Wyrth Yistenfig

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Wyrth Yistenfig
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Soul Phantasms




King Yistenfig (father)


Wyrth Yistenfig is an adult Eisite born with a natural affinity to black magic.



Wyrth is a melanistic barn owl. He is 6'4" and weighs about 25 pounds. *1 His plumage is a dark grey, speckled with black and white dots and a scattering of gold-brown. His face is decorated with an almost masquerade-like mask marking of the same color as his plumage. He has a shackle around his right leg.


Wyrth as a dragon

Wyrth, as a dragon, is more reddish-brown. In general, he shares the same masquerade-like facial marking but in this form it is red. His neck and underbelly are colored the same way. Wyrth has several frills, one around his head and another skirting the outside edge of his tail. In this form his feet are webbed. All of his frills and webbing are the same reddish brown with streaks of bright red scattered over the skin. He also wears a shackle in this form, the difference being that it also comes with a chain wrapped around his leg. He is relatively small for a dragon, at about 6'6" at the shoulder and 30' long from snout to tail.


Wyrth is very shy and timid. He has low self-confidence but is generally happy. He is very gun shy*2 and only uses his magic when he absolutely needs to. Wyrth is a very quiet individual but likes to help. He avoids conflict wherever he can but will throw himself in front of an attack to save someone -anyone- which puts him in several difficult situations. He views himself as secondary to almost everyone, placing their needs above his own.

Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

Wyrth has access to several variations of magic according to a basic color wheel.

  • Blue is healing magic. It replaces or fills the damaged parts of the body, then encourages the body to heal, speeding up the process slightly. It cannot heal missing limbs, but can replace them, (Think prosthetic limb) feeding off the magic from the amputee. It looks like ribbons that move like dolphins over the skin, in and out leaving ripples of magic wherever they enter or exit.
  • Purple is surgical magic. Anything doctors can do with a needle and thread, it can do, as long as the wielder know how it needs to move. It is also painful to the target. It has a similar aesthetic to the ribbons of blue magic, but shorter and does not pierce the skin until the wielder tells it to, instead bouncing across the skin.
  • Red is combat-oriented magic. It coats the user in a red shield that moves like the surface of the sun, constantly in flux and will occasionally discharge to arch back to the surface, arching over itself. It can be shaped by the user to create a blade or hammer around the user's hand or foot. At its best it can be as hard as steel.
  • Orange is also combat-oriented magic, but deals more with weaponry and armor. It coats the object in a orange light and appears like lightning. It simply enhances the object's effects; for example, swords are sharper and armor is stronger.
  • Yellow magic works with objects, enhancing a property of the target- brimstone gets hotter, ice gets colder, and kindling burns faster and hotter, or colder and longer. It makes the object glow slightly with an occasional spark flying off of it.
  • Green magic is agricultural. It makes crops grow larger and more quickly. It makes the plant glow with a green hue while the ground around it ripples.
  • A white mage reflects all color magic, this leaves the mage in a very pure setting, allowing them to 'see' clearly in the sense of prophecy. The user can see into the future, but they are destined to bring about whatever they see. After some of training, the user can reach out with their own feelings instead and "feel" the vision out to tell if it will bring joy or pain to them. When seeing into the future the user's eyes glow white.​
  • Black magic affects the soul. It is the combination of all the color magics, so a black mage absorbs every aspect of the color magic range. This allows them to use every color, but they are unable to control what they use and when, using different colors randomly. The only aspect a black mage can control is disengaging from the physical plane and working with Prana instead of Mana; combat in this plane involves willpower over physical strength, whoever is more "set" on accomplishing their goal is the victor. This will normally result in their bodies being stunned for a time while the victor is free to act. The bodies of those engaged in the Prana battle are left in a vegetative state until the battle finishes.

Learned Skills


Soul Phantasms



  • Shackle: A shackle around Wyrth's leg.


Wyrth is very passive and prefers to talk himself out of a fight or flee. If unsuccessful, his combat style is evasive.


Wyrth will perform acrobatic aerial maneuvers when engaged in combat, using mostly his talons and beak to attack, which normally only inflicts superficial wounds. If further provoked, or set in a difficult situation, Wyrth will access his color magic, though cannot control what color he can use. If at a disadvantage and his life is on the line, he will send the battle into a Prana battle with his black magic, rendering the combatants' bodies useless while their spirits engage in battle. The amount of damage taken on this plane determines the length of the vegetative state.


Wyrth, among his people, is viewed as cursed by the highly religious society he was born into. Being born with dark plumage and having no control over his magic, Wyrth is believed- even by himself- that he was born with an evil spirit.


The planet he was born on has a sort of Mana filter on it, focusing the Mana particles to be used in terms of color. The people from this planet learn to use Mana this way and have a difficult time learning other magics if pulled off-world. They do not have space travel.

Wyrth was born with dark plumage, signifying he would be a black mage. His father attempted to follow tradition and nearly killed Wyrth, before the court seer told him not to and that Wyrth would be a blessing instead of a curse. His father hid him away, and after several failed attempts at keeping him concealed, he was eventually disowned and thrown in prison. This rarely kept Wyrth confined for long, as he would escape time after time to fly through the storms that would periodically plague his nation.