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Located on the western shoreline of Ferona's main landmass, the Republic of St. Paul is one of Ferona's many independent Federal Regional Republics, and the largest by overall population, with a population of 182,298,410 as of the Republic's last census. Its capital, as well as the United Republic's capital, is St. Paul City. St. Paul, as well as its namesake city, is the industrial and economic center of Ferona and the home of many of its heroes of legend, such as Dark. It is also where many of its communications firms are headquartered.

St. Paul's borders with neighboring Republics are defined by the Jani mountain range to the east, which serves as its border crossing with the Republics of Janus and Asuna, the Great River to the north, which serves as its border with the Numidium, and the Western Strait--a component of the sea of the same name--to the west, which is its border with New Kuthica.


Covering a moderate area of around 8-million square miles, St. Paul's geography is largely what one would expect of a western coastal region, being comprised mainly of low-lying basins bordering on the vast body of salt water known locally as the Western Sea, as well as a 12-mile wide strait which shares its name.

The Republic has many rivers flowing through it from the Jani range in the east that empty into the Western Sea, the most notable of which are the Great River, its natural border with the Numidium, and the North and South Tristo Rivers, which form a delta around the island city of Tristo in the Republic's southwest.


Notable Settlements

St. Paul City


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