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A Chaos Eye Bearer is any individual that bears one of the six types of Chaos Eyes (Ensnaring, Attentive, Manic, Honest, Deceiving, and Reflecting). This encompasses the Warriors of the Eye created by the Rokain Gods, and their descendants. Despite the Warriors of the Eye being born of the Rokain races, as long as an individual has at least one parent who is a Chaos Eye Bearer, it is possible for an individual of any sapient species to be a Chaos Eye Bearer.


Chaos Eye Bearers do not have definite appearances. This is mainly because they can be members of any sapient species. The one trait that defines an individual as one is the Chaos Eye they bear. The type of Chaos Eye they bear is determined by the color of its crystalline structure and the eye positioned over the back of their hand.

  • Ensnaring Eye: dark green with an eye of a typically contrasting color
  • Attentive Eye: aqua with an eye of a typically contrasting color
  • Manic Eye: orange with an eye of a typically contrasting color
  • Honest Eye: gold with an eye of a typically contrasting color
  • Deceiving Eye: black with an eye of a random color
  • Reflecting Eye: transparent with a light gray/white eye

The arm the Chaos Eye covers varies depending on the individual. It is entirely possible for one's Chaos Eye to cover both of their arms, although in every generation following the Warriors of the Eye, there has been 3 cases of this at most.



The abilities of a Chaos Eye Bearer vary depending on the individual themself, and the type of Chaos Eye they bear. Bearers of the Ensnaring Eye are able to create tendril-like objects and manipulate them. Bearers of the Attentive Eye have sonoimpery and enhanced hearing. Bearers of the Manic Eye are able to generate explosions through varying methods. Bearers of the Honest Eye are able to see through illusions. Bearers of the Deceiving Eye are able to create illusion through manipulation of their targets' senses, and have abilities that can be used toward that end. Bearers of the Reflecting Eye are able to temporarily gain the abilities of their targets. In addition, all Chaos Eye Bearers are somewhat resistant to blindness thanks to their Chaos Eye.



First Generation: Warriors of the Eye

The first generation of Chaos Eye Bearers, the Warriors of the Eye, were created by the Rokain Gods to act as guardians of Ocera following the incident of the Zodiac Lord to prevent such an incident from occurring again. Sokohga created Rolarik, the origin of the Ensnaring Eye; Volks created Claunewar, the origin of the Manic Eye; Lacia created Jesgary, the origin of the Attentive Eye; Claiter created Valazam, the origin of the Honest Eye; Trajodeas created Geldance, the origin of the Deceiving Eye; and Solas created Kilcarth, the origin of the Reflecting Eye. The six then retreated to Ocera through the Oceran Gateways to fulfill their duties.

However, several decades after this, the Hitoyugure Infinic Jutpois appeared on Ocera at a point after defeating Elevix Magnus, initially to challenge the six Chaos Bearers. His first four targets were Claunewar, Jesgary, Valazam, and Rolarik, all of whom he defeated and killed. He then defeated Kilcarth, then separated his soul from his body, similarly to what he had done to Magnus, before using his soul to give himself his Reflecting Eye. His final target was Geldance, whom he also defeated. Unlike the previous five, whom he had effectively killed on the spot, he had claimed Geldance as his trophy, and afterward proceeded to rape her and force her to bear his child before eventually killing her as well. Because of his actions, he was able to have a child that bore both the Deceiving and Reflecting Eyes. However, prior to their defeat at the hands of Juptois, Rolarik, Jesgary, Claunewar, and Valazam had children of their own, which allowed for their Chaos Eyes to survive.

??? Generation

??? Generation


  • Until the births of Obiru and Myrahj Ekquinomezu, Juptois' descendants bore the most Chaos Eyes of any Chaos Eye Bearer, bearing two- the Deceiving and Reflecting Eyes.

Chaos Eye Bearers
Ensnaring Eye Rolarik - Gun Gurien - Devis Gurien
Attentive Eye Jesgary
Manic Eye Claunewar
Honest Eye Valazam
Deceiving Eye Geldance - Myrahj Ekquinomezu
Reflecting Eye Kilcarth - Obiru Ekquinomezu