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Humans, Elves, Trolls, Fairies, Faceless, Vampires, Werewolves

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Galamion is a planet within the Manaverse.




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Deunti is a country in the north of Galamion. It is a powerful nation ruled by a Theocratic government. The government is led by a group of 7 Priests and Priestesses known as The Circle. Their power comes from their ability to move The Collective, the hive mind that connects every citizen of Deunti, towards a common goal. The Provinces are run from the provincial Capitol by a group of Three Priests/Priestesses except for the Province that has Unity City, which is the capitol of Deunti.

Deunti actively trades with the majority of the other nations and exports mainly spices and gems. They import fine textiles, rare metals, and technology. Piracy has recently become an issue along the southern coast of Deunti and now the majority of Deuntian ships and incoming trade ships are escorted into harbour. Trade between the cities of Deunti is also healthy and the overall economy is strong, but not the strongest in the world.

The environment is somewhat varied. Southern Deunti is dominated by a desert while the rest of the land is divided between Riverlands, plains, forests, and mountain ranges.


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Eshdao is a rich, isolated country located on a high peninsula in southeast Galamion. It is separated from the rest of the world by the vast ocean and magical reenforced walls. They make no contact with the outside world, in fact, most Eshdaoans are not allowed to go past The Wall, else they'll be killed on the spot. (However, escape isn't impossible, but it's extremely difficult.) Eshdao is a smaller country, probably about an eighth of the size of Planaya.

The economy isn't the best. There's a very wide gap between the rich and the poor, and the middle class is virtually non-existent. The gap gets wider the farther you get from The Wall and the closer you get to Iamayr.

The capital is Iamayr, also known as the City of Mages and the magic capital of the world. Of course, all of the Mages here come from wealthy families and can afford magic training. The Mage Tower is also located here, a tall misshaped tower where all the Mages-in-training and their servants live. Eshdoans rely on magic more than technology.

Eshdao is ruled by a king. A ruling family presides over each province (except for Iamayr and Obbo), and report to the king regularly. Noble titles are inherited.


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Planaya is a nation located in the Southwestern region of Galamion. It is also one of the largest nations of the planet, dominating half a continent. It stretches to the Jasperian Sea and contains the largest harbor on the Eastern coast. Running through the country is the River Consordia, whose source is Lake Makaya in the Feretrenne Mountains. Planaya houses some of the Feretrenne's largest peaks and are used for the observatories. It is currently ruled by a monarchy under the regime of the Sterre Family, headed by Queen Astra and her husband Lord Wildemere. Planayans have an obsession with stars and the sky. They are determined to reach space someday and be among the stars, and on the journey to reaching this goal, they have taken the science of aerodynamics to a whole new level. They have achieved the first floating city in the capital city of Estrella, powered by large magnets and even larger propellers, and you must take the ferry to reach it. The port of Carginy is bustling and brings great income into the country to fund these project with sky high prices. Planayans are over the top and want everything to shine like a star, and people find the cities very clean and well kept.

However, political turmoil is near constant, and at least once a week some politician gets assassinated or executed for assassinating a politician if they're sloppy about it. This shimmering utopia is filled with bloodshed, and don't mine getting their hands dirty with some pretty red blood.



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In Galamion, race tends to refer to whichever of the more civilized and intelligent humanoids a person belongs to, particularly Humans, Elves, and/or Faceless. There is also many "unseen" races of which many of the more dominant ones are mostly unaware of: Fairies, Trolls, Vampires, and Werewolves.

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Galamion technology is rather primitive compared to that of other planets. While it may vary from country to country, most Galamion technology can be easily described as steampunk, especially in Planaya with their focus on aerodynamics. Also, due to the prominence of magic in the east, the two are often combined to create various contraptions, such as the mechanical flying broom.




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