. Her right arm wields the Deceiving Eye, a black, semi-transparent crystalline structure covering her entire arm with a gold eye over the back of her hand.

Around Myrahj's neck is a necklace of black beads. Under this, she wears a long black dress, with dark violet at the neckline, sleeves, and bottom. The right sleeve is considerably longer than the left to avoid it being torn by the Deceiving Eye. The bottom half of her dress has a violet infinity symbol with a C and J within the left and right loops respectively, representing her affiliation with the Legion of Juptois. Over her dress, she wears a dark violet corset. Occasionally, she is seen wearing a black, hooded cloak extending below her waist over her clothing. She wears a single dark violet glove on her left arm which goes up above her elbow, and a pair of black bracelets on both of her wrists. She wears a pair of black stockings. She frequently switches between a pair of high heels and a pair of cross-laced boots, both of which being dark blue in color. She is often see carrying a black fan and a dark blue parasol.


Skills and Abilities


  • Illusion Magic:

Inherent Abilities

  • Low-Light Vision: Myrahj is capable of seeing in extremely low levels of lighting.

Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasm

  • Achlympery:


  • Illusion:





Infinitum Rokans/Eyes of the Zodia



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