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Tarma Susumu
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Yuichi (by family), "Tamra" (by his partner sometimes), Organic Bag (by Dominion-Class Aberration: "Decca")


19-20 (Night Kaleidoscope: The Enigma Girl)




Vampire (Dormant)





Soul Phantasms

Hematoimpery, Pranabending


Zuttou Navy, ZSC-Akari


Hisao Susumu (father), Emma Isokoski (mother), Natasha Susumu (sister), Houka Susumu (brother), Takao Susumu (paternal uncle, deceased), Tarma Isokoski (maternal uncle, deceased), Henri Borghild (maternal uncle)

"It isn't fair, is it...? Having convictions... but then seeing that they go against your place in life."
— Tarma to Ayanami (The Enigma Girl) during her imprisonment in Night Kaleidoscope

Tarma Yuichi Susumu (進タルマゆいち) is a vampire born in the Euthorica Islands region of Euthora but had moved to the Dominion of Zuttou in Mantuanese continent of Iyozake at a very young age. He is the main character of Night Kaleidoscope: The Enigma Girl and is also known as "The Deserter."

In the Prime and Alter Timelines, Tarma is reputed as the one who revived one of Mantua's lost Sealing Arts, the Sochiveil Paradox.


Tarma is tall with a body type of a lean man, standing at 6'1" and is of a bulky build.

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Much like his father, Tarma is not inherently malicious or means any harm to anyone he encounters throughout his journey. Rather than abuse his powers on the defenseless much like his grandfather Edvard Isokoski did, Tarma chooses to leave people be and often prefers to keep to his own devices. There isn't much of a need for him to be very open to anyone which makes it a little difficult for him to make common friends.

He is overly self-sacrificing, going to lengths of throwing away his wants and needs if a loved one really needed his support. However, it does not always bring him satisfied feelings when he does this and is the type of person who would bottle up emotions and deny his less stellar traits.

As shown during harsh situations, his anger is most likely his second strongest trait that helps him through situations. He is somewhat hard to anger, but if someone successfully pushes him too hard, he is not above anything he'd consider to be "mean" or uncalled for. It is unknown if his anger leads him to attack innocent civilians.

Sometimes if he feels happy enough, Tarma could be seen showing off his love for jokes. However, his jokes more often than not fall flat and just make him seem very childish.

Skills and Abilities


  • Propulsion: Simply known as propulsion, Tarma can use magic to propel himself forward and therefore glide around on water. More specifically, this is used to control his momentum and balance. Although it has a reputation of helping with sea gliding, its use is subtly shown in non-oceanic activities such as allowing Tarma to jump or otherwise lift himself to greater heights.
  • Tension: Taught by his father Hisao, Tarma can use spells specifically concerning tension. [unclear]

Inherent Abilities

Learned Skills

  • Close Quarters Combat (CQC) Ranging from being able to disarm assailants at a close range to engaging in tactical physical combat. Tarma has been trained from his enlisting in the Navy to be capable of shutting down enemies quickly with strength and prediction.
  • Identifying and striking: This relates mostly to pressure points or vulnerable points. Tarma has been taught about the common points of a human's body where one would hit to shut down the fight. Plus, he is able to read enemies for their own unique points, should they have them.
  • Basic Survival: This ranges from making campfires to making water drinkable and dressing wounds.
  • "Emergency Conditioning" (ECO)" : Bearing the most weight in the military, Emergency Conditioning is a psychological skill aimed at conditioning the mind in advance of emergencies, thus producing psychological strength in times of crisis. This is also referred to as "battle-proofing" or "battle inoculation."
  • Trigger Creation: Another psychological skill requires Tarma to create what can be considered a "Trigger" in his mind and would be used to ignite many of the essential qualities needed to survive.In it's purest essence, triggers can be things he identifies as the most important things to him. Once doing so, Tarma would make a mental portrait and train his mind as such. This is often an ever-changing skill.

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms





  • Emma Isokoski: It is implied he cares for his mother deeply.
  • Hisao Susumu: Ever since the beginning of his plot, Tarma has repeatedly shown a sourness towards his own father, often describing their relationship as father and son as "complicated." Tarma frequently blames his father's work as an Admiral as the reason for Hisao ignoring his son during the latter parts of his childhood, and even stretching into Tarma's adult life. His anger is rooted in this sense of abandonment, but he does explain at one point [in what plot? / what situation?] that he does not hate his father, saying "I love my father but sometimes he makes me so mad. And he doesn't seem to understand why. And when I tell him, he doesn't seem to care. Until I hear that out of his own mouth, I won't change my feelings."
  • Houka Susumu: Oddly enough, the only time he mentions his youngest sibling is when he feels homesick and upon realizing his criminal status prevents him from ever seeing Houka again. Tarma seems to know a lot about his brother, even some details that parents would normally only know. It is implied that Tarma acted as a father figure to the young Houka while their parents were too occupied with their careers. He warmly describes his brother as "Stoic" and "Easy to be around with if he likes you. Don't touch his baseball hat, though."

It is seen that Houka fully obeys Tarma and nobody else.


Early Life

Tarma's early life is barely spoken about, but it is thought by those who've worked with him that he was born on Euthora around the "Beatlegod" Arc in Alter Timeline (After Phantom Convergence in Prime Timeline), or even during the beginnings of [...], as his age and birth year coincides with the start year of BGA, which is early 1730 according to Mantua's calendar.

According to his best friend Tatsuki Harada, Tarma was always a heroic and bold soul who spent his days after school in the forest "with a stick and a smile that made people feel safe". Tarma was generally a loner, socially awkward and bullied for being a "Hafu", or Half-Breed Iyoza/Vespatin(the official census term for deep Southern Syelsumoii). Therefore he poured his time into helping others in hopes that he would receive a little bit of kindness from people in return on top of feeling a general satisfaction like his father would.

During his time in Euthora, Tarma lived in Hisao's small apartment along with his parents. In Night Kaleidoscope, he mentions that he could faintly remember how his home city looked like, which is implied to be Soyokari by the way he describes the stationcars and stoplights. He was born during a time of great turmoil for both Azuma and The Cult: The group he is very loosely associated with through his mother. Tarma was kept indoors until the age of three where Hisao and Emma decided to leave Euthora and migrate to Zuttou, Mantua. There, his father gained the title of Admiral and evidently began spending less time with little Tarma. This created a deep sense of loneliness and abandonment with his father's extended absences. However, once his younger siblings were born, he took to being their caretaker and a sort of pseudo-Father figure to them.


  • "You must be new... um, Private Susumu, is it..?"
    "Yeah, fresh off the boat." - Tarma to a fellow sailor upon being asked some questions [vague].


  • Tarma has a morning ritual of eating a slice of cake and drinking a beer while watching anime. In nothing more than his briefs. Though he claims not to be a slob.
  • Much like his mother, he has a fondness to blades and can act a little arrogant when people with knives belittle him for having a rapier.
  • He is not very bright, as pointed out by Dominion-Class Aberration: "Decca" when he triggered a glaringly obvious temple trap seconds after he entered.